Monday 9 February 2009

The BNP and Israel - both hated by Church of England

Image - an official Church of England poster used to compare Christ and the murderer and communist Che Guevara.

It appears that the Church Of England is not just anti-BNP but also anti-Israel.

The Church of England is an organisation that is simply now defined by Clerical Marxism.

Its god is Marx, its Jesus is Che Guevara.

And like the old soviet union that it saw as an attempt to build paradise on earth, it is also anti-semitic and anti-Israel.

Perhaps the Church should stop protecting the paedophiles in its ranks, and seek to remove the pederasts within it before projecting its self hatred upon others.

Perhaps the Church has forgotten that Christ chose radicals like Simon The Zealot to be his disciples, a nationalist terrorist and nationalist extremist who used violence against the Romans in order to build a nation of Israel from the Roman Empire.

Here we have an article on how the Church wants to target Israel and support Hamas.

It appears that Islamists terrorists are accepted by the C of E but British nationalists are not.

It appears that the Curch of England is now nothing more than a pathetic multi-cultural cult that regards Christ and the Bible as something of an embrassment.

Clerics urge church to disinvest from Israel
David Sapsted, Foreign Correspondent

Last Updated: February 09. 2009 9:30AM UAE / February 9. 2009 5:30AM GMT

n Israeli bulldozer demolishes a Palestinian house on the Israeli-Gaza border. Jack Guez / AFP

LONDON // Christian clerics today demanded that the Church of England honour its commitment to disinvest from Israeli companies operating in the occupied territories.

More than 20 clerics and theologians, including Alun Morinan, national co-ordinator of the Christian Network’s Campaign Against the Arms Trade, signed a letter to be published today in The Guardian newspaper, calling for immediate action.

Amid growing public protests in Britain since the Gaza offensive, including a sit-in at a leading Scottish university and a mass demonstration on Saturday at an Israeli import centre in London, the clerics complain that the General Synod, the ruling body of the Church of England, had done nothing to implement a three-year-old commitment to disinvest.

The letter says: “In February, 2006, the Church of England voted at the General Synod to disinvest in companies that operated in the Palestinian occupied territories, saying that there was a need for ‘morally responsible investment’.

“This was a highly principled decision by the Synod, one that we totally support.

“However, since that resolution was passed, the Church has not acted on that decision and it still remains that the Church of England has investments in companies that profit from the suppression of human rights in the Palestinian occupied territories.

“We believe that given the events in Gaza as well as the continued illegal occupation of whole swathes of Palestinian land and the illegal land grabs by settlers, supported by the Israeli government, that the Church of England must make good on its policy of disinvestment and withdraw its investments from those who profit from the misery of millions of Palestinians immediately.”

The London-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) applauded the move. Betty Hunter, its general secretary, said the General Synod had taken “a morally courageous decision” to disinvest.

“Sadly, three years on and the Church of England retains investments of £2.2 million [Dh12m] in a company, Caterpillar, whose bulldozers and heavy machinery are used to extract the legitimate residents of Palestine to be replaced by illegal settlers.

“I hope that the General Synod will take heed of what their own clergy and congregations are saying and disinvest now.”

Nobody from the Church of England was available for comment yesterday but, after the General Synod vote, Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, appeared to back away from the call to disinvest.

Apparently alarmed by the angry reaction of leading Jews in Britain, Dr Williams, who voted in favour of the motion, denied that it was a commitment to disinvest but, rather, “to engage with companies about whom we had concerns”.

Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian campaigners in the United Kingdom were celebrating a victory in academia yesterday after a student sit-in in the foyer of Strathclyde University in Glasgow ended when the university authorities agreed to cancel a contract with an Israeli water company.

About 40 students took part in the protest, organised by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, demanding that the university cut all ties with Israel following the Gaza offensive.

The students’ demands included the cancellation of a contract with Eden Springs, its main water cooler supplier, and the creation of a scholarship programme for Palestinian students at Strathclyde.

The university authorities agreed to both of these demands and also to broadcast an appeal across the campus for funds to help those suffering in Gaza.

Danny McGregor, one of the protesters, told yesterday’s Scotsman newspaper: “We are happy with what we have achieved. We were in there for 24 hours and we feel we made a lot of progress.”

Peter West, the university secretary, said: “The university expresses its deep concern about the plight of the people of Gaza. We are particularly aware that the infrastructure of higher education has been damaged, making it particularly difficult for Palestinian students to pursue their studies.

