Friday 28 October 2011

The Green Arrow Goes All Gushy Again

Image - Heil Jim 'The Milkman' Dowson - Woof, Woof. Good dog. Have a biscuit.

I have just been having a good laugh at the total bollocks article just posted up by Green Arrow on his site about the laughable announcement by Britain First that they are going to be a 'political party'.

It appears that Green Arrow, who seemed to have settled down from his endless sycophancy over Griffin, now seems to have reinvigorated his homo-erotic fetish for Paul 'Sniff, Sniff' Golding and Jim 'The Milkman' Dowson.

You know that when Green Arrow goes all gushy and moon eyed over a nationalist, its more a reflection of his own delusions than anything approximating reality.

According to Green Arrow the man who most attacked the racial nationalists during his time as con man in chief of the BNP, Jim Dowson, has now become the heir to Heinrich Himmler and will unleash his NS shock troops ( Nettoes Supermen ) and start a racial revolution in the UK.

What makes this joke even funnier is the fact that about ten of the idiots who post on his site have decided to forego booze and fags for the night and donate it to Jim Dowson so as to save the White Race.

Apparently this is the statement of Britain Firsts political principles that will ensure the survival of the White Race ;

no.3 Britain First is committed to preserving our ancestral ethnic and cultural heritage, traditions, customs and values. We oppose the colonisation of our homeland through immigration and support the maintenance of the indigenous British people as the demographic majority within our own homeland. Britain First is committed to maintaining and strengthening Christianity as the foundation of our society and culture

So lets analyse this statement to see what it says about the survival of the White Race and how Britain First will save the White British people ;

1) It does not define the British people as having to be white

2) It does not state anywhere that non-whites are not British due to their race or that they cannot become British eg via Cultural Osmosis

3) It does not state that non-whites are not British in relation to their citizenship status

4) It does not state that compulsory repatriation of immigrants is required to save the White British folk

5) It does not state that they will stop any further immigration

6) It doesnt say anything about the problem of multi-culturalism and integration

7) It doesnt say anything about the problems of White immigration into Britain - eg White Eastern Europeans who have swamped parts of the UK

8) It doesnt even support voluntary repatriation.

In fact it says, or offers nothing, of any interest to a Racial Nationalist.

The fact that the window lickers on his site think it does, proves only that they are thick enough to believe any old bollocks they are told by Dowson, Golding and their propaganda master Green Arrow.

I wonder how much money Dowson has given Green Arrow to ensure his support for his latest rip off scam disguised as a political party ?

As for the issue of what we need to do to ensure the demographic threat from unintegrated immigrants with high birth rates in the UK, it doesnt say a thing.

For those nationalists that are too thick to know the answer to the issue of what we must do to cut the numbers of unintegrated immigrants in the UK whose birth rates are higher than ours = the answer is simple.

Demand they adopt British culture and integrate into British society or deport them if they refuse to do so.

The reason why the birth rates of unintegrated immigrants are so high is because under the system of multi-culturalism they have not been forced to abandon their ancestral cultures and integrate into British culture when they were allowed to settle in the UK.

It is the ancestral cultures of these colonists who have been allowed to settle in the UK to have high birth rates.

If they were forced to adopt our indigenous British culture and abandon their ancestral cultures then they would have exactly the same birth rates as we do.

Instead they are allowed to retain their ancestral cultures, to not adopt British culture, to not integrate into society and at the same time allowed to stay on welfare benefits and simply have more and more kids that we pay for.

But do most nationalists understand this issue, that the failure to demand immigrants integrate and adopt our culture to ensure their birth rates become the same as ours - no, of course not.

Only integration and deportation can solve the demographic problem of immigrants with high birth rates.

They just wag their tails and lift their paws in a Hitler salute whenever some idiot starts spouting a vapid load of bollocks about 'Racial Nationalism'.

To be frank British Nationalism has become a pathetic joke.

The BNP Zombie cultists shuffle along in the grip of a collective Griffinite psychosis, the Brons contingent think doing nothing = taking action and the mug punters are lining up to fund Dowsons latest scam and buy him another villa in Spain.

