Friday 18 February 2011

Still Believe The Media - WAKE UP YOU MORONS

Want more proof the media is a corporate lie machine ?

( just as I showed you with the Ron Paul fake video used by Fox News )

Here it is ;

Only a slave believes what his master tells him.

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Donna Kebab said...

I never believe what the mainstream media tells me because I'm not a SHEEPLE!

But I do believe everything the Green Maggot and Mr Nick Griffin BNP MEP tell me because I'm a PATRIOT!

Defender of Liberty said...

ha ha ha ha exellent.

Anonymous said...

Donna Kebab, what a sharp comment :O)

On a serious note, everytime I now turn the Zog Box on, it takes normally about 15 minutes on average to get angry, but I only have to watch the BBC for an average of a minute and im spitting and swearing.

Once your unplugged, there is no going back, so maybe it could happen to the Patriot slaves too.