Saturday 5 February 2011

Egypt and the EDL

Have you noticed how the BBC are peddling to the sheeple the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood ( set up and run by MI6) and CIA inspired unrest in Egypt is the equivalent of the Russians freeing themselves from the Communists.

Muhbarak is an Egyptian Nationalist.

He is fighting and has repressed the Muslim Brotherhood (set up and run by M16) for decades.

MI6 have direct links with Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups ;

Now we see the Muslim Brotherhood and MI6 doing in Egypt what the CIA and Al Qaeda have done in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yet the BBC adore the Islamists in the Muslim Brotherhood as usual.

Yet whilst the BBC adores the Egyptian protestors, they call the EDL, who are far more peaceful than the thugs on both sides in Egypt, thugs and extremists.

It seems that protest is good in Egypt if it Egyptians, but bad in England if its the English.

The EDL are the most peaceful protestors in Britain.

There are far more arrests at any eco-protest group demonstration, UAF demonstration, university students demonstration and animal rights protestors demonstration.

Yet the BBC call the EDL extremist and thugs.

This is because the BBC is full of middle class, pathetic, mewling, pansy arsed, whimpering, chinless fuckwits who are terrified of the white working class.

The bed wetting BBC liberal bastards can peddle whatever old bollocks they want to peddle on the BBC, as the BBC is a bent public institution in the grip of a cabal of politically correct, politically biased, middle class, liberal wankers.

The BBC is literally full of shit.

The EDL are a living example of the discipline, courage and steadfastness of the White Working Class.

Whilst the middle class wankers sneer and jeer at the white working class from their palatial ivory towers in the BBC like Jeremy Paxman or from all white enclaves in the country such as in a tiny Dorset village like Billy Bragg, one day they will all come crawling on their knees begging us to save them and their kind from the Islamist militia's ethnically and religiously 'cleansing' the inner cities of this country and imposing Sharia Law courts to impose dhimmitude upon the remaining residents.

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Anonymous said...

Although i admire the efforts of the EDL, whats been achieved. Everyones gone home, nothings going to change,the government will totally ignore the EDL.We cant vote for them, they achieved no political break through so whats the point of demonstrating.
Its no point saying the march was a great success. it wasnt, we are not one bit closer to saving out poor country. Only electoral success can achieve anthing, so thing the EDL cannot achieve

extant said...

I had a Marine buy a car from me yesterday, the shit he was telling me was absolutely shocking, even for me.

The now have a new brainwashing technique for our armed force personel-

"If you take a bullet and die, it will make the enemy feel sorry for us, thus defeat them emotionally. So you must think how gallient it is dieing,before having to engage and take a Muslims life"

Serious mate..

He also said that he has been involved in drop offs of 10s of millions of US dollars to Taliban strongholds with instructions to keep from certain areas for a few days.
He said, they are paid to attack us when and where also.

He informed me also that he was arrested and charged with murdering 3 Taliban. Although the Helicoptor that he was in was shot at and almost brought down.
The charges were obviously dropped eventually. I informed him, that there is no doubt that was to install fear into him and his Comrades to take the bullet next time..

Every corner of our institutions have been utterly corrupted and it is time for the people to speak.


Adrian P said...

Sure sounds like they want our boys to be hesitant, look at what happened with the faked newspaper stories, and the army of human rights lawyers crawling all over the place, that's bound to make our forces hesitent, it puts doubt in their minds.
The Nato Doctrine used to be to use overwhelming force, now we are being nuetered, by red tape, rules and regs, just like our police are being hampered by paperwork etc.

Our generals need to start speaking out.

The war for your mind

Anonymous said...

I just researched MI6 involvement with Muslim Brotherhood, amazing. We created the created the current situation due to our Imperialism in the Middle East at the turn of the Century.

Anonymous said...

good article, even in the US media they are pushing forward the idea of a Muslim Brotherhood government. More Middle Eastern instability means more control by the West on this region.

Anonymous said...

Part one:
Since you wrote that the EDL has announced it is to become a political party. The regime made them an offer they could'nt refuse: "Go legit and we will gradually accomodate you and use you to help us cycle back from the extremist Islamism created by our policies." As anti-Communist David Horowitz seperatly commented "The left and the liberals actually rather like and support the agenda of Islamism. what they dont like is the violence, such as the bombing of the twin-towers. They consider it bad PR."
The offer came from two fronts; through a member of the British liberal right Douglas Murray who runs a govenment funded think tank on 'community cohesion' and a lesser known NUJ rag 'The Daily Star' who has calumnised the BNP in the past in the most despicable ways and has now suffered some sort of unexplained conversion to the EDL.
To understand why the one party communitarian, progressive regime is gradually embracing, and I mean gradually as the main NUJ is still vilifying with gusto the EDL, one has to look back at the dictatorial and repressive way in which Nick Griffin put down a perfectly legitimate leadership challenge last year by Eddy Butler.
Just before the Reform Movement in the BNP collapsed one of its intellectuals warned that unless BNP Reform elected a shadow political leader to Nick not only would Reform fold, but a vaccumn would be created by the new reality of the BNP as a private club for Nick and a dead force in British politics into which the non-nationalist, far right liberal internationalist, globalist co-alition who are behind the Geert Wilders 'Freedom party' would move.
This is what indeed did a occur. A small street group set up by Tommy Robinson in Luton was co-opted by one Alan Lake as he describes here:

This was after Robinson went to the Freedom Party and asked for help on the grounds that "I am an uneducated workingclass man, I should not have to be doing this, educated people should."
Robinson was pursuaded to remain as leader for the sole purpose of using him as a front for Lake and the real power behind the organisation which is a trans-Western loose association of groups fighting Islamic jihad and islamisisation.

Anonymous said...

Part two:
Of course another prize for the British cultural Marxist regime was the large number of BNP or at least nationalist supporters (the majority of the EDLs street support) who turn out for the demos or who support the EDL on facebook. If they could be co-opted into a political party while the BNP was sound asleep the government could not only split nationalism and the non-socialist white British working class, but even better through the new EDL party brainwash the victims into considering their own natural party and the only party which has any legitimacy in representing their interests and needs; the BNP, to be 'racist, fascist and nazi.'
The first shot was fired by one Chris Renton, a former BNP member seen in this photo:
But the real leadership decided that this was a little too candid and 'bad PR' and the attack on the BNP needed to be carried out in the best Marxist terms, i.e. in a throughly deceitful manner by the new EDL Party.
At this point we must bear in mind that the real power behing the EDL are neither nationaist or patriotic, rather they see safety in fighting the islamic threat through NWO and the creation of a vast, hopefully for them, international Western right wing bloc.
EDL is merely a franchise of an ambition to set up DLs across all of Europe, perhaps even one day in the US and even Israel.
Nick Griffins placing of his own pension and power before the needs of his country has now come to roost. The anti-Islamist game is in the hands of another player. The one card he could play, which is an all out educational assault on cultural marxism and the communist state, is one he has never seemed to really grasp.
The damage is done and what now remains to be seen is the extent of the harm the internationalists behind the EDL can do to British nationalism as a quid pro quo for support and legitimacy from the Red occupiers of the British state and how Nick Griffin can be prevented from repeating his treason in the next leadership election.
When there has never been more need for a successful, electable nationalist party to beat the demographics and recover our nationhood we sit and wonder if Nick will try to pass the mantle of leadership onto one of his own piglets or onto a freeloader like Simon Darby or another one of his cadre of losers.