“The university has made a number of undertakings, including supporting its students in their effort to raise funds for the rebuilding of Gaza. In addition, it will create a scholarship scheme for Palestinian students, similar to the scheme already offered to students from Rwanda.”

Dr West added that he hoped Strathclyde’s actions would “encourage universities across Scotland” to join the scholarships scheme.

In London, the Boycott Israeli Goods (Big) campaign organised a demonstration outside the main depot of Carmel Agrexco, the Israeli state export company.

Tom Hayes, a spokesman for Big, said: “The aim of the protest was to draw attention to this company’s sale of flowers from occupied Palestinian land on Valentine’s Day.

“We are asking the British public not to buy bloodstained flowers for their loved ones this year. Following the murder of more than 1,300 people and the maiming of nearly 6,000, the majority women and children, in Gaza, it is vital that we keep in the public consciousness that, by purchasing Israeli goods, they are supporting the slaughter of innocent people.”

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Anonymous said...

The C of E is now an enemy of the people. To hell with it and the few idiots left who support it. Morally bankrupt and in bed with marxists - when they're not fiddling with kiddies that is. Shame on them.

And what a sad example of students who have been brainwashed by the marxist child-abusers who masquerade as teachers. Funny how these moral beacons don't protest about Britain's continued occupation of Afghanistan, or of the Falklands or of Gibraltar or come to think of it, the Islamic occupations of Kosovo, the Lebanon, the Sudan etc. Nor do they ever demonstrate in support of women, gays and christians who have been mercilessly persecuted in the ME by muslims INCLUDING those sham people who have never existed the "Palestinians".

These "useful idiots" are uneducated, hypocritical cowards to a man-jack one of them.



Anonymous said...

Spot on Lee and Chris with this one.

Lenin would define the Church of England communist lackeys as "Useful Idiots" in any description he would have taken of the Church as it it is today.

These Placemen and Placewoman are nothing more than savant idiots, servants of the Servile State who exist to uphold and indeed promote the ideology and policies of Left-Liberalism, the ideology of the new Ruling Caste of Britain.

However, this process is nothing new and has been ongoing since the 1950s and 1960s when the Left began infiltrating the cultural and social institutions. Today we see this Culture War as having been virtually completed.

But the downside to the Church is that it is now becoming increasingly fragioe, fragmented and with its congregations ins erious decline. Those who seek spiritual sustenance within Christianity in the UK are now turning to the growing Roman Catholic Church and to the myriad of protestant evangelical churches that offer a livelier and exciting and meaningful programme, or which offer a clearer and more strict meaning to the religion. The C of E is now a virtual sect with empty and abandoned pews as the embodiment of the Left's hijacking of the Church of England.

On a diferent point I see no reason to criticise the Church of England for being anti-Israel. Simply because the C of E may be opposed to the bandit state and its policies against the Palestinians does not make the Church wrong in this issue. It just so happens that there is a convergence of opinion that seeks to condemn Israel and the Zionists overarching sense of power in the world.

On a more historical note Christianity has been soley responsible for the virulent anti-semitism within the New Testament, which has led to the pogroms against the Jews and, perhaps, to the Jewish Shaoh of the 20th-century. An objective read of the New Testament will see the way that Paul and the later Christian editors condemned the Jews, rather than the Romans, for the death of Jesus, and how the Gospels were hyped up in such a way as to turn the Jews into a hated peoples. So in that sense the C of E is only following its theological tradition if anything else.

And yes, you are absolutely correct in pointing out the fact that Jesus was very likely not only a spiritual revolutionary but also a nationalist revolutionary, who employed some dubious and 'heavy' colleagues in his mission. Much of this has been removed or covered up by the later Christian editors but enough survives to indicate that Jesus and his 'Jesus Movement' was as much as removing the Romans from the sphere of influence of Israel as in reforming Judasim, that is before paul got his hands on the idea and perverted it by creating a Christ myth and turning it into a pro-Roman gentile religion.

Maybe if Jesus was alive today he would perhaps be campaigning to get the West out of the influence of Israel and in embarking on a fight against Islam to secure Israel. Because that was the motivation of Jesus, who saw the heavy weight of Rome and its Empire upon Israel and the traitors of the ruling Jerusalem Temple authorities as the enemey. Today, Israel still has enemies but they have changed over time.