Friday 12 December 2008

Are You Happy Now ?

This is a poem about how we are losing our national culture and identity.

It is about how globalisation has created a global Consumer Fascist society where Believe, Obey, Consume are the slogans of our corporate fascist masters.

We are slaves, in a nation of whores.

I am a stranger in my own land.

Are You Happy Now ?

Are you happy now,
With your Starbucks and Wal-Mart,
Your shiny plastic culture,
Your credit cards and baubles,
With conformity imposed,
With your lives of consumer slavery,
Believe, Obey, Consume,
Is the mantra of your only religion,
Worshipped in the malls,
And out of town shopping centres.

Look at you all,
Like ants on a death march,
Clutching your commodities,
As though life itself,
Were nothing,
But a craze to consume.

I despise you all,
Your lickspittle lives,
Of obedience to lies,
For you wear your chains with pride,
As a slave opens its legs wide,
And invites the rape,
From any master who wields the whip.

This is not Britain anymore,
This is another America,
Just a pathetic whore,
I saw Liberty being sick in the gutter,
Staggering drunk in the town centre,
Yet you call this prostitution progress,
And genuflect to greed,
Craving the poison of Coca Cola Culture,
Is the epitome of all you desire,
You watch Friends on HD TV,
But all your neighbours are strangers.

I watched Woolworth’s close down,
Another cut amongst thousands,
The slow death of our nation,
The slow death of our culture,
Is this freedom,
The freedom to spend,
Or is this simply the beginning,
Of the end ?

This is not Britain anymore,
This is Babylon,
The haunt of the whore,
A Golden Calf is your king,
And you offer your country to it,
Blindly you obey,
Whoever will pay.

Are you happy now,
Now that we are all strangers,
In our own land,
Is this the freedom your fathers died for,
The freedom to be a slave,
The freedom to buy and sell,
Your body and soul,
As trinkets in a free market,
For shiny pennies of gold.

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Lucy McGough said...

I understand what you're saying, but surely Woolworths was part of the 'consumer slavery' you despise? It's a shop. It exists to sell things to people - preferably as many things as possible to as many people as possible.

Therefore, I think your argument is somewhat flawed.

Defender of Liberty said...

The poem is about the GLOBAL CONSUMER SOCIETY - not the national corporations that are British.

Consumer Slavery is the new Universalism, where the international corporations denude individuality at the same as Political Correctness denueds liberty - it is the taxes of the corporations that fund the Servile State.

The poem is about the cultural homogenisation of globalism - how all nations are becoming slaves to the same international corporations.

The poem is explicit in its support for national cultures - and Woolworths is part of our national culture.

The problem is not a corporate system that is British in character - the problem is the corporate globalisation of all our nations and cultures.

Woolworths is a BRITISH brand in a high street full of INTERNATIONAL brands - BUT as you have stated elsewhere Lucy you have no regard for what is BRITISH, as for you there are no British people and no british culture.

For you all that matters is that you have lots of nice ethnic friends to patrionise at university with your cringing liberal politically correct nonsense.

When you leave university and enter the real world, as opposed to your ivory tower, then you will see that in the real world the Chinese people want China to remain a nation for the Chinese with a chinese culture, the Indians want India to remain a predominatly Hindu and Indian nation, the Pakistanis want Pakistan to remain a nation of Pakistanis with a muslim culture.

The only people in the whole world that refuse to defend their own nation and culture are the sad white little drones of the self hating multi-cultural system such as yourself.

Your so called ethnic friends in reality think you are an idiot and are laughing at you behind your back - they despise self hating liberal whites and so do their families and their home nations. When you are not their all their families are laughing at those such as ywho surrender their nations, cultures and identities.

The people you call friends are not your friends - they are merely playing the game that gets them to where they want to get too - and that means allowing themselvs to be patrionised by your liberal twaddle until they leave university and use affirmative action and positive discrimination laws to get your job.

Sorry lucy - you are an brainwashed anachronism.

Lucy McGough said...

Mr Barnes, I am sorry that you are so unhappy. There is a good, decent bloke somewhere inside you - why don't you give him a chance to get out? You'd be so much happier if you stopped hating people, and stopped hating Britain.

I hope you feel happier soon.

Defender of Liberty said...


You are probably a nice, good hearted sweet girl.

One day the real world will reveal to you just what it is really like.


Anonymous said...

Juicy Lucy said the following above in her riposte to Mr Barnes (I shall analyse her comments in relation to her psychologically flawed being).

"Mr Barnes, I am sorry that you are so unhappy."

(What she is saying is " Oh, Mr Barnes, I resent your level of self-awareness and identity, I wish I had that too but as it is my middle-class comfortable upbringing has conditiooned me to loath and self-hate my identity and my origins")

There is a good, decent bloke somewhere inside you - why don't you give him a chance to get out?

(Meaning, " Why can't you and your cronies make me feel better about my twisted self and start learning to discard your identity which I regard, as do my middle class parents and society, as an anachronism").

You'd be so much happier if you stopped hating people, and stopped hating Britain.

(Meaning "Come on Mr Barnes, bring out the Inner Self-Hater within you - and join the faceless drones that I and my nice little white liberal friends and ethnic buddies have the delight in sharing").

I hope you feel happier soon.

(Meaning, "I want you to feel as miserable and confused as me, but as your a white working class man who didn't receive a private education care of mummy and daddy like me and my friends you have an excuse to reject it all, yet I feel that I am victim of my conditioning yet my guilt fores me to carry it").

Don't worry Juice Lucy, even drones like you can become individuals with thinking minds. You take the red pill and become a fully-functioning adult human individual able to see through the lies and guilt imposed on us all.

There, good girl...

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem Mr Barnes, a very good reflection on the modern day consumerist society.

"With your lives of consumer slavery,
Believe, Obey, Consume," is a pertinent line, almost taken from that brilliant Sci-fi film "They Live" which shows the USA as a consumerist society which has actually been imposed by aliens who have conditioned humanity to live through consumption using radio frequencies that control humanity.

In Juicy Lucy's case certain sections of Western society are controlled through the imposition of media programming and liberal education and through self-imposed guilt.

Same result though.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the dialectic and good on you Lee for publishing Lucy's comments. Intelligent Nationalists are not afraid of debate. As long as there is no abuse please publish all comments as nationalsts are for free speech and free debate.

Anonymous said...

Err...Woolworths is not a "British brand" it was founded by an American.