Monday 1 December 2008

5000 Pakistani Butchers On Way to UK

What more needs to be said.


As if we dont have enough animal torturers and psychopaths who could do the job in the UK of cutting the throats of unstunned animals, so why are we importing in immigrant animal torturers ?

I have been a vegetarian for twenty five years - and this Halal and Kosher meat animal abuse disgusts me.

5,000 Pak butchers to get jobs in UK

By Asif Mehmood submitted 1 day 19 hours ago

LONDON - Over 5,000 butchers from Pakistan would get employment in the halal meat industry of UK through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between National Halal Foods Group (NHFG) of UK and Overseas Employment Cooperation of Pakistan. The MoU has been signed here at the Pakistan High Commission, London Friday.

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Anonymous said...

It disgusts me too mate.

The silence from the Animal Rights organisations especially the RSPCA is deafening.

We're at war with Islam and we're inviting the enemy into our camp. It is either absolute insanity or deliberate and I know what my money is on.



Anonymous said...

Where is the uproar from the vegetarians and the animal rights lobbies.

Blinded by the inherent contradictions of their liberal-based ideology no doubt.

A bit like the liberal-Left idiots who like Janus try and look both ways when it comes to Islam. Do they criticise Muslims for their violence against women (hence proving their feminist credentials)? And do they criticise them for their violent anti-homosexual beliefs (thus pandering to the gay rights lobby?). Or do they turn a blind eye as they support the rights of minorities, especially so as they despise their own race and culture, as well as denying the supremacy of the Western liberal model in their perverted need to seek cultural relativism.

This kind of anti-animal creed by the murdering animal-hating thugs of Islam should be at the forefront of any respectable nationalist party who should campaign relentlessly against it. Why is it not?

This kind of thing requires direct action to stop it, or at least to highlight the cruelty and insanity of this perverted creed.

Anonymous said...

Please if you have time write to the RSPCA about this expressing your disgust.