Friday 4 February 2011

Diversity is Danger

Multi-culturalism must now be regarded as a National Security threat.

The dismantling of the entire multi-cultural project must commence as soon as possible.

Those who support multi-culturalism have created a dynamic in our society that has led to colonisation and terrorism and will eventually lead to civil war and genocide.

That dynamic must end.

Britain facing 'unstoppable wave of home-grown suicide bombers' warns MI6

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:33 PM on 4th February 2011

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* Secret Intelligence Service official claims new Jihadists will slip 'under the radar'

The terrifying prospect of a wave of suicide bombings by home-grown terrorists unknown to authorities was revealed today.

The problem is set to blight Britain for a generation, an MI6 officer warned in secret intelligence documents.

The Secret Intelligence Service official warned that radicalised British Muslims who undertake training will become 'suicide operatives' who will target innocent civilians.
Home-grown terrorists: Mohammad Sidique Khan, left and Shehzad Tanweer were behind the July 7 2005 London Tube bombings
Home-grown terrorists: Mohammad Sidique Khan, left and Shehzad Tanweer were behind the July 7 2005 London Tube bombings

Home-grown terrorists: Mohammad Sidique Khan, left and Shehzad Tanweer were behind the July 7 2005 London Tube bombings

British-born terrorists were behind the July 7 2005 London Tube bombings and the four men involved had been radicalised and received terror training abroad.

The warning came in a briefing of U.S. congressmen who visited the UK in 2008 and was contained in a cache of American diplomatic cables obtained by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.


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The documents also reveal American concerns that British intelligence workers are failing to contain domestic terrororist because of budget cuts.

The warning was revealed by the Daily Telegraph as the independent reviewer of anti-terror laws claimed that European human rights rulings had made the UK a 'safe haven' for suspected terrorists.

Foreign Office officials astonished their U.S. counterparts by planning to hand millions of pounds in aid to leaders of a lawless region of Somalia.

They pledged the aid to the regional government of Puntland, despite knowing those involved had links to pirate gangs.

In a WikiLeak-published cable, it was revealed that Britain decided to plough ahead with the questionable policy, despite being 'under no illusion about who they were dealing with and the connection of the Puntland authorities to piracy.'

The policy was expanded in January last year when a portion of a £9m grant to Somalia was earmarked for Puntland officials.

In his annual review of legislation, Lord Carlile of Berriew backed the Government's attempts to deport foreign suspects with assurances over their treatment once returned home.

According to the U.S. embassy's record of the congressmen's visit, the MI6 official told them that the UK was 'wholly or largely dependent' on help from the CIA and other American sources for monitoring terrorism.

And he told them that 'the internal threat is growing more dangerous because some extremists are conducting non-lethal training without ever leaving the country.

'Should these extremists then decide to become suicide operatives, HMG (Her Majesty's Government) intelligence resources, eavesdropping and surveillance would be hard pressed to find them on any "radar screen".'

The document said that the officer 'described this as a "generational" problem that will not go away anytime soon'.

Home-grown terrorists were responsible for the July 7, 2005 London Tube bombings in which 52 people died.

They included leader Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, the Edgware Road bomber, who was the son of Pakistani immigrants and was born in this country.

His accomplice Shehzad Tanweer, 22, the Aldgate bomber, was born in Bradford and visited Pakistan for terrorist training in 2004.

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Adrian Peirson said...

As we all know, multiculturalims is specifically designed by the Globalists, to Destroy the nation state.

Dr Kevin McDonald

extant said...

Let me know whaen its started mate, because I have a room in our bunker in Wales specifically reserved reserved for proper Nationalist (Lee Barns).
Plenty of JD reserved for the best too ;o)

Never loose faith, Brother, we will all reunite as soon as it starts , we are at the end game now...

Anonymous said...

conformity and weakness is the danger lee two things you have plenty off.

Anonymous said...

diversity is ironically about our only hope now that the conformists have taken over and that includes you lee, diversity is about the only thing that could keep us as a minority with an identity because that is what we are lee a minority, you only have as many people as are born today and my guess is we aint having as many children as others.

you are preaching a system that would have meant soethng but now means the opposite, we now need diversity as ppeople like you that threw in the towell far too early helped make it so.

in fact your only hope of any european identity is now based in diversity and seeing a european renaisance come from it, comformity as a minority when goverened buy people who set out to destroy you is not the answer lee, in fact the very people who your beloved edl attack are probably through their lack of conformity the only possible catalist for a renaisance, so you can stick you conformity and your edl.

John said...

Support for Diversity and Multiculturalism were actually policies described in information packs distributed to university Socialist Societies by the Soviet embassy in London in the 1970s. The objective was to create the polarisation of politics that is essential for revolution. See Multiculturalism