Thursday 12 June 2008

Burn Down Hollywood

Hi to the readers of the Jewish Chronicle - if you are reading this please also go to this page for an update on this article ;

I went to the cinema yesterday to watch the latest Indiana Jones movie. Yet again the same old tired Hollywood stereotypical villains were in the film.

We had the English actor Ray Winstone playing a double crossing working class English man and the English actress Cate Blanchett playing a Russian villainess.

As usual the Hollywood writers were slandering the English and the Russians, though uniquely in this film managing to doubly insult the Russians by using mainly English actors to play Russians.

In the comedy Witless Protection, another recently released movie the bad guy in that film is also an Englishman. In fact in almost all of the recent Hollywood movies the evil Englishman has replaced the evil German Nazi as the new bad guy.

Before the villain was blonde and blue eyed and German, now they are blonde and blue eyed and English or Russian.

Almost all the evil villains in the movies today are white and English or white and Russian.

Ever wondered why it that Hollywood has never churned out any films about a Jewish mass murderer serial killer ( such as Baruch Goldstein) an Orthodox Rabbi as a corrupt money grabbing shyster ( such as the Christian priest in There Will Be Blood), a film about the Columbine massacres that states that Dylan Klebold was Jewish (as opposed to the US media that called him a white Nazi ), a movie about Ted Bundy that pointed out he was Jewish, a film about John Wayne Gacy that featured the fact he was Jewish or a film about Lazar Kaganovich the Butcher of the Ukraine who was also Jewish.

This is simply because Hollywood is run by Jews, and following the best tradition of ethno-centrism those Jewish power brokers in Hollywood prefer to denigrate those of other racial groups but not their own.

To say that Hollywood is run by Jews is not anti-semitic. It is simply a fact that it is a small group of Jews who control Hollywood. They themselves like to crow about that fact quite regularly.

To call someone anti-semitic for pointing out to people what the Jews in Hollywood themselves regularly boast about of themselves is a disgusting slur. Those who call people anti-semites are usually the biggest racists of all.

Those that use the slur of anti-Semitism to silence debate on Jewish power structures and the power of individual Jews and the Jewish community in our nations are usually the most vicious and extreme racists in our societies. They use the slur of anti-Semitism to ensure their racism is never mentioned. It is the racial version of the Marxist-Leninist Terrorism of the Word.

Kevin McDonald in his ’Culture of Critique’ pointed out in his books that order to ensure Jewish group solidarity that the self appointed political leaders of the Jewish community in the US has actively sought to undermine group solidarity in other ethnic and racial groups. This has been done through a variety of ways from pushing for immigration reform to allow in mass immigration into the US, creating the most powerful lobby group in the US the AIPAC organisation, through supporting left wing and liberal causes such as multi-culturalism and political correctness to controlling sections of the media and entertainment industry.

None of these manifestations of Jewish ethno-communalism are by themselves reprehensible, what is reprehensible though is when individuals of the Jewish community have abused the powers they have accrued in any society to damage the nation, society and to slander and vilify individual racial and ethnic groups for their own ends, or the interests of the Jewish community as a whole.

The ethno-centrism and ethno-communalism of the Jewish people is an admirable example for us all, and one we should also follow. But what is unforgivable is that instead of just seeking to support their own community some individuals amongst the Jewish communities in our nations have sought to undermine the group loyalty, group cohesion, identities and communal structures of other racial groups for their own benefit.

This is an abuse of their powers and one that must be resisted.

The fact that the self appointed ‘leaders’ of the Jewish community have created an America riven by racial hatred between all racial groups, a crime epidemic as a result of their liberal values promoted in the media, glamorised in their films and newspapers a drug culture that as a result is now devastating black communities with crack and white communities with Meth Amphetamine, have used the media they control to propagandise illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to demolish and destroy white communal solidarity leading to a crisis in white identity means that these idiots have placed the entire Jewish community , and all other communities, at risk.

The dysfunctional nature of US society that these self appointed leaders that control Hollywood and large sections of the media (either directly through media ownership or through creating a climate of fear where any criticism of individual Jews is called anti-Semitism and also by the power of Jewish lobby groups to exert undue political and economic influence on programme makers ) have created has destroyed American social cohesion, social stability, caused America to be despised internationally and led to the downfall of America as a functional nation and society. Almost all the negative social pathologies existing in todays America can be traced back to the actions of a tiny clique of fools, activists and ideologues who have placed all of America, and their own community, at risk.

This ethno-communalism though most often is ‘in your face racism’ against non-Jewish groups also manifests itself in other more subtle ways.

