Sunday 22 February 2009

Frost Nixon - Film Review

The film Frost Nixon is an astonishing film on many levels. The dramatic story, the production quality, direction and acting are all superb but what astonished me the most was how trivial Nixons ’crimes’ appear me and to the world today.

Nixon bugged one office of his political opponents, when today Jackboot Jacqui and the Labour government have passed laws that tape every phone call, record every e mail and store every text message we send.

Nixon is a saint for the sanctity of privacy compared to the Surveillance State Nazis that run Great Britain today.

The whining self indulgent, prissy little hissy fits of the actors playing the key liberal journalists in the film who are advisers on the Frost team are frankly laughable.

One of the Frost team actors in the film actually says that Nixons crime was that he brought the office of President into disrepute.

An episode where the director tried to imply Nixon was a racist when someone mentions Frost dated a black singer were frankly disgusting.

Ron Howard is obviously a liberal, but to smear Nixon as a racist was despicable.

At that moment I could just imagine Ron Howard the director, the actors in the film all preparing for the scene with this laughable belief that Nixon was the only president in history to lie.

Only a self possessed, liberal wanker would ever be so self regarding as to regard what Nixon did as a crime amongst the endless crimes of previous presidents, and ones since, that deserved his impeachment and removal from office.

I would say that the deliberate sending of the cruise ship the Lusitania to be sunk by German U-Boats to allow America to enter World War 1, allowing the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbour to start World War Two, ordering the sinking of the USS Liberty, selling Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction and the deliberate stand down of the US air force by Dick Cheney on 911 were all far more serious crimes than the bugging of a few idiot democrat politicians.

I would also argue that the use of United States drone aircraft to target with missiles people for assassination in Pakistan under the Obama Regime are far more serious crimes than what Nixon did.

Yet there is one moment that gets you, and that is the moment when Nixon finally admits that his real crime was to poison in the minds of children the ideals that the President stands for.

At that moment I had an image of young smiling men and boys in sailors uniform standing on the decks of American battleships of World War Two raising the American flag come into my mind.

And then I saw throughout history the millions of other brave young men who had carved America out of the wilderness, who had lain the railway tracks and built the roads, who had died in the trenches of World War 1 and who had fallen in the Second World War, Vietnam and Iraq.

And I saw then that all that blood and sacrifice is what the American President truly represents.

The American President serves not just the living, but also the dead.

He serves all those men and boys, women and children who have died for America throughout its long and great history.

Nixon did not behave as a President should, but compared to the rest of the bastards, crooks, psychopaths, adulterers and drunks that have the office of American President he was a saint.

Nixon as the archetypal bad guy in US politics is the primary moral wank fantasy of the liberal elite, they like to take out their little Nixons and beat him as a way of making them feel morally superior.

Yet the sad truth is that Nixon has the ultimate defence he can deploy, and that is the truth.

At the time of the Nixon scandal America was under the most sustained series of terrorist attacks in its history.

The Soviet Union was expanding, Far Left terrorists were planting bombs in America and undertaking political assassinations, police officers were being executed and groups like the Black Panthers were advocating the violent overthrow of the democratic system - at the same time as Liberal Media and Hollywood stars such as ‘Hanoi Jane Fonda’ were supporting Communist groups in Cambodia and Vietnam who were later to begin the genocides of the Killing Fields.

The Far Left, contrary to the nonsense peddled by Hollywood, were not a benign force in the sixties and seventies - they were acolytes and collaborators with Communism, genocide and the atrocities of the Soviet Union and they had to be resisted.

The criminals that run our government don’t have to fear being caught like Nixon, as all they have done is pass laws to legalise their every act of criminality.

The fascist pigs that sit in the British government make Nixon look like an amateur.

Jackboot Jacqui and her civil service arse licking minions are the heirs of the NKVD and the Gestapo, scum who piss on the face of democracy and the British constitution and laugh whilst they are doing it.

Whilst fools see Nixon as a criminal, clever people look over their shoulders at our own government and shudder.

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Anonymous said...

A helpful analysis marred by profanity.

Anonymous said...

An excellent review of the film.

By coincidence I had only just watched the Frost/Nixon last night and thoroughly enjoyed both the film and the superb directing and acting.

On a slight note of disagreement I think Ron Howard is a top-class director who believes in America.
I am not so sure whether Howard actually wanted to paint Nixon as a 'bad man', flawed yes, but I got the impression that he was sympathetic to Nixon and maybe for the first time for a long time has actually made Nixon 'human'. I think that public affection for Nixon will actually increase rather than the opposite.

In contrast, everytime I saw Martin Sheen who played Frost all I saw was a liberal who epitomised the 60s lifestyle, whilst caricaturing that grining tosser Tony Blair (as Sheen had previously played him).

To be fair, some of the dirty events that the American government engaged in happened well after Nixon (and so were irrelevent to the film) and others may not have been revealed as such at the time of Nixon. Also, it was partly due to Nixon's sustained carpet bombing of Cambodia that led to the destablisation of its people, fractured its economy and radicalised its people, leading to both revolution, civil war and the genocide of the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge.

Certainly, what Nixon did was wrong which was to betray truth and trust and he was punished accordingly.

But, like you, I believe that Nixon was a man that was needed at the time and his strong character and policies was necessary at a time when a liberal running America would have killed it and possibly have led to a nuclear war.

Nixon has been painted as a sinister man, a caricature of evil, because the liberals hated and sneered at him and his small town American values. It was liberalism that connived with Communism that was the biggest threat on this planet as it was the Trojan Horse that nearly took down the West.

Nixon was bad only in so far as he took the idiom of 'the ends justify the means' too literally. But in Hollywood they all like to bash the Republicans but at least this one was sympathetically done.

Nixon was superbly played by Frank Langella who made Nixon at least someone to be sympathised with, perhaps even pitied.

Frost comes out as a lucky player who was out-performed by a wily and seasoned Nixon. But in reality Nixon and his advisors decided to opt-in for a tacit admisson of guilt and repentance as they felt that it would go a long way towards redeeming Nixon.

A good nalysis and angle on the film Lee. I am hoping that a brave director will one day make a film about 'Downingate' - the Blair Years when Bliar and his cronies lied,lied and even more lied to the British public about non-existant WMDs in Iraq and conspired against both Parliament and the public to convince them of the need and the right to invade a sovereign nation and in so doing so killing thousands. Not only that but they conspired in either the murder, and at least the cover-up of the death, of scientists Dr Kelly.

Who is going to make that film?

And I am hoping that Martin Sheen will play that gurning idiot Blair again.

Facts said...

Nobody need "smear" Nixon as a racist. You can simply describe him as one. Save the indignation for Nixon's own recorded words.

"There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white, or a rape.”

Pretty much every major newspaper is reporting this fact, but I'll offer this link because it includes a hyperlink to an MP3 of the tape that contains the comment. As far as I can tell, Ron Howard received no directing credit for Nixon's performance on the tape. It's all Nixon.

Facts said...

By the way, this wasn't "news" in the newly released tapes. I'm guessing Ron Howard must have done more research than you did. Perhaps he even spent 20 seconds on a Google search.