British Nationalists, as I said, have become truly pathetic.

There is no free thinking, no insights, no innovation, no new strategic and tactical thinking - in fact the whole movement has become a farce.

P.S I have no problem with Green Arrow as a person, as I know he is a sincere Nationalist - the only issue I have is his peddling bogus propaganda to his followers that Dowsons latest scam has anything to offer either Nationalism or attaining the ideological goals of Racial Nationalism.

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Anonymous said...

BF/TBR are the enemy of nationalism!

Anonymous said...

Ps, I d.

He is the biggest laughing stock and most gutless trouble maker I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I grew up and boxed with a half cast family and I would call and class them kin before imbecile slithering Moron Morris.

I was trained by a black man, these boys father, who I can honestly say I would have died for, he was that much of a honorable decent man.

They have all the qualities that Morris does not have and could not even relate to, ie-

Morals, Decency and self respect; something that dirty no good spastic will never ever understand let alone ever show any qualities of.

If I had a choice to save Morris life and slap one of those men's faces, there is absolutely no doubt that I would let Morris die.

Morris is enough to turn the most ardent Nationalist to a ultra lefty poof.

If I thought I had one atom in my body that was the same as Morris's, I would fkn kill myself.

I promise if I had a choice to join the UAF or now join Morris, I would join the UAF and even suck Gables cock too.

Lest forget that Morris is the same man who robbed an old grieving widow of her last, to feed his drug and alcohol habit.

What a dirty fat horrible ugly thick slob he is.

God please maintain the strength !!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that barrister Adrian Davies formed a British Democratic party several weeks ago with the idea of linking up with Brons etc.
Green Arrow and his associate Corsham Crusader claim to have proof that the BNP Ideas leaders approached Britain First with a view to joining it.
The fact that Brons and Kemp routinely ignore correspondence from potential members does not bode well for the future of their party as supporters resent being ignored and will turn to another party.

Anonymous said...

"I promise if I had a choice to join the UAF or now join Morris, I would join the UAF and even suck Gables cock too."

More Tea Vicar?

Anonymous said...

He does seem mixed up and like a deluded pied piper is leading his followers up the garden path.
As well as his support for Britain First he is supporting the multi-racialists Brian Gerrish and Roger Hayes. of UKColumn and the British Constitution Group respectively.
In the Paltalk room recently Gerrish actually stated that us falling out with Muslims is fighting amongst ourselves yet Green Arrow and his team support this while they announce that nationalism is about race.
Their ideas on the law do seem naive to me.
In another Paltalk debate when Jim Dowson was interviewed,Paul Golding refused to answer the question if they stood for race or civic nationalism. What do the British Resitance really believe in or are they just confused?

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous,

Yes mate, it is the most horrible thing I could ever imagine, except for allowing Moron Morris having anything to do with Nationalist politics.
Everything Moron Morris stands for, I do mean in its entirety is about his own pathetic existence.
I loath the filthy parasite so much, I reach over the mere thought of him, let alone the thought of him being allowed to carry on debasing and polluting our struggle with his self righteous narcissistic, self gratification.

Morris is nothing more than a desperate old man who is desperate for attention and donations at ANY COST.
I couldn't even bring myself to call him a man and apparently nor can his girlfriend, who has missed the affection of a real man for over 6 years.


1. He robbed a grieving widow of £400, just after she drew it from her post office savings account in 1976 . She drew it out to bury her husband, Morris robbed her whilst she went out to make a cup of tea for him.

2. The same Morris was convicted for robbing an old woman at knife point with his marching communist father.
Morris's father had 4 years in prison, Morris got off with probation because he was soon after stationed in Ireland.

3. Morris worked as a radio infiltrator against Nationalists in Northern Ireland for 7 years.

4. He deliberately destroyed the NF with Sonia Gable who he had a school boy crush on.

5. Morris's birth name is Josef Bolinski, his father was a illegal Jewish immigrant (Gafril Bolinski) originally from post Soviet Russia. Gafril worked with the red army to murder Nationalists during the Soviet era.

