Thursday 3 February 2011

Respect Revealed.

The mask of Taqiyya now begins to slip and reveal the true nature of the Islamist threat within our society.

The Islamist wolf is never as dangerous as the Taqiyya fox.

Whilst the Islamists are attacking our people and country from within using terrorism, the Far Left Stalinists are their willing political accomplices and defenders.

We must deal with both sets of radicals before we can defend our national community.

Fury after two Muslim councillors refuse to take part in standing ovation for Marine who won George Cross

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:20 AM on 3rd February 2011

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Two Muslim councillors were under fire today after they refused to take part in a standing ovation to honour a Marine who won the George Cross.

Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq remained seated during a ceremony for Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher.

The 26-year-old was awarded the George Cross after he flung himself onto a Taliban hand grenade to save his comrades during an ambush in Helmand Province in 2008.
Hero: Matt Croucher who won the George Cross was the subject of an anti-war protest by Muslim councillors at Birmingham City Council

Hero: Matt Croucher who won the George Cross was the subject of an anti-war protest by Muslim councillors at Birmingham City Council

He was serving with 40 Commando when his patrol came under fire but he miraculously survived because his backpack took the force of the blast.

L/Cpl Croucher became the most highly-decorated serving Marine when he received the George Cross for ‘outstanding bravery not involving direct contact with the enemy’.

More than 100 councillors at Birmingham City Council attended a meeting on Tuesday night to honour L/Cpl Croucher, who was there as guest of honour.


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But when the councillors stood to give him a standing ovation Cllrs Yaqoob and Ishtiaq, who are both members of the Respect party, refused to get to their feet.

Fellow councillors today reacted with fury at the snub and branded the pair 'shameful'.

Conservative Cllr John Lines said: 'They should be ashamed of themselves.

'This was not the time or place to stage an anti-war protest - this man risked his life for his comrades.

'I was happy to give this hero a standing ovation and I have invited him to be guest of honour when we open new houses for ex-military personnel later this year.'

Conservative Cllr Peter Douglas Osborn added: 'As far as I am concerned it is no longer the Respect Party, but the disrespect party.'

L/Cpl Croucher, from Solihull, West Midlands., who now runs a security firm, was at the meeting to highlight his work with the Royal British Legion.
Lack of Respect: Salma Yaqoob refused to stand and applaud the Marine and was joined by a fellow Respect party councillor in her protest
Lack of Respect: Salma Yaqoob, left, refused to stand and applaud the Marine and was joined by fellow Respect party councillor Mohammed Ishtiaq in her protest

Lack of Respect: Salma Yaqoob, left, refused to stand and applaud the Marine and was joined by fellow Respect party councillor Mohammed Ishtiaq in her protest

He said: 'Obviously not everyone is behind the work we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have their point of view.

'On the other hand, it was nice to be shown respect for the job we do by the overwhelming majority of councillors.'

Yaqoob and Ishtiaq yesterday remained defiant about their decision to snub L/Cpl Croucher, branding the gesture 'false patriotism'.

Cllr Yaqoob, Respect Party leader and head of Birmingham’s Stop the War Coalition, said: 'It was more about the politicians feeling good about themselves for sending our young men to fight for reasons that have proved to be false.

'I have every sympathy for our soldiers on a human level, they are only doing their jobs.

'But this ovation was just a big public show, it was false patriotism.

'Wrapping coffins in the flag and awarding medals does not make it right.'

Cllr Ishtiaq added: 'At the end of the day, if these so-called politicians want to give a standing ovation, why don’t they go and fight themselves?

'What we did was out of principle.'
Unbelievable bravery: L/Cpl Croucher displays the backpack that bore the brunt of the grenade blast

Unbelievable bravery: L/Cpl Croucher shows his shredded backpack that took the force of the blast from a grenade while he was on patrol in Afghanistan

The mother of L/Cpl Croucher expressed shock that two Muslim councillors snubbed her son.

Margaret Croucher said: 'It is a surprising thing to have happened. I don't think Matt expected to be caught in the middle of a row.

'I am disappointed but like Matt said after it happened, everyone is entitled to their opinion whatever it may be.'

Cllr Salma Yaqoob, 38, a married mother-of-three, was elected to Birmingham City Council in 2006 and represents the Sparkbrook ward.

She received nearly 50 per cent of the vote which is one of the highest majorities of any councillor.

Cllr Mohammed Ishtiaq, 35, is a married father-of-one, was elected to the council in 2007 and also represents the Sparkbrook ward.

Today he defended the decision to snub L/Cpl Croucher's standing ovation.

He said: 'We had no idea that there would be a standing ovation. It was announced at the start of the meeting.

'We were caught unawares but we decided we did not wish to take part.

'We acknowledged Matt Croucher by nodding and smiling in his direction which I think he appreciated.

'We were protesting against the other politicians not against Matt.

'He is a hero for what he did but he, like many other young men and women, are in a war which is based on a pack of lies.'

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said the councillors had not breached any rules and would not comment on political matters.

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Francisco Castelo Branco said...

Anonymous said...

I notice how the papers use such terms as `fury` etc, they do this to set the agenda for their masters, these are propaganda rags remeber news if any is a coincidence or convenient hanger on which to stick their propaganda.

It also helps give the impression that their is more than one group running the show by polarising each papers spin on evens while sticking with the main overuling agenda. which is why the papers never support any opposition to the status quo of destruction, mutual destruction waged by the false left and right.

Now back to the `fury` term etc, meaningless drivel.

while it exposes nations within a nation it mostly unreservedly celebrates this fact in just as damaging ways.

so when a paper says fury etc, i ignore it, i will decide what constitutes fury not be dictated my conclusions to by a paper whos main agenda is to enslave all using every trick in the book, you want deciet, look at the papers, far more deciet their and these are the people that hold the power, all you have done here Lee is highlight the obvious, and also the propaganda agenda, the party also does this propaganda which plays into their hands, running with the foxes while hunting etc.

doesnt work, the party gave up highlighting the truth when it was not popular, Max Kieser however never changed his tune to suite - er nobody,

and eventually his truth is being heard, because it is the truth and rings true.

once you dilute the truth to play propaganda wars or to try and win favour in a time when little can be won you are seen as uncredible.

This is something you and the party have done over the years, continue to do so and why you are not seeing the surge that people like max enjoys.

Why because you hide the truth, the real truth and showed a meaningless diluted version which can never gain ground as you play a game of lies.

as John once said don't try and bullshit the bullshitters with mealy mouthed words, they can do it far better than you.

picking your words and terms to suite the enemy simply builds up a bigger enemy, you become their toothless oppologetic frend and whipping boy.

when all along you should have BELLOWED the truth, until the people could see it for themselfs ala max.

You will never be the max, the ideological front, simply a toy for the media to laugh at.

I understand why you did it, but it failed and it continues to fail and now you are just about out of time when a message might have been heard by the public, an unwavering truth.

you simply set yourselfs up as collaborators!