Tuesday 24 February 2009

Peter Hitchens - A Response

Dear Peter,

You have obviously realised that the Tory revival is dead in the water and the historical political and social paradigm of the Establishment, with its 'Free Market Capitalism Globalist Conservatism ' on the right wing as defined by the Tory Party, its Liberal Consenus Internationalist centre as epitomised by the Lib Dems and its left wing as defined by the Fabian Internationalist Capitalist New Labour Party, is now totally obsolete.

That ship has hit the rocks and sunk, along with the all the rest of the nations that followed the globalist convoy blindly onto the same rocks.

Thats what happens when nations act like dumb sheep.

You may see yourself as the lookout on the Titanic who saw the iceberg in the distance but whose frantic calls to the captain and his first officers were perpetually ignored, but in reality you have always been just another First Class Tourist and Passenger on the ship reaping your financial rewards from the system itself.

Like a proper 'Establishment safety valve' you whistled and blew loudly about the issues you were paid to publicise and propagandise by your Dail Mail Tory Party supporting aristocratic boss Lord Rothermere - including being loyal to the Tory Party, as opposed of course to being loyal to the castrated fop that presently runs it.

As a member of a mainly white, privileged class - this being a Journalist - you were never a victim of either Multi-culturalism or mass immigration.

You have always been nothing but a tourist in your own country Peter, detached by your money, class, privelige and lifestyle from real life and Britain.

All your missives and warnings were typed in a First Class Cabin on the top deck of the Titanic.

As a tourist you lived in a nice middle class white area, your kids went to private schools mainly full of fellow middle class white kids and your job was in an industry dominated by middle class white people.

You as journalist never faced the reality of losing your job to an immigrant who would do the work cheaper. You never lost your job, saw your wages drop and British jobs go to foreign workers.

You have nevered lived in the real world Peter.

Now the system that once sustained the Establishment is dead.

George Soros has compared the present collapse of global finance capitalism as the equivalent of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Out of the wreckage arises new a form of politics.

That form is British Nationalism.

As Victor Hugo wrote ' Mightier than the tread of marching armies, is the idea whose hour has come'.

The Establishment dragged us into the abyss.

You profited from that system, therefore you are complicit in it.

To hear you now condemn the BNP, whose hands are unsullied with any guilt for this disaster as we have never passed a single law that created the crisis, is to hear the whimpers of a guilty man who knows that his crime has been discovered.

You are nothing but a scurrillous opportunist.

The rise of the BNP represents the British people reclaiming power in their country.

The yoke of the Establishment and its fetishes of Political correctness, Globalism, multi-culturalism, mass immigration, the Liberal Consensus and the rest of the ideological wreckage will all now be cast into the past, whilst the principles of British Nationalism will become the ideological guide for the development of our British national community into the future.

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Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail is a porn mag for the middle classes, titilating them with scandal and often fabricated stories . It attacks Gordon but offers no alternative. It had a brief flirtation with Mosley's BUF in the 30's but this was stopped after Joe Lyons , the Jewish businessman threatened to remove his and his co-religionists advertising.
It knows where its advertising revenue comes from today so it is not going to rock the boat in 2009. Expect more from mad Mel and Hitchens as the great British fightback begins!-

Anonymous said...

First Phillips then Hitchens, tomorrow? Littlejohn what's happening?

Why now? What's causing the squits?

Is it something in the water?

There must be a reason there must.

Anonymous said...

same thing's happening over here in the states. there's been a shift in idealology from islamism as the enemy to now a fear of the far right and from 'home grown' terrorists. in our case from the fringe neo nazi extremists, kkk and survivalists. in the uk's case obamas victory has caused the far left to now concentrate on the bnp, as though the bnp were an extremist organisation hell bent on overthrowing british common law and installing sometype of a fascist state. during clinton's presidency he concentrated on growing paramilitary armed forces such as the fbi and atf to actively and illegally persecute us citizens, ruby ridge, waco etc.

sadly british politics follows american policy. what we are seeing is an emboldened british government and a socialist uk glowing in the red warmth of obamas victory and keen to persue british nationalists using any means possible and using paid lackeys to spread fear and propaganda about the bnp.
I believe that the first shot was the release of the bnp membership list, this backfired so naturallt the left wwill use moe devious methods. and sadly, as in holland, the government may well resort to a marxist extremist or a muslim extremist to finish their dirty work

Anonymous said...

I hope he reads this!

Harry J said...

"That ship has hit the rocks and sunk, along with the all the rest of the nations that followed the globalist convoy blindly onto the same rocks."

I'm afraid this is almost certainly all part of the plan. The masonic motto is 'ordo ab chao', order out of chaos. Create the chaos then shape the 'order' to your own designs. Do you doubt that the 'solution' to the 'problems' created by economic collapse and exacerbated by mass immigration won't be the fabled New World Order. Itself a euphemism for world government, currency, army etc.

I'm sure the globalist elites are more than happy that they can paint nationalism or resistance to further immigration and the EU as being 'racist' or 'fascist' by association with the BNP. Rightly or wrongly this is what they'll do. Throw in a large dose of divide and rule and they'll plow on regardless, business as usual.

To defeat this monster all nationalists need to be prepared to become part of a broad consensus that should include some libertarians, disaffected members of the mainstream parties, as well as the so called 'conspiracy fringe' who are well aware of the agenda for world government and who may not agree with *some* of the BNP's policies.

Anonymous said...