6. Josef Morris hate for Ashkenazi jew is real alright, he hates the Ashkenazi Jew because they have always been the Jewish ruling Elite.
Josef Morris and his parents were classed as Jewish gutter scum (Bukharan Jews) and always classed and looked upon as the filth of the Jewish population during the Soviet era.

7. Morris is a proper Communist plant

8. Morris has attacked everyone there is in Nationalist politics.

9. Morris has even written in great detail how it is ok to sexually fantasize about 14 year old children, he is a sick fkn pervert.

10. There is much more I know about the fat, ugly, ridiculous, pervert, 6 chinned useless bag of skin I could write about, but I will wait until I find time to youtube it with pictures and audio...

Yes, I would even suck Gable off rather than attempt to quantify Morris's attributes !

Anonymous said...

I assure you that Morris is not a Nationalist.

I have witnessed his greed and desire for control.

Money (donations) is Morris's only game.

He would see the white race die to make money. He ripped off a whole community with his so called printing business.

Anonymous said...

I also have the miss-fortune to have the aquaintance of Mr Morris and I endorse the above comment,(Although I draw the line at flagelating Gable, Sonia would be beyond the pale).

Anonymous said...

This article and comments, especially the last about GA being a Jew etc, have convinced me that GA is the real deal, and that BF knows exactly how to get ahead in modern politics.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Britain First is a pathetic scam - but please give them all your time and money as that way you dont pollute the rest of the nationalist movement.

Personally I hope all the window lickers in British Natgionalism join Britain First as that way the trest the movement can get on with the real work instead of being lumbered with the worm ridden dead wood.

Anonymous said...

Re - Last anonymous-

There is absolutely no doubt that this is anal Crusader (GA's only friend), the same sniveling pathetic lickspital that just managed to crawl its way out of the edge of waste of an Aryan gene pool.

GA and Anal Crusader are as about as charismatic, articulate and original as Remploy's average employee.

The best and easiest way to send them into a child like rage, is to humiliate them. This works real well, because both of them know deep down what they really are. Morris and Anal are deeply insecure, pathetic wannabees, who have never and will never amount to anything..

Also, Morris hates people knowing he is a (Bukharan Jew), the gutter scum of the lower gene pool of the Jewish people. The same as Anal is the very lower end of the Aryan gene pool.
He also absolutely loath's me because I am a descendant of the Jewish Elite,the Ashkenazi Jew.

Its all about stock, you cant make an apple from a potato, just fkn except it dirty Bolinski!

Go on Moron Morris lets share our credentials and show people the real facts, I'm not talking wealth, I'm talking achievements !

Go on share it with us.

I'm not speaking of stabbing Nationalists in the back, wetting the bed or sleeping with your boots on because you are so frightened of the people you have slandered either.

If traitor Communist Morris, who cant even string a proper sentence together, was the last hope for the Aryan race, we should all take our cyanide pills now.

Morris is an absolute fkn laughing stock and so are the cretins who comment on his traitor blog.

Anonymous said...

Check this out and make sure you listen carefully to the BBC part.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster with the sexual obsessions with Gerry Gable and pathalogocical hate for Morris needs psychiatric help. He is so OTT his argument lost credibility.

Defender of Liberty said...

I ever meet you CC, you can call me a coward to my face.

Bet you dont you gollum freak.

Now fuck off you rat faced prick.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lee, we know its Gollum protecting his wicked ring piece, his only friend Bolinski.

If Anal Crusader ever came even close to even meeting a person he slanders, he would soil his dypers before he came within speaking distance, let alone possible physical contact.

As far as Anal says about loosing the argument, he has missed the point AGAIN, I'm merely pointing out the facts, he isn't worthy of arguing with me; neither of them are !

Anonymous said...

Defender, you have lost me there. Who is CC and when were you called a coward? I saw no such insult on this thread.

Anonymous said...


Cant you work out that Lee see's the comments before we do, duuuuurrrrr.

Anyway, CC should now be known as GG, Goyim Gollum.

Anonymous said...

GA followers really are stupid, another well timed appeal for funding just before he attends a BF meeting. That was the beer money paid for!