Wednesday 25 February 2009

Dear Peter - Part Deux

Image - Peter charging Dapple valiantly towards the BNP, whilst the real giants are ravaging the country all around.

Dear Peter,

Yet again you mount 'Dapple' your mangy donkey, The Daily Mail Blog Page, and make another petulant charge at the BNP windmill which dominates your entire political vision.

The problem is that you can only see the BNP through the narrow slits of class privilege and Establishment loyalty that forms your pathetic cardboard helmet, and therefore as Don Quixote himself, you only see the 'giant' before you that you want to see.

Arthur Schopenhauer wrote, " Truth passes through three phases: First it is ridiculed. Second it is fiercely and violently opposed. Third, it becomes self-evident. "

Our society is now at stage 2 of this process as regards the mainstreaming of the BNP as a populist political movement, and the principles of Democratic Nationalism replacing the Liberal Consensus as the basis of future social development.

Either you are extremely ignorant ( which we know you are not ) or you are merely doing your job which is to try and keep the right wing of the torpid Establishment alive on political life support until you hope it recovers. Sorry Peter, but the parrot is dead. It is deceased. It has snuffed it.

Its wings, either Left or Right, aint gonna flap no more mate.

The Tories are a globalist party dominated by the Liberal Consensus, financially hostage to the very financial forces that created the present crisis, are ideologically bankrupt, dominated by elderly activists, infested with Politically Correct lickspittle Young Tories that are as politically left wing as New Labour was under Tony Blair, corrupt, incompetent, and contaminated with scandals.

Conservatism is dead.
Liberalism is dead.
Socialism is dead.
Global Capitalism is dead.

We face Peak Oil, massive climate change, 200 million eco-migrants entering Europe in the next 20 years, Islamist terrorism and a Youth Tax of trillions of pounds paid to the Banksters that will have to be paid for by future generations of our kids, a pensions crisis, mass immigration and total economic collapse.

We face civilisational threats in the 21st Century, natural disasters and terrorist events, that potentially threaten the very survival of our nation, our way of life and our national environment.

If the 911 terrorists had flown instead from Manchester Airport and hit Sellafield nuclear power station in Cumbria with their hijacked jet airliners then it would have been an event that would have Britain to its knees.

The apathy of the Establishment and its corruption have caused the various crises that have created the present host of problems.

You are a part of the Establishment and therefore you are complicit in the crisis.

The principles that you believe in have failed.

Now the BNP is here to save our people, resurrect our national economy, ensure our national security, ensure our democracy from the tyranny of the minorities, sack the political activist judges, sack the social worker ACPO cops, muzzle the HSE idiots, sack the parasitic legal and lobby groups, sack the diversity gangsters and race relations gestapo, dismantle the Servile State, defend our national borders from illegal immigrants, terrorists and people smugglers, arrest British Jihadis and Heroin dealer Junkie Jihadis, deport foreign criminals, punish criminals, defend our way of life and promote our national culture.

If you are afraid of doing what is required to save our people, our nation, our culture, our national economy, our environment and ensure our national security then it is you who are the problem, not us.

The era when the sneer of a toff meant anything is over.

Nor do the sneers of liberals, leftists, globalists, socialists, communists, free market capitalists, globalists, the UN, WTO, EU etc etc and the rest of the supra-national political and corporate institutions that dominate our national sovereignity.

Nor do we fear the sneers of the corporate media and its muzzled rottweilers who are well paid to publically maul us in their newspapers.

We will rule this nation in Britain's interests, and the interests of our nation and people alone.

Britain First, Now and Forever.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant Lee, fantastic stuff.

Peter Hichens, like his older is a renegade, and in this sense I have had some time for them - not much, but a little time. However, my time for Peter has gone, because in this climate of financial disaster and social disharmony, he has marked himself as a traitor. He has mounted his donkey and, torn which flag he should fly, should he fly his true colours or should he fly the colours of political expendiancy, he has chosen the latter. He has become just as much an opportunist as all the other gutter journalists. Too affraid to take the flak for what he truly believes. And this betrayal is what the readers of his column and his blog are sensing. In his utter arrogance he thought he had the complete measure of his readership, that he controlled their thoughts. What a prize fool... thus, his undoing is the undoing of all the media.

