Thursday 17 February 2011

Paul Golding and Green Arrow Unite against Griffin

I have just had a read of the article posted on the Green Maggot stite by Paul Golding.

I have never read such a self serving screed.

Here are the facts.

In relation to the Question Time debacle, I was the ONLY person on the BNP AC saying that Griffin should not do the show.

I said that we should on the morning of the show ring the BBC and say "Nick Griffin is ill and cannot make the show, and so we will send Andrew Brons instead".

Guess who was the MAIN person against us sending anyone but Griffin on the show - yep, Paul Golding.

It was Golding who demanded, yes demanded, that we send only Griffin on the show.

I told the entire AC by repeated e mails what was going to happen on the Question Time show.

I said that every person on the show would have been briefed with the endless idiotic quotes made by Griffin over the years, that the show was a lynching party set up for Griffin, that the aim of the show was to undermine our growing support base in society by associating the BNP directly with Griffin and that the show would crucify Griffin and thereby destroy our growing support base.

Golding has all the e mails.

So do the rest of the AC.

I said that as the plan for the show was so obvious, then we should destroy their plan by sending in Andrew Brons instead, as that way they would have not been briefed on his past quotes, would look like bullies when they attacked him and the BBC and the audience would also look like the fascists when they attacked him as Andrew is a quiet, middle class, well spoken person.

The ONE person who argued with me - was Paul Golding.

At that time Golding was Griffins biggest arse licker, a man who was so actively crawling to Griffin that it was embarrasing to watch him.

Griffin just wanted to get on the show due to his vanity - hence why he turned up surrounded by BNP security looking like a cut price gangster - and then the show followed the exact format I said it would.

As for the elections issue, one of the problems in the party was that so much money was being spent on staff wages and corrupt 'slices of the cake' from memberships and donations, that there was virtually no money to pay for elections.

Golding was the one of the three main trough gorging pigs at that time, whose expenses claims were around £28,000 for six months.

Griffin, Golding and Dowson were making hundreds of thousands of pounds between them out of the party.

Thats why money was not spent on elections, as Dowson had transformed the party from a political party into a money making scam for him, Griffin and Golding.

It was the Golding / Dowson / Griffin trio who were responsible for taking the parties emphasis away from elections onto fund raising - as that way they could each take a nice commission from the income.

All this is common knowledge in the party.

The BNP during the period of the vile pervert Dowson went from being a political party to a ponzi scheme - where the members were fleeced of their money and then robbed blind.

The Identity magzine is a perfect example - life members who paid for free regular copies of Identity never got them - why ? because the money to print them was being spent in commission for staff like Golding and Dowson.

To see Golding spewing his self serving bullshit on the Green Maggot site is hilarious.

The fact that the main brown nosing sycophant of Griffin , Paul Morris, is now weeping and wailing and giving a voice to people like Golding on his site is hilarious.

All Griffin has now around him are the people he pays for their loyalty.

When any leader loses the trust of his own senior officers, then he is finished.

Griffin has no respect from his own senior people and the public despise him - its only the morons still in the BNP who have never known Griffin who are the ones who support him still.

Thats what Griffin counts on though - that the morons still in the bnp will just carry on paying their memberships and keep him in power.

Griffin doesnt care if the BNP does well in elections - he cares only about making money from the BNP and keeping himself in power.

In fact the more successful the BNP becomes in elections, the more Griffin hates it - as it means the party has to become transparent and accountable - and Griffin is an old style nationalist who can only think in relation to scams, plots, frauds and money making rip offs.

The Golding and Morris alliance is a sign of just how pathetic the BNP has become.

The fact that these two brown nosing fuckwits were the primary cheerleaders for the cult of Griffin, should get the morons and other cultists to start to think about Griffin and the reality of the situation inside the BNP.

But they wont, simply as they are morons and cultists.

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Anonymous said...

Yellow Sparrow is nothing but a cowardly, female minded tosser.

Time is running out for his "Donate for my boiled beer" blog.

Actually, how many blogs do you see online, begging for money? Only his I'm afraid to say.

