Wednesday 2 February 2011

EDL versus BBC luvvy Paxman

An interesting interview on Paxman last night ;

Tommy did very well.

He is a very good spokesman for the EDL, and got the EDL view out on a variety of issues.

Not that he would ever be capable of winning over Jeremy Paxman who is one of the leading Liberal Establishment Middle Class lickspittles in the country over to his side, nor the primary audience for Newsnight which is his fellow middle class liberals who would have been watching the show in their nice all white estates living beside the occasional nice middle class Hindu neighbour.

No doubt they would have been tut tutting at Tommy with a nice glass of Australian white wine in their hand, after having eaten a nice Thai Green Curry and watched some BBC tv show about the plight of the Inuit on a shrinking ice pack in Canada.

These people can actively empathise with the plight of an Inuit, and yet simultaneously despise and revile their own fellow Britons on the basis of their class.

They worry about polar bears in the Arctic and hate homeless people in Britain.

Paxman and his ilk are the mewling, weak, hand wringing, politically correct, selfish, liberal elite who have eviscerated our nation from within.

They are the toxic carriers and disseminators of the virus of political correctness that has destroyed our country from within.

Tommy has to hit the class issue hard with all these middle class journalists who wish to attack the EDL.

These journalists are unable to empathise with the plight of the white working class, and other groups such as Sikh women, who are the primary victims of Islamist, Asian Muslim paedophile grooming and rape, heroin dealing and violence.

They are disconnected from the social reality in our towns and cities, as the primary victims of the Islamists and their fellow travellers in the crime and rape gangs, are white and working class.

The journalistic elite who fill the BBC and other media institutions are drawn primarily from one social class, the middle class, and most of these Quentins and Tarquins and Miranda's have an inbuilt class prejudice against the white working class.

This is why they automatically demean the white working class in any debate and assume the default position of defender of any minority, other than white or christian, on any issue.

Whilst Islamist terrorist bombs explode on British streets planted by Jihadis who want to impose Sharia Law on Britain so as build the global caliphate, these middle class BBC liberal wankers will look for any excuse, primarily fictions like 'institutional racism in society' which is always a great liberal 'blame all' in the liberal blame game, so as to blame the victims for the crime rather than the Islamist criminals who planted the bombs.

An Islamist bomb explodes in British streets - the BBC blames 'racism or poverty in society' for the crime rather than the terrorists or Islamism.

The UAF attack the police at an EDL demo - so the media will blame the EDl for having a demonstration.

The police attack EDL peaceful demonstrators with truncheons - so the media will say the EDL provoked the police.

Thats the Liberal Blame Game - blame the white working class for everything going wrong in society whilst constantly minimising the guilt and crimes of all non-white and non-Christian groups.

As long as the primary victims of the Islamists in our society are white and working class, such as young under age white children gang raped by them, then the white middle class could not give a toss.

Its only when it starts happening to their children will they act.

It is this innate white liberal middle class loathing for the white working class that allows them to disengage their logic and emotions when dealing with issues that relate primarily to the white working class.

Its is easy for white middle class liberals to empathise with Islamists and immigrants, as they are not white and working class.

The class hatred and fear of the white middle class as regards the white working class has allowed them to ignore the threat to our society caused by mass immigration, failure to integrate minorities into British culture and society and the rise of militant Islam.

Whilst the middle class did fuck all except enjoy cheap credit, luxury holidays and huge profits from their rising house prices - the white working class were bearing the brunt of the 'multi-cultural society'.

Whilst they lived in all white villages, exclusive all white streets, worked in all virtually white corporations and institutions like the BBC, with fully integrated middle class ethnic minorities, the white working class had to live amongst the colonists.

Now the colonists have their base and they are expending their territories across our towns and cities.

Soon the colonists will start to move amidst the white middle class, as they start to rise in our society via positive discrimination plans, affirmative actions plans and the PC corporate tick box culture - and the white middle class will begin to experience for themselves the enrichment they so deserve.

Until then the issue with Islamism is also an issue of Class Struggle.

We in the white working class must start to awaken the white middle class to their own hatred of their own people and also their failure to protect ourr own peoples and communities.

We need people from the white working class like Tommy to engage the white middle class head on in such debates on the issue of the fact that this is also a class struggle we are facing as well as an Islamist threat - to get the middle class to wake up to the problems we in the white working class have faced for so long and which they have deliberately ignored.

