Saturday 19 February 2011


Resist Now !

There is no more pernicious theft than for a bank run by corrupt and crooked bankers, who have been given the largest welfare cheques in British history by the British government during the present credit crisis, to evict families from their own homes.

"Finance company HML says cuts, job losses and price rises will force families in the West Midlands region to give up their homes.

It predicts that there will be 3,406 properties repossessed in this region and more than 33,000 all across the UK.

The figures are released as another survey predicts that the average family needs to find around £1,300 a year more to maintain the living standards it enjoyed 12 months

HML predicts repossessions nationally are likely to fall in the first half of the year to 15,557, before rising to 17,700 during the second six months.

The group predicts repossession numbers will keep rising in 2012 with between 35,000 and 40,000 families losing their homes. " (1)

The fact that not one single banker has lost their palatial home during the credit crisis, not one single banker has been forced to sell their home to pay back the people who lost money in the banks due to their fraud and incompetence and not one single banker has paid back a penny out of their massive bonuses to the British government, shows us we are living in a sick, morally warped, country run by bent politicians in the pockets of the bankers who fund the political parties that misrule our nation.

The British Freedom Party will pass laws to prevent families being evicted from their own homes if the banks they have a mortgage with have been given any public funds. Their mortgages will be reset in relation to their incomes to ensure they remain in their own homes and cannot be evicted.

We will also pass laws to impose personal liability on the bankers who caused the credit crisis and take their own assets to pay back the government the money they have been given by their New Labour and Lib-Con puppets.

Any banker given a bonus by a bank that has been given money owned by the tax payer will be forced to hand that money back to the government.

Those banks in debt will be shut down. In order to uphold the free market system which the banks and bankers hold in such esteem, then we will ensure that never again will another private bank be given any tax payers money to subsidise their financial incompetence. In a true free market system, a bank that fails is not rescued by the government.

Not even in a Communist regime would a private bank be supported with injections of capital by the government. Yet in the name of capitalism the entire ethos of the free market system has been dumped in order to ensure our countries are kept subservient to the economic interests of the banking kleptocrats whose donations to political parties are used to get their pet political partiers elected. (2)

The banking crisis has revealed that the political parties that run our country are nothing but whores to the bankers, and that without the money donated to the political parties to campaign in elections then those parties would not be elected.
The fact that British families are being thrown out of their own homes whilst the bankers pocket millions in bonus payments based solely on those banks being given vast injections of capital from the British government, shows us that our nation is being run by criminals.

The bankers and the banks, and the politicians in all the political parties who passed the laws that allowed the banks to indulge in the frauds and schemes that created the credit crisis, are the greatest terrorists on the face of the planet. They make Al Qaeda look like the cub scouts in relation to the economic damage caused by their financial terrorism. The bankers and politicians are guilty of using WMD (Weapons of Mass Destitution) disguised as trading instruments and hence must be regarded as financial terrorists within our society.

What families must do is refuse to leave their houses once they have been served with eviction papers by the banks. If nationalists want to do some good in society, then we must organise a National Anti-Eviction Network which allows families threatened with eviction to contact nationalists and we physically blockade those houses against the baliffs and police.

With thousands of police officers also being sacked and thrown on the dole because of the credit crisis, then they will soon be in the same boat and losing their own homes. The fact that police budgets have been cut means that they do not have the money to enforce the evictions of people from their own homes, if we organise to resist such evictions in our communities all across the country.

If nationalists want to win the hearts and minds of the British people, we must become a community movement that helps our people during this national crisis.
If that means we face arrest in the process as we defend the rights of our people against the corrupt banks and the baliffs that serve the will of the banks, then so be it.

The age of passive nationalism is now over. The era of Active Nationalism has begun.

Now we must become militant and radical and confront the forces of corruption in our society wherever they appear, as to do so will win us the respect of the people who have been betrayed and abandoned by the corrupt politicians and their banker whoremasters.




tomfredjames said...
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the y5 jaw set is linked to cro- magnon. of which we still have as part of the population and as the rarity of a fairly pure specimen and the knowledge of the controls that a royal family would put into place to utilize a living specimen and the lengths opposing royals would go to neutralize one of the few remaining individuals with full memory of the "articles of affair" and the role of the royally inherited military rank the is not just a birthright but a god given obligation to protect the innocent. trust that nature shall not allow an unnatural usurpation of universal law.
the english alphabet has 26 letters that are not placed in an arbitrary order. this is one of the clues that people will become aware of
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L aA bB p P
L xX d D
k Kw W cC e Eq Q
vV f F
jJ uU g Gr R
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Anonymous said...

Great song! Buy silver - crash J P Morgan!