No it appears all rather orchestrated. The recent newspaper articles which appeared worldwide with ad-hominem attacks on Bishop Williamson who made the pertinent observation that he accepted upto three hundred thousand Jews died in WW2 concentration camps of typhus and other diseases but the evidence is strongly against gas chambers ever having existed. Day after day newspaper articles have appeared " spontaneously" denigrating him. Now he is expelled from his job and country.
Pressure exists for the newspapers to toe the line and you probably havent seen anything yet from the media as their bosses get very worried.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure the globalist elites are more than happy that they can paint nationalism or resistance to further immigration and the EU as being 'racist' or 'fascist' by association with the BNP. ...To defeat this monster all nationalists need to be prepared to become part of a broad consensus"

But this is exactly the essence of the struggle against liberal totalitarianism. The BNP is on the verge of killing the "racist or fascist" weapon of the left. Now more than ever ordinary people regard this accusation as meaningless. Only the leftists of the BBC and establishment bother about it. The last thing the BNP should do is "moderate" its stance. It must inflexibly stand for white Britain - that after all is the source of its power. For decades in the USA the Republicans have tried to pander to non-whites, ignoring the source of their power - their conservative white base - and yet have not attracted significant non-white support. Having just lost the election what do they do? Elect a black chairman and continue to failed strategy to reach out to non-whites. They may never win another election - revolution may be on the cards. The danger in liberal dominated societies is that always their is pressure to move to the left in order to leave extremism behind. But extremism is in power - the extreme left. Standing up for RACE and culture is not extreme it is normal. Only in perverted leftist society is this regarded as a crime and "racist". So whatever "broad consensus" is necessary for the BNP to become part of - if it involves giving up an emphasis on race (not "racism" - simply regard for, preference for, and defence of one's own) then it is already defeated and might as well join the Liblabcon-ers.


Anonymous said...

Zey are only obeying zere orders, as per NUJ doctrine! But more interesting is why they are allowing comments against columnists. But Mail still censors a lot of submissions.

Trust you have sent your excellent letter direct to Hitchens' blog?

Anonymous said...

The Marxist/Fascist establishment frenzied hate campaign against the BNP is very much planned and schemed by the sewer scum that make up said establishment shit-house, they are obvious - their fetid stench precedes them – like some filthy, shit-munching, demented corprophile. However, I would not necessarily condemn Hichens as part of that freak gang of shit-eating, self-loathers, he is, shall we say, somewhat above that!

For without doubt Hichens is an idiot, a veritable prize fucking idiot at that. But Lee, you forgot to mention, in your excellent post, that when the Titanic started going down, Hichens was one of those upper-class toffs who pushed overboard those of lower-social standing so as to ensure his space on the lifeboat. That is his mentality – that in the final analysis the upper classes must be maintained.

His article is a rant, an intellectually coded rant – it’s for himself, to prove to himself the reasons why he cannot support the BNP. He is an intellectual flagellant, frantically churning out his intellectual treatise to remind himself why he cannot, must not, support the BNP.

It is not ignorance the reason why he does not dares not enquire into the truth of the BNP, it is self preservation, for if he accepted the truth this would shatter the fragile defence of lies he has built up about the BNP in order to convince himself he does not support the BNP. He is at battle with himself, thus he must flagellate himself to purge himself of his sinful thoughts, thoughts that he agrees with the BNP.

So, you see, even though he secretly agrees with everything the BNP stands for, he can never admit it, his ego would not permit it. Because he cannot associate with a political party that is beneath his social status, and whilst it is no doubt difficult enough for him that he should be amongst his social equals, to support a political party which has broad working-class appeal is simply anathema to him. That is his mentality – that in the final analysis the upper classes must be maintained, and the working class must be subordinated.

He is in intellectual snob, who would rather see his country annihilated than accept the form which the countries salvation manifests because his own ego cannot accept it. Therefore he is not, or never has been, a nationalist, because a nationalist puts their country before themselves, for a nationalist this is instinctive.

Anonymous said...

That's what I cannot seem to get my head around - why they are allowing 99.9% Pro BNP comments?

What's going on? It's very bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hitchens has responded @ 2.39pm. Seems he thinks we're all thickos. Put him right will you?

Anonymous said...

When will they get it? With our country being sold down the river being called racist and facist is the least of our worries and no longer has the impact that was intended. As Mr Barnes states the BNP had no part in the chaos and law making that is now Great Britain and if the government thinks the public cannot see that they are dumber than I thought (if that's possible).

JPT said...

Judging by the comments on his blog after this post Hitchens has seriously misjudged his readers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh and as for the rise of the BNP, that is still coming even if it seems unlikely now, you see once the Tories have betrayed the Tories like Labour betrayed the working class then people will look for the alternative, the labour party might get one last shot, then it is either total fascist single party state - in short the EU.

or the people will back ukip or the BNP, which way that swings will depend on social group dynamics, in other words UKIP who are BNP light to the public may actully find people going over to the BNP once the people ralise their is a shift and also that UKIP offers little in the way of an alternative, they would still be the bankers puppets which is the source of this mess to begin with.

so that is why the state are NOW busy trying to shut down the BNP and triggering all its agents as they know the storm is coming, all those that panicked after we lost the B and D councilors should have simply waited for the financial social shit to hit the fan, then we would have seen our real turn around, but most after seeing Labour wreak the country thought it was now our time, no, they had jumped the gun, Nick stated that it would not be until the tories fail that we would see the major shift and he is right.

weather the country will be worth saving by that time is another matter but he was correct and the councilors were moronic and shortsighted.

Now if we had rallied round the BNP after the election to build on future plans for what is coming, something Nick tried to highlight, then we would now be in a far stronger position and that grit would have inspired many instead of those that turned on the party.

Just as the state had hoped, and yes their is a clear hand of the state in the whole affair, far to textbook subversion not to be and the rest dupes.

Now that is what we need to prepare for, not sniping at the party and leadership but on how we make the most of the comming storm, you can bet your arse that the controlled left will be.