When people stop giving him money, he will disappear and con some other old granny out of her hard earned cash.

Anonymous said...

Yellow Sparrow writes:

Disclaimer by the Green Arrow. The publication of the following article by Paul Golding does not mean that this site endorses what he has written. Should the British National Party wish to publish a rebutal we will certainly be prepared to do so.

Simply translated: "BNP, BNP.... Please love me again!!!! I need donation money."

Paul Morris needs the BNP more than they need him.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this sorry excuse for a man now publishes criticism of Nick Griffin's leadership yet when others did the same last year, he smeared them left, right and centre.

For the depths he plummeted during the leadership contest that caused so much harm to British Nationalism, Morris along with the Nazi-worshipping Jew-haters who infest his site, should now be a pariah to all serious nationalists who want to get the cause back on track.

The damage and divisions these bitter and twisted sycophants caused with their nasty personal attacks and smears shouldn't be forgotten.

What a sorry mess the party is in and I for one hope that Barnsley becomes a watershed moment for British Nationalism. We're crying out for change, it needs to come soon.



Anonymous said...


Green Maggot is trying to make out that Paul Goldstein is writing for him.

The Green Maggot is getting very very desperate for attention.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Morris that green maggot runs around pointing fingers smearing everyone but himself as a spy, MI5 infiltrator etc and Morris himself has publicly stated that HE WAS in military intelligence and spied amongst British civilians in Northern Ireland!!! By his own admittance he was as spy and who knows, he probably still is working for the British government. Surely he must still keep in contact with ex colleagues, friends who worked in military intelligence?

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say but it's time to stop blaming everyone for doing this and to start talking to each other.

alanorei said...

Just one extra thing:

Simon Darby has drawn a line in the sand by insisting publicly that he will get another BNP official onto QT in the next 6 months.

He has committed himself to this objective, so he will have to deliver. That too should be a watershed.

It is to be hoped that the outcome is a good one, for the country's sake.

alanorei said...

Added so that I can get email notification.

Anonymous said...

people don't like being threatened by Zionists like you Lee.

Defender of Liberty said...

Griffinwatch is run by the moronic scum bag sean hadley.

He is a gutless big mouthed maggot the same Paul Morris and Mark Kennedy.

They give it large on the internet, but wont ever say anything to my face.

I hope one day to meet them all face to face.

I dont ever make threats you fucking mug.

I just do the job, as and when required.

Ade said...

Legal Fiction and the Person


Anonymous said...

The green arrow lol, facebook name Bruce Wayne??? A super heroe destined to save us all from a caravan at trecco bay! A very valid point raised here is why would anyone need monthly donations to run a blog? This guy has been doing the BNP out of money to buy himself and his alcaholic wife drink for years. Stop donating and send any money to your local branch

Anonymous said...

For Griffin to use such a fk wit, nobody scum filth, like Morris to do his dirty work and cheat everyone of an opportunity of a fair leadership challenge, will turn into the worst decision he ever made.
Morris, the same filthy self loathing piece of shit is the same fat bst, who robbed an old woman in Gwent of the money she had to burry her deceased Husband.
He is the same who described a sexual relationship with his 14 year old niece.
The same who aligned himself with the only Green Arrow, a well known Marxist Zionist .
Yep, the same who's mother and father were ardent Communist activists.
Finally, the same who is trying to cause as much damage he can just before the Welsh elections.

You will have noticed that the only people now who comment on his hate blog is the desperate and ignorant and his 3 friends with the 7 names each !!

He should be in prison for the damage he has deliberately engineered.

The male equivalent to NF infiltrating Communist Sonia Gabel that will ultimately destroy the BNP.

Democratic Nationalist said...

Is Paul Golding still a member of the party? I mean, two years ago he was running Operation Fightback, and now there has been no progress of that, so what is he doing now?

Two years ago he was elected in a council by-election in Swanley and this year he will be standing in the local elections, chances are that he will LOSE his seat.

Anonymous said...

Looks like theres another Golding Green Arrow Love In in Pally Talk Room Tuesday. Just cant get enough can they..