Sunday 7 December 2008

The Key Board Warriors and The Internet Tragedy

One of the greatest tragedies in the history of Nationalism will be how the Internet as an essential tool for the development of nationalist movements in all our nations has been misused and underdeveloped.

Instead of the internet being the mechanism whereby the nationalist movement could create alternative communities, alternative media systems, alternative organisational bases and a tool for recruitment and tactical action - it has become the haunt of morons and scum.

Lets take a look at a site like Stormfront for example.

When the site was set up the site adminstrators should have said that the site would only be a tool for the promotion of nationalism - and that the only people allowed to moderate and run the site would be vetted nationalists whose role would be to ensure that any nationalists who registered on the site were vetted and checked out as real nationalists before being allowed access to the main forums on the site.

All those who sought to access the site but who refused to supply proof of identity, and who refused to post using their real names on the site, should only have been allowed to post in a small section of the site - as the main content of the site should have been only for trusted activists to use as an organisational hub.

But rather than having a rule that the activists and posters on the site have to use a real name and a real identity, so we can all see who they are, what organisations they represent and find out what their real pasts are - the site allowed anyone to post on the site using a fake name.

This has allowed Reds, agent provocateurs and the State to take advantage of the internet and use it against the interests of nationalism itself.

It has allowed the flamers, the malcontents and the red scum to hide behind fake names and denigrate not just those that they have some sort of issue with, but to attack and undermine the entire cause of nationalism itself.

This ability to hide behind a fake name and post rubbish online has allowed nationalist internet sites to be taken advantage of by the most loathsome creatures to ever infect and infest the Nationalist movement - the Key Board Warriors.

The Key Board warrior is the lowest of the low.

It pretends to be a nationalist, but does nothing but sit on its arse in its front room and pour poison into nationalism via its internet connection.

The key board warrior does nothing else but attack nationalists and nationalism.

It will hid behind a fake name and spread the most vile, base and false accusations against any REAL NATIONALIST that it despises or has a personal grudge against, but will not lift its fat arse from its sofa to do anything to assist the cause of Nationalism itself.

You can spot the Key Board Warrior as it only posts on sites like stormfront attack after attack after attack only on nationalists and nationalist parties it despises.

Whilst the real nationalists in our nations are busy working for the Nationalist movement and actually getting on with the job of trying to get the nationalist movement into power - the key board warrior from behind their fake name will spend all their time slagging off real nationalists, spreading dissent and lies on the internet to damage nationalism and will work with the reds to undermine those groups they have some personal 'issue' with.

These sad freaks and inadequates are NOT nationalists.

A nationalist gets on with the job of nationalism.


The Key Board warrior that hides behind a fake name is a coward. They do nothing but talk rubbish and spread dissent. They are the enemy.

Their sole aim is to undermine nationalism itself.

The Key Board Warrior that hides behind a fake name and does nothing at all to promote nationalism, other than spreading their piss and poison on sites like Stormfront is the curse of nationalism.

Any scumbag coward that hides behind a fake name on stormfront and who attacks real nationalists, of whatever party, deserves to be outed - so the public can see who this loathsome pack of cowards are.

Heres a challenge for the cowards that hide on the internet under a fake name, such as Sean Hadley who posts as Tactics on Stormfront and whose every post is an attack on any nationalist that is not a supporter of his little clique of simpering cowards such as UK Nationalist 26, Doriot, Another Day etc etc.

Start posting on the site using your real names you cowards.

You will attack real nationalists by name - but you wont use your real name to reveal who you are.

You see the reality is simply this - real nationalists dont hide behind a fake name on the internet.

Real nationalists stand in elections, they stand up in public for the party they are a member of and they support the nationalist movement by actually doing something constructive to assist the movement.

A nationalist is not a big mouthed idiot who can only talk rubbish about other nationalists on the internet from behind a fake name - a nationalist is someone who ACTIVELY supports nationalism and supports other nationalists.

A Key Board Warrior who hides behind a fake name on stormfront, or any of the other myriad sites that are infested with similar cowards, is the inner enemy.

When I write something about someone I despise I put my name to it. I post it on this blog so the person can read it. If they want to contact me about it they can ring me or e mail me or leave a comment.

Likewise if I have a problem with someone about something then I seek them out and have it out with them.

I dont hide on the internet behind a fake name attacking them - thats only what fools and cowards do.

That is why I also do not post on any other sites on the entire Internet other than this site.

If I want to say something I make sure that the person knows what I mean and that they can read it here - right here on this blog.

I spell it out for them in black and white, so as to make sure they get the point I am trying to make.

I have had a simple policy for a while now - and it is simply this ;


On this site I will reveal the names of every big mouthed, coward Key Board Warrior that hides behind a fake name and ATTACKS other nationalists or other nationalist parties.

I will not print their addresses or their telephone numbers on this blog though - that sort of thing is only what the enemy will do.

I will put their names up - but never their addresses.