For example why is it Hollywood, or for that fact any British documentary film makers, have never made a film or documentary on the Zebra Killers and the Death Angels in the Nation of Islam.

Is the systematic murder and torture of hundreds of whites by racist militant blacks in the 1960's and 1970's who were members of a death cult at the centre of one of the largest and most powerful black organisations on the planet, not news worthy ?

Hollywood has two standard depictions of blacks in its films. The Saints and the Sinners. The Saints are the noble, wise, father figure types like Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption or Will Smith as the pilot / doctor saving the world in Independence Day or I am Legend or Denzil Washington as the hero cop / fireman. In most of these films Whites are depicted as stupid / racist / inept or incompetent and unable to solve the crime / win the war until the black hero (or Jewish hero such as Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day or Jurassic Park ) appears and solves the crime / saves the planet and either kills the racist white man or becomes his best buddy.

In Independence Day we had the Black Hero and the Jewish Hero saving the world as the drunk, feckless, trailer park living, white redneck pilot we all laughed at was able to ’redeem’ himself by committing suicide.

This patronising twaddle is the staple of most Hollywood movies, with the sub text being that whites are stupid racists and blacks / Jews should replace them.

Then we get the Sinners. These are usually black crack heads who are forced to join gangs and become criminals because of racism / racist cops or because of violence from white racists.

You also of course get the evil Mexican drug dealers, Chinese spies and kung fu killers, South African Nazis, Russian killers and hitmen and Balkans hitch hiker torturers.

See the pattern yet.

How many films can you name where the evil villain has been Jewish.

Even in films concerning real life events such as the Columbine Massacres, the Ted Bundy murders, the John Wayne Gacy murders, the Leopold and Loeb murders etc etc then the fact of the Jewish ethnicity of the killers is either hidden or minimised.

One film that was unique was the recent movie Alpha Dogs about the murder of a young man in Los Anegles, the elder brother of the victim Zack Mazursky , played by the actor Ben Foster, was portrayed as a Neo-Nazi Jew with tattoos of Hitler and Jewish scripture on his body. Another was The Believer where the neo-Nazi was also an ex-orthodox Jew.

Both films were subtle messages to the children of mixed white and Jewish marriages that if they adopted their white heritage they are Nazis, and only by becoming being Jewish in culture and identity can they be decent human beings. This sort of message is racism at its very worst. It is an abuse of the power of the cinema, and is on a par with the propaganda of the Nazis themselves.

The time has come for all racial groups to resist this Nazi propaganda pumped out by Hollywood and its cabal of Jewish extremists who control the Hollywood studios.

From now on the next time I read of a Hollywood movie in production that seeks to depict whites, blacks etc etc in a way that is racist, partitioning and demeaning then I intend to start a call for people to boycott those films.

The Nuremberg Tribunal hung Julius streicher for his depictions of Jews as evil and sub human, and I believe the same rule should apply to those who depict whites or blacks or any ethnic groups as sub humans or inherently criminal.

The damage done by Hollywood to our nations, societies and cultures is immense and the racists that run Hollywood must be resisted.

LIST OF ENGLISH / BRITISH BAD GUYS. These are just some of the films with English / British bad guys ;

The original Star Wars trilogy4 is an interesting case. On the side of evil we have the Empire, whose officers sound quite British. The baddest of the bad, however, is Darth Vader, voiced by James Earl Jones, an American. It is interesting to note, though, that casting Jones was a decision that came late in the film and he merely overdubbed the lines of the British actor who played Darth Vader. Also, Vader was redeemed at the end of The Return of the Jedi, and imperial officers were not. On the side of good, most of the characters had American accents, including the ├╝ber-American, space cowboy Han Solo. But there is an exception in the Star Wars movies, as well. Sir Alec Guinness gives the role of Obi-wan Kenobi his most deliciously wise English voice. He is a remnant of the old order, a mentor guiding our young brash hero, and is still in line with the prevailing stereotypes.

Tim Roth as the Russian and English monster in the film' The Incredible Hulk '.

Ray Winstone Indiana Jones 4 and Cate Blanchett as a Russian and also all those blonde nazis in the first 3 Indian Jones movies

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Tango and Cash

The Aristocats

Alan Rickman in Die Hard (a case of an English actor playing a Germanic character with a slight accent),

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Quigley Down Under.

Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs6.

Basil Rathbone in Anna Karenina,

David Copperfield, Son of Frankenstein

The Mark of Zorro7

Ben Kingsley in Sneakers.

Betty Lou Gerson as the definitive villainess,

Cruella DeVille in 101 Dalmations
(see also American actress Glenn Close playing the same role for the live-action remake).

