Wednesday 3 December 2008

BBC World Service Radio Interview

The BBC radio interview I did last week is here on the BBC World Service ;

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Anonymous said...

Once again, they keep on using the racist slur, the "vile views" of the BNP without actually giving one example.
Also Melanie Phillips telling such blaitent lies, BNP have supremacist vile views, without giving one example!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to add, they also lied about military personell not being allowed in the BNP.
another lie.

Bert Rustle said...

It appeared that your clips were interspersed with those from BBC TV's Question Time program of Jim Murphy and Melanie Phillips, which might give the false impression that all clips had had equal exposure.

What proportion of your interview was actually broadcast? Which major topics did they not broadcast?

The presenter said “few people in Britain would disagree that the BNP is a deeply unpleasant racist party” by which he achieves a smear without taking responsibility for it himself. He neglected to mention the poll result that 'Most Britons actually support BNP policies'

The presenter's description of “the far right BNP” raise the question of which parties are merely far left, extreme left, the far far left or the far far far left? I have not heard the BBC or other members of the Drive-By Media describe any British parties as such. Surely within a country the political spectrum is relative to the parties active within it? Why are the the far far far left parties omitted from this spectrum?

In my opinion this is due to “framing”. The idea is to move the sheep in to the “pen” of a particular opinion by the subtle but not alarming movement of “extreme far right” sheepdogs. It appears to me that the almost total absence of “extreme far left” sheepdogs implies that the Drive-By Media is only concerned that the sheep are kept away from the “extreme far right”.

I would hazard a guess that the more dispersed the sheep are away from anything but the “extreme far right” the better the Ruling Class of one party government (British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently), one region government (European Union) or one world government (UN and other Tranzis) likes it.

This sort of thing also occurs in the ‘soft’ sciences. To quote:

“... scientists should appeal to non-scientists by presenting their work in a way that conforms to common biases”

“The popular notion of 'spin', while used more broadly, often refers
to the idea of framing.”

See for the full non-technical article.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi folks,

the interview was about 45 minutes long and covered all aspects of the BNP list issue and also had me stating the law on this issue - VOGT V GERMANY 1996 by the way

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment Bert and I totally agree.



alanorei said...

A hard-hitting interview, Lee, even the shortened bit they broadcast.

MP's careless use of the word "vile" is highly unprofessional, likewise bandying about the epithet "racist."

Why is it "racist" to aspire to a largely uniform racial identity, when scores of non-white nations in the world already have such an identity and they are never called "racist"?

I have heard Nick Griffin deplore the Muslim exploitation of vulnerable non-Muslim adolescent girls as crack whores, warn explicitly about the particular dangers of binge drinking for young women who "don't have the bodies for it" and exhort all members and supporters to care for individual pensioners living in their streets because "If they die, it's not the Government's fault, it's your fault."

I follow Mel Phillips's articles regularly. I don't recall her making a real issue out of any of the above in the last 12 months.

Which seems pretty "vile" to me.