Friday 26 December 2008

Dumb Student Alert !

There are fewer life forms on this planet as idiotic as a white liberal, middle class, student at university - and when that creature is a white female liberal student at university who was raised and brought up in white middle class area - then they are the most obnoxious, pathetic, mewling liberal saps on the planet.

Take this idiot here ;

You can just see from her photograph how deluded she is as a result of her spoilt, middle class background which has allowed her to fetishise ethnics - simply because she never knew any until she got to university, or if she did, they were problably mixed race kids with middle class parents in her area.

I despise these white liberal saps.

They are the real sickness in our society - the problems of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and political correctness are simply symptoms of the fact that our nation is run by simpering white liberal saps such as these.

The fact that one day this dumb bimbo will leave university and have to seek work in an economy where political correctness, affirmative action and 'positive' discrimination means whites will be at the bottom of the employment list is the revenge she will wreak upon herself.

I hope that a plethora of less qualified ethnics take every job she goes for once she leaves university so she can experience for herself the system she seeks to perpetuate.

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Anonymous said...

" and links to violence,"

sounds pretty libelous to me.

yet she forgets the historical fact that members of the Labour Party have direct links with the Communist Party. Example, John Reid was once a card carrying member of the Communist Party.

Anonymous said...

I think she needs some time in Brixton!

Anonymous said...

could you post the link, for your list/post of all the websites and named people who have been publishing the link please?
or is it on another blog of yours?


Anonymous said...

Why, oh why is it, when a student gets into university the first thing they get involved in is a semi-militant, left wing protest group? I had my eyes opened on the recent demonstration in Liverpool concerning the wrongful arrest of 13 Nationalist's.
The leader of the leftists was a young, scruffy, bob geldof wannabe, complete with a customary trilby hat. 'Right chaps follow me' was his war cry and then he burst into an adolescent tantrum, condemning the BNP as an early 1900German political party. Laughable really!
I sometimes wonder if the problems we encounter with the far left, couldn't just be sorted out with a few smacked arses and send them all to their room's for a while.

HEADLINE - 'Middle class White student forced to to lines in public'
Today in Liverpool an untidy spotty youth was forced to write out 100 times, I must not wear silly clothes nor forget to use my clearacil again. The tearful boy told journalists, ' My mummsie is so cross with me'.

There would be a lot less UAF about after that sort of punishment was handed out.