Monday 1 December 2008

Are Islamists Racists ?

I believe that Islamists are racists - what do you think ?

The poll is on the right.

Vote and let me know.

Sorry folks but the poll thing isnt working - just let me know what you think and I post your comments.

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Anonymous said...

Of course they are!

Anonymous said...

Are stupid people stupid?

Anonymous said...

Is the Pope Catholic?

Seriously, since the fundamentalist interpretayion of the Koran is vehemently against Unbelievers then Islamists are certainly guilty of being bigotted and 'religionist'.

Since that world view is a globalist one, and demands the domination of the world into a theocracy then they are guilty of being bigotted and 'religionist'.

Since Islam is by historical reasons and by practice an Asian faith then by definition it is racist as its adherents wish to subjugate the West and its political and religious institutions and put in their place a faith-based culture and political system that is anti-Western, denying the White-based societies their own culture, history and way-of-life.

As since Islam is the practise of certain Asian cultures within the West who are attempting to subvert the West then, by defintion, Islamists are racist.

Anonymous said...

Without a shadow of a doubt.

Iris B

Anonymous said...

"We support the growing movement of unity between the Christian Churches throughout the world and we pray that your Holiness's visit to Britain may enable us all to see more clearly those truths which both unite and divide
us in a new and constructive
light." -

Christianity is offensive to muslims -

"The Vatican has thanked Muslims for bringing God back into the public sphere in Europe." -

"I am confident that schools will find the new publication helpful as we live out our clear vision of Catholic education, increasingly undertaken with those of other faiths in our midst." -

The reason the CofE and Rome are doing this is because they know that science and the pantheistic meme are combining in the west to take away their power.

Whether or not HRH kissed the papal ring, she may as well have kissed the devils arse as far as I'm concerned.
The pope certainly did when he landed in Damascus to kiss the land of the death cult.

What they did to the gnostics and the early Christians they will do to us with their friends, the religion-of-peace.

They nailed the icon of truth to his symbol, the cross. Then they made people worship it. Man, nailed to the symbol of his true origin, the four winds, the four seasons, the four-who-are-one, the four pre-biotic elements that assembled to the terrestrial template, that became Man, the universe aware of itself.
Man, the means by which the creator can return to the stars from whence it came.

"The kingdom of god is within you and all about you"

"You need not erect houses of wood and stone to seek me. Instead, split a piece of wood and you will find me ... turn over a stone and I will be there."

"Our life, exempt from public haunt, find tongues in trees, sermons in stones, books in the running brooks, and good in everything.
- Shakespeare

"Nature free at once and rid of her haughty lords is seen to do all things spontaneously of herself without the meddling of the gods."
- Lucretius

"Those who wish to seek out the cause of miracles, and to understand the
things of nature as philosophers, and not to stare at them in astonishment
like fools, are soon considered heretical and impious, and proclaimed as
such by those whom the mob adores as the interpreters of nature and the gods. For these men know that once ignorance is put aside that wonderment would be taken away which is the only means by which their authority is preserved."
- Spinoza

Anonymous said...

All world religions and sects are or were racist. They are an expression of ethnic identity. I doubt if your average "protestant" in Ulster would be able to give an opinion on the theory of transubstantiation. Likewise your average Islamist only knows that his fellow believers belong to his wider " family".
Thus classical marxisim as practiced in the Soviet Union always tried to abolish religion and thereby ethnic identity.

Anonymous said...

I believe they are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed.

Islamists are racists.

Anonymous said...

You are not 100% correct. But it would not be less than 99.99%