Sunday 27 February 2011

The Earth Goddess

Image - petroshpere from Scotland - triple spiral symbol. Symbols of cell division, buried inside Neolithic tombs - they represent the actual moment when cells divide. Hence why they are fund buried in tombs, to ensure the spiritual process of rebirth is begun. They are the oocyte, and the petrostones represent the moment the fertilised egg becomes the Zygote - when it begins to divide and split.

The petrospheres represent spiritual and medical teachings - symbols that represent wisdom.

Image - Belas Knap

What we find in many of the Neolithic tombs is a cruciform structure where are found three cauldrons, these being the three cauldrons of rebirth.

These three cauldrons are represented by the three spirals. They represent spiritual evolution.

Here the bones of the dead are placed in the cauldrons so that on a midwinter solstice they are reborn in the Otherworld.

The fact that many tombs, such as Belas Knap, represent the female form shows us once again the symbolism of the spirals associated with the female form.

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Anonymous said...

The Cauldron = the Holy Grail.

Extant said...

They know to well of what we are and what they know what they are doing-

Listen to her speak 3 minutes on "based on Boadica", the Celtic Warrior Queen.

3 minutes on-

As they Historically tantalise us, the Jewish Zog box wheels keep spinning

As our enemy becomes victorious against "the eternal enemy", they rub their hate for all to see !

Anonymous said...


I have been doing some 'cultural' work realted in part to sacred sites and cultural renewal. Not sure how to catergorise it.

Haven't shown it to anyone.

If you want to have a peek, could send you the vid/images