Monday 1 December 2008

Phil Woolas Reveals the Race Relations Agenda

Interesting interview with Phil Woolas in The Independent - the best bits are below ;

Who are the "vested interests" that want unjustified asylum-seekers to get into the country? What is their secret agenda? BROOKE LAWRENCE, Carlisle

It is not secret. Some legal advisers and special interest groups play the system to delay removals without justification. This offers false hope. In the past three years, the courts have found nearly 100 cases of vexatious judicial review. I want to put a stop to last-ditch judicial reviews, unfounded asylum claims and disruption of removals. When an independent judge tells people they have no right to stay we expect them to go home voluntarily.

So Phil confirms that whilst legal aid is being cut back for British citizens, any sponging swine from some rathole on the planet that they have ****ed up and then left, is allowed to claim legal aid just as long as they step one foot on British soil - and therefore the Race Relations parasites and law firms that feed off the public purse grow rich.

In 2003, you said attacks on whites were not condemned as forcefully as attacks on ethnic minorities. Do you still think discrimination against whites is underplayed? ELISE FLETCHER, Compton

Racial violence is abhorrent in any form and something we must stamp out in British society. We are committed to supporting victims no matter what their background or ethnicity. I agree with Oona King, who pointed out to a largely white Parliament that black on Chinese, Asian on white, white on black and other discrimination exists. Condemn it all and be seen to do so and we will heal our society of it.

Really Phil - what have you done to help White British victims of racism - NOTHING THATS WHAT !

Not one charity exists to help white victims of racism - and the police in Liverpool arrest 13 people who distribute leaflets that try and raise the issue in public.

Typical new labour weasel.

You said Boris Johnson was naïve just for commissioning a study into the possibility of having an amnesty for London's illegal immigrants. How can studying the issue be bad? CHARIS PAYNE, Ampleforth, NORTH YORKSHIRE

It is naïve because an amnesty and the suggestion of an amnesty will create problems not solve them. To grant or suggest an amnesty creates a significant "pull" factor to the UK, profits the people traffickers, causes more misery and makes it more difficult to help the persecuted.

Does the BNP's strength in your Oldham constituency affect how you think about immigration? ISAAC MORRISON, Oldham

So far, thank goodness, we have beaten them. As you know, my seat is a Labour-Liberal Democrat marginal with an ethnic minority population greater than my majority. This is not about pandering to the right-wing. It is about having a working policy that carries confidence precisely so that we can be fair as a society to immigrants. Read the Cantle report about the Oldham riots. It is fair to say that the lesson of the BNP's success in Oldham was in part because we didn't talk about the issues enough.

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