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The Front National - Ideology as Suicide

A very interesting article below about the slow death of the Front National in France.

The political right has historically suffered from the disease of dualist thinking that the poet William Blake so beautifully described the solution by embracing 'Contraries not Opposites'.

It is this dualistic thinking that has caused splits in the nationalist right for generation after generation.

The article below states the source of many of the schisms, and in this article I will explain where the FN has gone wrong.

1) No political party should ever be based on nepotism. The principle of nationalism is based on meritocracy not aristocracy. For any nationalist party to adopt the principle of nepotism not merit as the basis of their leadership is a betrayal of nationalism itself. Nationalists fight for a meritocratic society - we oppose affirmative action, positive discrmination, race quotas and we oppose nepotism of all forms. Nationalism is a classless movement opposed to the principles of nepotism or class privelige, under a nationalist system what matters is solely that the brightest and the best rule.

Our national community must be based solely on the principles of nationalism and merit.

The best must rule, not the rich or the aristocracy.

2) The social reality that Zionists exert unddue influence in the media, economics, culture, academia and politics is indisputable. But to then support Hamas and Islamist movements as an antidote to Zionist power is like swopping a cyanide suicide pill for an arsenic suicide pill.


Those that espouse an Islamist friendly nationalism are traitors to the principles of nationalism. The nationalist ideology is a national independence movement, we do not seek alliances with any internationalist forces or supra-national groups.

3) As nationalists we reject US domination of our national economies and culture - but we do not go grovelling to Islamists for their support just because they also despise America and Zionism. Nor do we hate America or Americans. We despise the traitors in our own nations that surrendered our nations to the US, we do not blame the US for taking advantage of the treason of our own people.

Our primary enemy is our own leaders who sold us out, not those who exploited us for the benefit of their own people.

At least they had the brains and integrity to do what was best for THEIR people, as opposed to the scum who sold our people out for their own profit.

4)The idea that immigrants and Islamists would support the FN as the FN sought to oppose Zionism was an absurd idea.

The immigrants, like all people who are proud of who they are and where they come from, work for the benefits of their own community first. That is an admirable thing to do, as any community that works for the benefit of their own community and who embrace ethno-communitarian principles are more admirable than the scum in our own ethnic and national communities who sell our people for the benefit of strangers.

The FN should simply have said to the immigrants and Islamists this ;

' If you are here legitimately and lawfully in our country, if you have not broken any of our laws since you have been given French nationality and you support the principle that the indigenous French people who are the majority have the right to define their national community as they wish and that French culture is now and always will be our national culture, then as we rebuild France you will share the benefits of that process with us.

All those who are in France illegally, who have broken our laws, who work for the benefit of Islamist terrorism or Zionism and who work against the interests of the French National Community will be deported.

Just as the French state has no right to enforce or impose integration or assimilation on any French citizens, neither will the French state support a form of multi-culturalism that places the interests of minorities above the interests of the majority. If you are in our country you will abide by our laws or you will be removed from our nation. If you are an immigrant who has been given naturalised citizenship in France your religion and chosen culture are simply individual choices, and you will have no power to enforce your culture or religion on either the state or others.

The moment you seek to impose your culture, religion or demands on our national community then we will remove you from our nation. You have freedom to think, worship and organise as you wish as individuals and you have the freedom to organise into groups to represent your interests in society - but you will have no power to seek to impose your views on the state, businesses, society or our national community.

Those who entered the country unlawfully or who are staying unlawfully, those who came as economic migrants and who are now economically inactive, those who were granted asylum and the situation has changed in their own nations, those who have broken our laws since they have been granted naturalised citizenship status, those who work to impose the demands of minorities upon the majority such as Islamists and Zionists, those who refuse to accept that the will of the majority is the basis of democracy, those that think that France and French culture can be used to benefit religions or foreign nations will all be deported.

Similarly if you as an indigenous French person who holds personal political views that seek to define naturalised French immigrants who are here lawfully and who obey our laws and who accept the principle that France will always be French as 'non-French citizens' then you will have the right to say and think that.

If you are voted into power on that political platform then you have the right to impose that political agenda on the nation.

But do not expect to define French Nationalism within the context of such German National Socialist principles. National Socialism is not nationalism, nor is it French nationalism.

If you are a National Socialist who seeks to contaminate the politics of French Nationalism with national socialist ideological values, then you will be resisted. We French Nationalists will not surrender French nationalism to any national socialist ideological values.

National Socialism is a pan-European, race based movement that has no respect for nations, national borders or national cultures - therefore it is not, and should never have been, regarded as an aspect of French Nationalism.

All French Citizens who have been given naturalised French citizenship based on Jus Solis and who abide by our laws, who are in our country lawfully and who abide by the principle that France is a nation of French culture and values then you will have equal rights with those French Citizens whose citizenship is based on Jus Sanguinis. If you as a naturalised French citizen breach those fundamental conditions of citizenship then based on the principle of Leges Sanguinus you and your dependents will be removed from our national community and deported to your ancestral homelands. '

5) It is not the responsibility of the French state to enforce integration, multi-culturalism or assimilation of any groups. Individuals can organise to represent their interests in society, but they will not be able to impose their views on society or the French state.

6) The attempt by single issue nationalists in the french nationalist movement, such as regards the issue of abortion, who use that issue to split the movement and nationalist parties are merely tools of the system. If the issue can get mass support in a nationalist party then via the internal democratic systems of that party through a simple vote it should become part of the party manifesto. If it doesnt get majority support then it should NEVER be used as the basis of any internal schism within the party.