Those so called 'nationalist sites' that print the names and addresses of real nationalists so that the reds can target them - must be treated as an active threat to all real nationalists.

The fact that Hadley on NWN is now allowing comments that reveal the names and addresses of a variety of REAL NATIONALISTS means such people are simply agents of the enemies of nationalism.

If persuasion will not suffice for them to desist from such actions as revealing the names and addresses of real nationalists then alternative mechanisms must be imposed.

I have been following this rule of outing key board warrior scum since I outed the big mouth cowards Hadley and Simpson as Tactics and Uk Nationalist 26 on Stormfront early this year.

I also named other key board warriors, but as a result some have stepped up to the plate and become real nationalists who are doing real work for their chosen causes.

To his credit Jack Black has gone from being just a presence on the internet and on stormfront to becoming an nationalist activist for the BPP.

That means I can now respect the real man himself as a true nationalist who is working for the nationalist movement and standing up for what he believes in, and not just see him as another key board warrior.

I may not support his politics or party - but he has demonstrated that he is a real nationalist by getting involved in real nationalism.

Unlike Sean Hadley TACTICS and Tom Simpson UK NATIONALIST 26 on Stormfront Jack Black has shown people that he is now a real nationalist - as he is working to support a party that he supports.

Thats what real nationalists do.

But the scumbags like Hadley and Cooper are now busier than ever spreading more crap and bile at individuals on stormfront and the NWN site which Hadley runs.

Apart from spreading abuse and bile these two cowards do NOTHING for the nationalist movement.

Therefore they are condemned for their actions as well as for their big mouthes.

The ONLY nationalists are those that are active IN NATIONALISM - a coward that talks crap on the internet is not a nationalist.

The key board warrior clique of Tactics, Uk Nationalist 26 and Doriot call me a 'grass' for outing them on the internet.

They are wrong for one simple reason - that is because they are not real nationalists. They are nothing but key board warriors and are therefore condemned for their actions against nationalists and nationalism.

I do not grass nationalists - but I will out scumbag coward key board warriors.

Anyone who has a problem with me outing key board warriors then at least have the guts to say it to my face - please do not continue to confirm you are gutless coward by simply posting anonymose comments on some corner of the internet somewhere attacking me with lies.

Be a man, and say it to my face.

If you cant do that - then you aint a man. You are a coward.

And do you know how I know they are gutless scumbag coward key board warriors - because they will never have the guts to say what they say on the internet face to face with me.

I do not attack real nationalists - I will only attack those that think its clever to set up blogs with a fake name on the internet and attack their fellow nationalists and party members in secret, I will attack those that hack into the e mail accounts of their fellow nationalists so as to assist in their idiotic plans for internal destabilisation and I will condemn those who are supposed to be guarding our backs but who are plotting treachery against us - as those people are not real nationalists.

I will attack the list leakers, the lie spreaders, the key board warriors, the cowards that hide behind a fake name and the fools that believe what the cowards say on the internet. They are also not nationalists.

The key board warrior and the poisonous retards of the internet are now a burden that must be cast off the nationalist movement.

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Anonymous said...

Don't suppose you know the name of Atreus/Ostle?

A piece of scum who reveled in the apparent outing of Green Arrow.

Time his name was in the public arena.

amy said...

Well said Lee.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Lee! Every word is absolutely true. I joined SF but couldn't believe the bile and insinuations of some posters (especially those mentioned)
It was snakelike insinuating poison. I dont post there but I read and I can read between the lines too.
Garfield has an account there as well as other Reds (stated in one of her tedious posts)
That was enough to convince me I wasn't among those to be trusted.
There are some genuinely credulous people who have been led astray by the poison but our future as a Nation is more important than giving succour or credence to those easily duped.
Stormfront could have been a haven for those blighted by encroaching Stalinism but sadly I only use it for b reaking news and to listen to genuine Nationalists.
(I can drown out white noise)


The BNP Chronicle said...

I especially agree with your section on the SF moderators, how somebody as rabidly anti-bnp as "the Gamekeeper" got to be a mod is beyond me.

He acts as personal bodyguard to Tactics and UK_Nationalist26, banning any members that dare to question their lies

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fred said...

I'm called MinisterFredE on Stormfront, if you can find out my real details by all means broadcast them to the world, if not Shut Up & walk away before you show yourself up to the world as the prat you quite obviously are.

Anonymous said...

Uk nationalist 26, is Tom Simpson of Ebank's NNP.

Defender of Liberty said...

Open your mouth to attack a real nationalist Minister Fred and I will endeavour to find out who you are.

Anonymous said...

Having been "outed" on the list, though my politics are no secret I'm tired of these prats with silly names posting numerous posts as "anon" on their own blogs.
It would be charitable to assume they were simply twisted old men dreaming of glory days long gone.
The BNP is the only credible Nationalist party actually making gains.
Genuine Nationalists in other parties accept this and applaud our success.
When you hear dissent in the face of our gains you know you're in the wrong company.
Good post Lee.


