Friday 18 February 2011

Revealing Hate

Interesting documentary on the far right in America from Russia Today ;

Russia Today - the only news channel worth watching.

If people want to know why the far right is growing in America ;

1) mass immigration

2) Job losses due to immigration

3) anti-white racism in the Zionist media that minimises race crimes against whites but that constantly promotes the Holocaust Industry and highlights race crimes against minority groups.

4) The rape and brutalisation of hundreds of thousands of young white American males in US prisons over the last few decades by black males

5) the deliberate undermining of white European culture and the resulting cultural and social alienation felt by working class white youth

6) the domination of US politics by a zionist elite who use the US political system to promote zionist interests and who have 'dumped' the white working class into poverty.

7) the rise of the race relations industry that promotes minority interests at the expense of the white majority interests and that has racialised US society and politics.

Each of these have led to the racialisation of US society and politics.

Yet whilst the black panthers are invited by Obama to the whitehouse for lunch, pro-white groups are called racist.

In a racist, anti-white political system then expect racists to be created.

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