Those idiots that flounce off because some single issue in a nationalist movement is not to their individual liking are NOT nationalists, they are simply egotists who think that nationalism is merely a vehicle for their own personal desires.

If they want to publicise the issue in their political party then set up and internal pressure group and organise to promote that issue in the party.

The moment you flounce off - you become a tool of the enemy itself.

The Fractured French Right: The Front National Disintegrates

From the desk of Tiberge on Fri, 2009-02-06 12:00

The Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen is rapidly disintegrating. Within the space of a few weeks there have been numerous defections among those who held important posts both within the national party and in certain regional branches. It does not bode well for the future of the party, nor does it promise any real hope for Marine Le Pen. She is Jean-Marie’s daughter and he wants her to be his successor.

Riposte Laïque has an interesting article on this week’s “spectacular” break, as they call it, between Marxist philosopher and social critic Alain Soral, and Marine Le Pen who had supported his controversial entry into the Front National two years ago.

On Feb. 2, Soral announced at his blog that he will be leaving the Front National, two years after joining it. His words betray a huge disappointment with regard to Marine Le Pen. Alain Soral is a former member of the Communist Party. He is also close to the anti-Semitic “comedian” Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala. On an international level, he believes that the world is riddled with Zionist influences, an obsession with him, and so he does not hesitate to show indulgence for Hezbollah and Hamas.

Taking as a basic principle that the Front National was the only real opposition party, he decided to join and to introduce into the party a point of view oriented towards labour and those excluded from the system. Marine Le Pen seemed to be his main supporter on this new thinking. The speech at Valmy, delivered by Jean-Marie Le Pen, and written by Soral, to launch Le Pen’s 2007 presidential campaign, was an ideological rupture with the historical FN. This speech dates from September 2006. In it Le Pen insisted he adhered to the values of the Republic, but also to the monarchical system of centralization which he saw as the source of republican jacobinism. He claimed that he encompassed everything, from the Capetian monarchy to Napoleon, to the Resistance. A good deal of the speech sounds like a rallying cry of Socialism to the “common man” to rebel against a “foreign” “Atlantist” influence.

Thinking that the “excluded classes” (i.e., the immigrants) and the working classes, disgusted by the two Establishment parties, would turn to the Front National, Alain Soral and Marine Le Pen ran a campaign that turned off a number of party members. They persuaded Jean-Marie Le Pen to visit the immigrant neighbourhoods. His short visit to Argenteuil became notorious. Le Pen told his young immigrant listeners that they were as French as anybody else, a position diametrically opposed to what the party traditionalists expected from its leader.

The catastrophic results of the presidential election weakened the bond between Soral and Marine Le Pen, although she still seemed poised to succeed her father, and Soral still sought to exert an influence over her. This went against the wishes of the traditionalists in the party, who responded by defecting. These “trads” are usually staunchly Catholic, interested in maintaining the old regional identities of France, and definitely opposed to assimilating the newer ethnic communities of blacks and Maghrebins, which would require both affirmative action and “métissage”.

Does this departure of Soral signal the end of the new orientation of the FN, instigated by Soral, the former Communist? We don’t know yet. French readers who are interested will find an incredibly long web page of commentary at Le Salon Beige on the departure of Alain Soral from the Front National. The fact that Soral was passed over as the FN candidate from Ile-de-France in the upcoming EU elections is realistically posited by some as the real reason why he left the party. And for French readers interested in Soral's own justification of his departure, click here. He accuses Marine of not letting him do anything for two years, of being unsure of herself, of surrounding herself with “courtisans and imbeciles”.

The departure of Soral are not Marine Le Pen’s only worries. National-Hebdo wrote on January 27:

The assemblage, patiently built and maintained by Jean-Marie Le Pen, of diverse elements of the National Right today is bursting apart. Nothing spectacular, not a massive departure, just a slow disintegration of the apparatus. After the departures on Friday [January 23] (...), today Martine Lehideux, a founding member of the FN and Martial Bild, a member since 1980, who holds several important posts within the FN, are breaking away from the ideological trend initiated by Marine Le Pen. (...) In less than three months the FN has lost one fifth of its regional councillors, three European deputies and nothing indicates for now that this hemorrhage is coming to an end.

Most of the elected officials who left the FN have followed Carl Lang, a member of the European Parliament, who left last November to run in opposition to Marine Le Pen in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections scheduled for June 2009. Many of these officials could be seen on 25 January in the huge pro-life demonstration in Paris, side by side with Carl Lang. The abortion issue has been one of several ethical questions that separated Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen from many of his traditional Catholic constituents. The Le Pens have shown themselves to be more “liberal” on issues of abortion and euthanasia than the Catholics had hoped.

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I think this thread on the Green Arrow Form will be off interest to you. It concerns Garside.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it will focus the party to determine the way forward.

With conflicting ideologies tainting their politics it may be time to clarify where they stand with the members and to brush aside all who are left singing from another song sheet.

This reminds me of when the rebels(whatever their reasons) tried to disrupt the BNP.

It actually focussed the party in some areas and drew out critisms that needed to be said, in the event we managed to shake off and expose many who were a dead wieght and reform the party as more modern and stronger than ever before.

Splits are not always a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

Interesting read and a great shame to see the FN disntegrate. Do you know if those who have left are forming a more traditional FN alternative?
Also I may be misunderstanding you but under your first point you make the following comments which seem contradictory.
"The principle of nationalism is based on meritocracy not aristocracy."
"Nationalism is a classless movement opposed to the principles of meritocracy."

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Thanks for tip - the post has been edited,