Monday 8 December 2008

I saw It All

This is a poem about how the modern global electronic communications system allow individuals to be witnesses, almost participants, in any event. The event can be viewed live on out TV's in all its horror.

At the same time these events are able to be manipulated - and the media twist what is happening to suit the agenda of the corporate elite / political elite that controls that media outlet.

This is why we as witnesses are important as we can challenge the corporate propaganda spin on any event - and therefore we can ensure the historical record is simply not propaganda that serves the interest of the prevailing elite.

It is not enough to watch, one must remember and then speak out.

I Saw It All.

I saw it all, Waco burn,
Flames consume a tortured church,
Tanks machine gunning Americans,
As our Liberty lay dying.

I saw it all, Twin Towers fall,
Two planes strike their targets,
Steel struts buckle, the concrete crack,
Thousands die screaming.

I saw it all, Beslan bleed,
Innocence slaughtered in the rain,
I wept and waited in the dark,
For the end of the world to begin, again.

I saw it all, Iraq afire,
Babylon burning on a summer night,
A nation cursed with oil,
And blessed again by death.

I saw it all, Albion betrayed,
Savage lions slaughtering white lambs,
As the tunnels gave up our dead,
London wept and the Thames ran red.

I saw it all, the markets crash,
Wolves roam the city streets,
Winter wore its whitest robes,
And gathered up its ghosts.

I saw it all, the missiles fly,
Across borders drawn in blood,
The world watched in silence,
As wars consumed the earth.

I saw it all, yet I was not there,
A witness to all your crimes,
That which you seek to bury with lies,
I will remember for all time.

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