Anonymous said...

A real nationalist? You wouldn't know one if they came up & bit you on the ass. You've certainly never been one yourself.

So I challenge you to find out who I am & publish it on your blog.

Anonymous said...

You won't be standing as a Euro Candidate Lee, liabilitys need not apply.

Anonymous said...

Who defines a 'real' nationalist? Who defines what is or is not active? I find the revelations of Nationalist's private identities as reprehensible as I find the NWN's habitual revelations. There is, in my opinion no justification for it. If you dislike the ethos of SF then simply do not post there - problem solved. Ranting like a demented juvenile serves only to illustrate that you are of no better ilk or integrity than the very people you denigrate.

I am far from a keyboard warrior so am not defending those you have betrayed out of similar sympathy - I defend ANY nationalist whether they are active or not. You have no right whatsoever to decree for the movement in its entirety what does or does not constitute a credible nationalist . I find your revelations of people's identities as abhorrent as I find NWN's rancid tactics. The difference is I know they are retards, I expected better from you.

Anonymous said...

The Gamekeeper used to be a commie party member.

Anonymous said...

Someone should put Always Whites name up .

Anonymous said...

Tom Simpson claims he is NOT a keyboard warrior.
Ahem, Yes he is!!!!!
He was in the BNP for about a month in 2006. He never turned up to meetings or activities despite being invited. Then he tried to stir things up by saying to Sadie Graham we were doing nothing despite him contacting us over and over again (which he didn't)

He stood for Ewbanks party but has done nothing since apart from visciously attack the BNP via Stormfront.
Anyone reading what he says on SF would think that he has been about for years and has become disgruntled with good reason.

Since the inevitable collapse of NNP he has not been active with any party and has just become an onlooker/criticiser of the BNP.
He does nothing apart from sit behind his computer.

Yes he is well versed with all the characters in this soap opera and likes to think he knows what is going on but he reminds me of a silly little annoying toy dog yapping and getting under your feet that you just want to kick up the arse.

He is an insignificant nobody.

Anonymous said...

Can we not setup a forum like you suggest?
Or does the current BNP one suffice for this Lee?

Anonymous said...

By the way, I confirm that UK nationalist 26 is Tom Simpson of Middlesbrough.
Another North East based anti BNPer on Stormfront hiding behind the name "Raffles" is in fact Christopher Telford.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rusty,

I am a red spy and I have several accounts on Stormfront. I am very good at hiding it though.

Get well soon,

Love & peace,


Anonymous said...

If every BNP member read a bit more on our ideology, went leafleting every week and then requested he/she stood for election we could have a BNP candidate in almost every available ward. There's more than enough of us.

Why join the BNP and be inactive? This I will never understand.

Incidentally, Strider leaflets every week and is standing for election - I'll let you know who I am and where I'm standing the second I beat those traitor 'Lib/Lab/Con' toads to the number one spot...

Anonymous said...

Your wasting your time Joe nobody could do as much harm to nationalism as those retards on Stormfront who are not red spies like Hadley .

Anonymous said...

Joe Chapman,
Remember me, Dr Jim ?

... and I'm still watching you, boy ... better keep those curtains closed when you take the drugs you buy from your paki friends on Cowley Road eh?

You'll meet me one day, Chapman. Maybe sooner than you think.
Keep plucking your banjo till then.
And tell that bird of yours to use a bidet for next time I do her while she tells me all about you and the scum you bring home ....

Its going to be painful, Chapman ....

Lucy McGough said...

My name is Lucy McGough. I live in Northwich, in Cheshire. I won't give you my full address because I have kids living in the same house (my little brothers). My birth date is 26/01/88. I study English at Durham university.

I love Great Britain. I truly believe that it is the best country in the world. If that makes me a patriot then yes, I am proud to be a patriot.

I despise the BNP, its politics and everything it stands for. Long live multiculturalism!

I am proud to be sharing a country with people of all colours and religions. I am honoured to have black, Asian, Muslim and Chinese friends. We are all British, and we are all proud to be British.

I love British freedom and democracy. BNP fascists and terrorist bombers may try to undermine this country by spreading fear and hatred, but they will never succeed.

Anonymous said...

The greatest enemy of Nationalism is the low intellect pond life that attaches itself to us. Hadley is one example of this, but there are countless others. The easiest and quickest way to spot them is to watch how they acknowledge one another online, they just can't help tipping each other the wink. The fact that they believe we are all as stupid as them always trips them up.

Anyway very good article Lee.


Pendle Brits said...

Excellent post agree 100%, several times I have attempted to ascertain why the very same scrotes that you mention above were allowed to get away with the bollox they post, and on each occasion I have been warned in RED that anymore of this questioning would result in my suspension, (not that I'm bothered) The Mods are just as bad, Anotherday, who's that he's the worst? A few posters were well worth reading.. Truthfinder, others are Red trolls, SF isn't worth bothering with. Don aught to get rid of the lot of them.