Charles Dance in Last Action Hero.

Christopher Lee in (among many others) Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Claude Rains in Notorious8.

David Bowie in Labyrinth and

The Last Temptation of Christ (in which all the non-Roman biblical characters are played by Americans).

Dougray Scott in Mission: Impossible 2.

George Sanders in Rebecca and Walt Disney's The Jungle Book.

James Mason in North by Northwest , Salem's Lot and The Verdict.

Jeremy Irons in Die Hard With a Vengeance (where again, it's an English actor playing a Germanic character), The Lion King and The Time Machine.

John Lithgow in Cliffhanger and Shrek (American actor hamming as British, though Lithgow has also played his fair share of homegrown villains, too).

Jonathan Hyde in Jumanji

Joss Ackland in Lethal Weapon 2 (British actor, South African accent!)

Pam Ferris in Matilda

Patrick Stewart in Conspiracy Theory

Peter Cushing in Star Wars9 (an example of the Imperialism mentioned above being used as short-hand to differentiate between the old order (Jedis and the Empire) and the new (the Rebellion Alliance).

Pierce Brosnan in Mrs Doubtfire10.

Ray Milland in Dial M for Murder.

Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park (

Sir Ian McKellen in X-Men11

Steven Berkoff in Beverly Hills Cop and Rambo 2 as a Russian.

Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (alongside Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn, both sporting East-European accents).

Timothy Dalton in The Shadow.

Tom Wilkinson in Rush Hour.

Vinnie Jones in The Unforgiven

Vinnie Jones in all his films

CLIFFHANGER with sylvester stallone with english bad guy

Rambo 4 - english bad guy big mouted ex-SAS thug

Green street hooligans




alanorei said...

We saw Indiana Jones IV. All the usual hokem plus a 'family-value' ending (which was a plus). OK as a fast-action adventure movie, if not taken seriously. (Did like the ending.)

One way to regard blonde (or brunette - i.e. CB in IJ4) blue-eyed Nordic villains is to assert that they are almost the only ones intelligent enough and resolute enough to do justice to serious organised villainy.

Only Oriental 14K Triads or the equivalent are in the same league, though the Hispanic MS-13 gangs are probably up there with them, with maybe some Al-Qaeda-style groups, (True Lies, with Arnie S.).

Let's make the most of an unfavourable situiation.

Something else to reflect on.

A handful of Jews helped the US Mafia - they were good at book-keeping - but the main 'movers and shakers' were all from one church, not a synagogue, which you don't hear a lot about.

(It was the same outfit that inflicted the Dark Age persecutions of genuine Christian groups like the Vaudois, or Waldenses. A great Christian English nationalist named Oliver Cromwell forestalled an aftermath to the horrific Piedmont massacre of 1655, commemorated in Milton's well-known poem.)

Holly(Hellyish)wood doesn't make many movies about child-molesting priests either. They are mostly along the lines of Going My Way? or Song of Bernadette, or 'Father' Mulcahy in M.A.S.H.

Note also that the righteous (bible-reading) Dana Scully in X-Files (X-Files movie 2 due for release soon) was depicted as a Christian from one particular denomination.

And it wasn't Baptist.

I think that too is significant.

Anonymous said...

So Lee....

Jews run Hollywood and Jews run the American government - surely this suggests that even if they don't run the world they are not far off doing so.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) most of the depiction of christian preists I have seen in movies are pederasts, theives, hypocrites and drunks.

The odd exception occurs, but in the main that is the way they are mostly depicted.

2) Almost as powerful as the Italian mafia were the Jewish mafia - the film Once Upon a Time In America showed their power eg Meyer Lansky and the Purple Gang. etc etc

3) The issue isnt that Hollywood depicts all christians as evil, red neck, klan nut cases - the issue is can you name a film where a Jewish person has been the villain, an orthodox rabbi been depicted as a pedarast, racist nutcase or a drunk hypocrite (re There Will Be Blood ).

4)Name one film where Mossad has been as depicted as evil as the CIA.

5) Name one film where the killer is a jewish fanatic or a jewish serial killer (even when they have been eg John Wayne Gacy )

6) name one film on the Zebra Killings, or Baruch Goldstein or the expulsion of the palestinians or the power of AIPAC and the jewish lobby that has been commissioned, produced and distributed via hollywood. Issues that are sensitive to jews are repressed, issue hostile to christians and non-jews are publicised. (except if they are so politically correct sensitive like the Zebra Killings ).

7) The jews do not run America, though they are the most powerful lobby group in the US along with the Saudi Arabian lobby group and the Irish American lobby group.