Also, Lee, you are totally correct, he is completely misguided in his attacking of the BNP windmill. He is directing all his pent up frustration, all that rage inside him, which has built up from seeing our country systematically destroyed by Marxists and being powerless to do anything about it, and he is directing all that vitriol at us because he doesn't have the honesty or the integrity to aim himself at the real target.

When it comes to the crunch Hichens is a coward like the rest of them, he is a self-serving, establishment bottom-feeder. Betrayal is always worts from those who ingratiated you the most. Hichens has used his position to talk the talk, and at the first sign of trouble he buckles and bolts - he can't walk the walk.

Good riddance, I say. Let's move on and leave this back-stabber, let him see how long he lasts amongst the vile and massively moronic ranks of the unthinking, thats the side he has chosen, and so let him be judged.

Anonymous said...

Phillips and Hitchens have poked a Hornet's nest with a pointed stick; the posters have swarmed out en mass – what a heartening response.

But throughout both blogs and hundreds of comments I sensed there was a huge elephant in the room and a deafening silence.

Were both blogger and posters steering clear of the elephant because of sensitivity? Or is it because of fear of pc or what?

The elephant I'm referring to is the fact that our Lib/Lab/Con trick coalition is actively orchestrating a programme of genocide against the indigenous people of this country - what’s more they’re getting away with it.

Too few are openly challenging the political class as to what is going on? To raise questions of this nature gets you branded a racist.

Do Phillips and Hitchens, the Mail, ever allude to this genocide? I think not, do these useful idiots understand or care what's going on? I doubt it; their liberal sensibilities shield them from such thoughts.

Do they think they will maintain their privileged status under the new order?

All I see on TV is the same old smug faces (Paxman-Dimbleby-Vaz-Hezeltine-Hattersly) congratulating each other on how swimmingly it’s all going and congratulating each other on being such moral turds.

Why the silence in the real world? We are witnessing the most sinister conspiracy imaginable.

Once elected, our politicians are complicit in the ongoing programme of mass immigration, which wittingly or no, will ultimately result in the demise of the British people.

The question to be asked is, is this the desired aim?

To cap it all, our democratically elected politicians, (along with the media/press) have adopted a strategy of systemic anti white racism in order to coerce their constituents into accepting their fate.

It’s even got to the point where you’re branded a racist for expressing a wish for you and your family to survive.

Voting for the Lib/Lab/Con trick coalition is like turkeys voting for Christmas.

It’s about time these facts were brought to the attention of the millions out there who haven’t got a clue as to what is going on.

It’s time to stop being reactive, we’ve been on the back foot too long; the moment has come to go on the offensive. Challenge the establishment and Phillips and Hitchens, demand explanations as to why they are doing what they are doing, let them bang on about migrants who are here to do the jobs the British will not do, or they're here to fill the skills gap, or to fill the pension gap, or to make up the population shortfall. Let the people decide why the elites want to flood our land with immigration. Let them explain why someone somewhere has decided that Britain’s population is to expand by tens of millions by the end of this century. We want answers – the time is ripe.

Which makes me wonder whatever happened to those three million homes they were going to build?

Once the masses out there get the picture the elite’s time will be up. These people are seen to be corrupt, stark naked and toast.

Most folk are too busy in their lives to have time to fine filter political events as they are simply too stressed trying to survive. It is up to the awakened ones to raise public awareness.

What gets me is when I take a look out there everything seems so normal – now that is spooky.

How much longer can it go on? A depression called Katrina is winging its way in this direction –ah well, it’s an ill wind... as they say.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee, agree with all of that apart from "massive climate change", which is simply not happening anywhere. Environmental impact is though but no-one ever mentions that and we know why.