Multi-culturalism was a white middle class project imposed upon the white working class.

As multi-culturalism fails then the white middle class who imposed it upon our society must be held to account for their actions.

But that will change.

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Anonymous said...

Simon darby seems worried about the issue and the fact that nick hasnt been invited onto newsnight. But we all know nick has been dumbing down nationalism for the past five years since it hit its peak.So whys darby worried ? because people no longer see the BNP as a saviour and a young man goes on the box and tells it how it should be said,wins a lot of people over and all for free no subs,no membership fee,no donations,just nationalism from the heart.Goodnight griffin and darby your pyramid scam is about as much use as an egyptian mummy at the minute.

Anonymous said...

No surprises regards Paxton, very amusing in parts as in youve got it exactly right Lee.
I will go on you tube and watch iT.

Adrian Peirson said...

It interresting to see Paxman's use of Linguistice, we all know Sharia is spreading, sharian Courts are spreading, and Muslim demographics increasing if not checked we will be minorities.
Yet Pacman says, that is it's been outlawed in Europe, then the threat is non existent, what are you defending england from.

In other words, it's been outlawed, therfore there's no use for EDL.

This is linguistic fencing, we know there is a thereat and an agenda, Paxman Defuses that by saying it's outlawd, you are wrong....To millions, they will see that as saying EDL are wrong, there is no danger.

Nationalists need to look into Linguistics, and psychology, how opinions can be steered with words.

This is Very important, this is the NWO's deadliest weapon, the weapon of linguistic deception, spin, lies.

Not all use of these techniques are evil of course, tools like reframing are used in therapy succesfull and for Great Good.

Changing Minds

Anonymous said...

The EDL is a propaganda tool against you, it is your number one ideological foe, the very sight of you rolling over hoping it will rub your belly as it constantly kicks you in the teeth is pathetic to watxh.

The EDL will be a new anti group and you are its main target along with the scape goats.

again weasle words from weasles and tools.

anyone who gets involved with this lot is simply aiding their own demise.

These are not the knights in shining armour and thi has been pointed out many times no matter how many dupes get involved with them.


because they are a group of deciete, they are not telling the truth, they are feeding the propaganda machine that seeks to destroy two main groups, you are the key group and the othe group are the scapegoat and the red herring.

the elites thought they coul break the backs of the british and you and the EDL are proof that they succeded and even got your to thank them for it, they could not break the backs of a larger growing groups, which is why the EDL was founded, that is strength, not weakness and it is that strength from their enemy that the elites must break using the dupes to do it as they aid their own destruction into the bargin talking about saviour.

you think the people that control this group have any intention of letting you get anywhere colose to achieving your goals?

dont make me laugh.

so everypost praising the edl is another nail of conformisn, collaboration and sycopahntic blind tripe.

you seriously think the EDL and any such group will save you from your utter slavery at better and total genocide at worse?

dont make me laugh.

you are in the same camp as the UAF, all playing your part in a game you have no control over and no forsight into the overal direction.

Anonymous said...

anon - 2 February 2011 12:30

the problem with you post is that while it is correct and what i have been saying it is also ironic that you post here thinking that either the EDL are your saviour or that this blog is any the less dumbed down than the others you mention.

in some ways the others are less dumbed down and the EDL is a honey trp that will lead you not into a bright new future but onto cattle trucks.

you need to see the bigger pictur and the controllers, the EDL are part of the program of conformity.

singing their praises is as damaging if not far more so as anything you have critisised.

but you are right about a strong ideology rather than the washed out tripe we currently get from all sides proclaiming to be the saviours.

John said this around a decade or so ago, how right he was.

That is not sycophantic but simply saying it as it, im glad you recognise the fact regarding the methods but unfortunately your are siding with a double agent who seeks your destruction above all else and the the other enemy of their masters, then they have the free field.

then you could have to face the cattle trucks thanks to the people who broke not just your scapgoat superficial enemy but your own.

to see it anyother way shows your lack of understanding of global politics and modern history.

any good people should get out of that organisation as soonas possible, it will NEVER snowball into the project you hope it will be as it has already shown its willingness to destroy you at every turn, how stupid do you have to be to not see this?

The sad irony here is that the liberal left will probably be more effective in preserving you from total slavery than anything you could muster yourself.

It will be hell for sure but the alternatives as lead by the EDL puppets will most likely be far worse!

think about that for a while!

Anonymous said...

Paxman made him look like an idiot