AIPAC helped drag the US into the Iraq War, The Saudi Lobby helped drag us in the Iraq War and the Irish Lobby funded the IRA.

As far as I can see this hijacking of democracy by lobby groups has to end if democracy is to be saved.

The fact that reagan, clinton, bush snr and bush jr were not Jews is proof that Jews do not run America, its just that they have undue influence in the US political system via the lobby system.

It is the lobby groups that control America, and the Jewish , Irish and Saudi ones are the most powerful.

J.M. ROJAS said...

My Name is J.M. Rojas an American Citizen; I was Born In Mexico near the Pacific Ocean. I want to tell you all of my experiences as an adaptive member of the American Dream, and how Hollywood has destroyed my persona and Identity told me I was not good enough. I am twenty-four years Old and Live In Los Angeles Ca, I moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to study Marketing and Design. I finished one programmed followed by the next, I left school in 2005 and began my pursuit of happiness. I initially moved to Los Angeles from Newport Beach CA, to pursuit a career In Art. Upon arriving In los angeles I became realistic about the whole art thing and decided to go to school to pursuit a career in a Creative field of some sort, I made every attempt to work In Design and advertising but found the interviews to be harder and more humiliating than auditioning for a role you cant seem to live up to. At This point I was desperate, I found a freelance design work here and there but began finding a lot more freelance work, working in TV or Film as a P.A, so it was then that I began to pursuit full time work in the entertainment Industry. After to speaking to a few friends over at the Directors Guild of America, I was told that the best was to break into the Hollywood Business scene was as an intern, so its what I did, I first began as an Intern at a Boutique agency In Beverly hills, There I worked 9-6:30 five days a week for free, The duties included those of a slave, and a secretary at once, I would read scripts, answers, phones, sort mail, run-arounds, clean things, copy and scan, make books, sort headshots, write summaries, transcribe videos, copy DVDs, etc, I know that list sounds easy but its not when you have to do it all at once, and for free too. This agency housed some of the biggest names in young Hollywood, after I was offered a Paid internship at a sister company, I jewel in Beverly Hills, There I was worked harder then ever balancing all duties along with a hundred more phone calls, There I was never called by my real name which was Juan, It was always to hard, I was called Pawn an easier translation I was told, I was the only Minority, well other then the token Black Jewish lesbian every Film Agency has. There I was urged to change my name to something a bit more “P.C” I was then offered a few name options by The president, who had previously named some of the most eccentric entertainers and personalities, I took the name, J.M. Austin Harvey, I knew it didn’t suite me but he said Id Fit into it well, I continued to work there for free, it was a pleasure I mean why not. I was surrounded by a list agents, Producers and actors, movie stars and of the moment Hype. It felt important to even be there, I filled for my name change as J.M. Austin Harvey, By the time of the hearing I was offered a Job As assistant to the president of company of a collogue and he had me change my name to Mark Like him, every assistant he’s had has been called mark and you have to leave a mark to be remembered. So I did I filled for a name change correction, Mark Austin Harvey. On May 31st 2007 8:30 In Santa Monica CA Judge of the superior court Gerald Rosenberg Granted the petitioned name change.
I bit off more then I could chew, I was raped, and then fired.
Its then that I began My law suite against the “Famous” Oscar winning producer, I have been unable to find work in the entertainment industry, It sucked me up and spit me out and never once accepted me for who I was, made me forget I was here to pursuit art. My name change, my shot at it all.. My Hollywood drama, and Beverly Hills Agency experience was that an experience, I now can look back and see it all as art. In a very symbolic yet physical way. I will go through a name change later this year. And good luck to you all who are here to pursuit a dream. Hollywood will welcome you but they hate everything about you, you must prove to them how far you will go, how sexless and race less you can be. At times the cost of just being a part of the fame game in any which was is pain and show, After winning a lawsuit and loosing two, I have returned to school, I am due later This summer for court and intend on changing my name legally to J.M. Rojas, My current legal name is Mark Austin Harvey. Sorry Mom.

Defender of Liberty said...

The tragedy is that modern Hollywood has never been about talent, instead it is about power.

The rubbish chruned out by Hollywoood, the utter drivel and bilge that goes by the name of Movies is evidence that the cult of Hollywood is now a joke,

How the greats like Welles, De Mille, Kubrik, Hitchcock must be weeping to see what Hollywood has become.

This is why I now mainly watch Japanese and Korean movies, as they at least are well written, well directed, innovative and interesting.

Good luck with the career change,

heres to a Hollywood based on talent not on race / religion,