The comments following Hitchens' attacks on the BNP were interesting for 2 reasons:

1. They showed how much support the BNP now has. The number of these comments - and that they were published - I find really encouraging.

2. The level of ignorance displayed by commenters supporting Hitchens. All they focused on was race accompanied by the usual "fascists", "racists", "rabble", "knuckle-draggers" we've heard a gazillion times. Politics of the playground and Pontificating Peter didn't miss his chance to play to this fools gallery. These fools are so blinded by their own self-righteousness and hatred for the BNP they are wholly unaware of the severity of the catastrophic situation that Britian and the western world is now in.

Thank God for the BNP.



alanorei said...

Incisive article, Lee

Maybe some WANTED FOR GENOCIDE posters would be a good idea, with the faces of culprits displayed on them and then splashed far and wide around the net.

Anonymous said...

alanorei said...
Incisive article, Lee

Maybe some WANTED FOR GENOCIDE posters would be a good idea, with the faces of culprits displayed on them and then splashed far and wide around the net.

26 February 2009 07:52

I like the sound of that -

BNP get too it!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we will be in a position to bring these people to justice! As you say they have benn complicit, in Hitchen's case a state safety valve - voicing the people's concerns, but then mocking and villifying the party that is willing to address them.

Those who have conspired to destroy our country should stand trial for treason. If convicted they should receive the old fashioned punishment.

Anonymous said...

Alanorei 26th. 12.08

How's about, 'We Want our Country Back.'

alanorei said...

Anon 12:08


T-shirts of the same might also be an idea.

Anonymous said...

Heres something I've just posted to the Hitchens blog.

"You know the average Brit is the most tolerant person in the world, they champion the underdog, they bend over backward to be helpful, they are generous and sympathetic to your woes. So please explain why they are being depicted by the establishment as racist bigots, please someone tell me why - because I am at a loss to understand.

Why did Mandelson stand up in parliament the other day and lam-bast the out of work British, as homophobes?

Please, will someone out there, anybody! Explain to me why I am a racist just because I wish myself and my grandchildren to survive.

Why am I denounced as racist when I express a desire to be with my own. Come on you lefties, tell me! Explain in words that I can understand.

To those on this thread who say the BNP are beyond the pale. Imagine one day you came downstairs one morning and found a bunch of strangers helping themselves to the contents of your fridge and tucking in to a hearty (English?) breakfast. Would feel blessed with their presence, would you say "Nice to see you, help yourself, is there anything else I can get you?" Would you feel enriched by their very presence? Well, would you?

The British are losing their country, they are being sold out by the very people they entrusted their vote to, they are being wickedly betrayed. The politicians have passed legislation that bind them hand and foot to prevent them from protesting at their own ethnic cleansing. What's going on?

The British people loathe the political correctness that the politicians are forcing down their throats. Political correctness is communism writ large, why have the elites inflicted such a monstrous ideology on a once free people? What's going on?

Why are anti terror laws being employed en mass against the British people? Why have the British been inflicted with a 1984 Big Brother camera surveillance system? Why do the police concentrate on political correct crimes? Why have countless laws, many restricting civil liberties been introduced under new Labour? Why do criminals take preference over their victims? What's going on?

I could go on, (and on) Why do the politicians never mention these things, there's an elephant in the room, in fact there's a whole herd of them. Do you hear Blears, Brown, Harman, Straw, Hain, and the whole bunch at Westminster ever allude to these things It's the same with the BBC and the press, nobody in the elite La La land ever mentions the herd of elephants that are trampling the British way of life to death. What's going on?

Do such programmes as Newsnight and Question Time ever mention the elephants? Do Paxman and Dimbleby ever discuss them no, all you get is more multiculturalism rammed down your throat.

The British people smell a rat, they're beginning to talk about the elephants and, they're beginning to demand answers.

They're beginning to demand What's Going On

alanorei said...

Anon 02:13

Amen to that.

And on the reverse sdie:

And When We've Got It Back, We're Going To Keep It!