Thursday 5 March 2009

BNP Spitfire Campaign

I am amazed how the media have devoted page after page to the BNP Polish spitfire image in the EU literature.

Here for the media morons is a few points ;

1) The Poles who voluteered to fight in the British airforce were POLISH NATIONALISTS who came to the UK solely in order to fight the Nazis / Communists in order to get their country back. They werent a bunch of foreign spongers who came here to take the piss, get our benefits and usurp our people from their jobs, culture etc et.

The Polish squadrons aim was to simply kick the Communists / Nazis out of their country and then use those Spitfires to fly back as fast as possible back to their own country and get their country back.

2) The ONLY people in this country who have deserved asylum since world war 2 were those fleeing the Communists who took over Europe. The so called asylum seekers (read spongers and parasites) that have come to this country in the last forty years, and especially since the fall of the Berlin Wall, are nothing but opportunists and economic migrants.

To compare the Poles in the RAF to the spongers who have come into this country and claimed ' asylum' is to demean both the Polish people and the millions dead under Communism.

3) When I see the image of the plane I see the best of Britain.

I see a Britain that offered real Polish refugees a base so they could actively fight the communists who had taken their nation. I dont see spongers, I see fellow Nationalists who wanted their nation back and who were prepared to die to do so.

Now that is the only sort of asylum seekers we should have in this nation.

Those who are fleeing real fascist or communist oppression and who arrive here not to stay in the UK but who want to stay here only whilst they work to get their nation back, and who then clear off back, are the only asylum seekers who deserve to be let into this country.

That is asylum - not sitting in thisc country doing bugger all but claiming dole, getting a council house and raising your kids here.

Asylum seekers are NOT PERMANENT RESIDENTS - the aim of asylum is to give them TEMPORARY homes until they clear off back.

The piss taking bastards that have invaded this nation are COLONISTS not asylum seekers.

To compare the Poles with those 'asylum seeker' spongers who have invaded our country over recent decades is the grossest insult possible both to the Poles of today and also all those Polish nationalists who died for Poland and Polish independence in the Second World War.

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alanorei said...

I wholly agree with the article, Lee

I just think the BNP could have picked a Spitfire from Wing Commander J.E. 'Johnny' Johnson's Canadian squadron, highlighting the old Commonwealth.

Poles, Czechs, Free French, Belgians, Norwegians, Dutch emigres who escaped to Britain in WW2, certainly made a great contibution to freeing their homelands from Nazi occupation.

However, the Old Dominions, notably Australia, Canada, New Zealand, were not under threat from Nazism in 1939. Yet their young men -and women - came forward voluntarily in great numbers to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with Great Britain throughout WW2 as members of the immediate family and did not have to flee from anywhere to do it. Australia, I know, declared war on Germany the day after Britain did.

They had also given generously of their young men in WW1, when apart from France and Belgium, the site of the Western Front, the other nations in what later became occupied Europe in WW2, were conspicuous by their absence.

I don't decry the Polish effort in support of Britain in WW2, which included the Polish Parachute Brigade at Arnhem, I just think that the greater contribution of the Old Dominions should not be forgotten.

On the morning of June 6th 1944, D-Day, Montgomery's Chief of Staff, Major-General Francis de Guingand, remembering El Alamein, said to a colleague, "I wish we had Ninth Australian Division with us this morning."

With all due respect to the WW2 Poles (and not forgetting Katyn Wood or the Warsaw Ghetto), I note that Major-General de Guingand didn't mention any of their formations in the context.

Anonymous said...

[quote]Those who are fleeing real fascist or communist oppression [/quote]

Where are we supposed to go to flee that above?
BNP the best option in this country & I could not think of a better one!

Anonymous said...

Excellent response Lee. Have you noticed how easily the media blur the lines reality? The same media outlets that run these stories are the same cowardly bastards that run our troops down in their papers.


Anonymous said...


I WAS THERE when Nick made an extremely moving tribute to the Poles that were prepared to sacrifice their all to defend freedom. The Polish spitfire was specifically chosen for this reason.

"The BNP leader made the remarks while speaking to a Polish TV crew who came along to film the first road show event in Coventry last Saturday night. Mr Griffin went out of his way to point out to the TV crew that the image used on the backdrop was a Polish piloted Spitfire."

“Whatever is happening in the EU today has nothing to do with the traditionally strong bonds between our countries,” Mr Griffin said.

“Not only do we have many Britons of Polish descent in the BNP — and some are even candidates — but the truth is that we love Europe, but hate what the EU is.”

Mr Griffin said that no self-respecting nation would allow its own working people to be overwhelmed by workers from another country.

“Poland would be very upset if a million Vietnamese came to that country, working for a bowl of rice a day and took a million jobs from Polish people,” Mr Griffin said.

The BNP has Polish AND Jewish members. Nick Griffin had a POLISH FILM CREW at the event in Coventry. Poland is extremely fearful that today's EU mirrors the old tyrannical USSR that they thought they had escaped.Many Polish people

Remember, if Sir Winston Churchill was alive today, he'd probably be leader of the British National Party, and be vilified for his stance on Islam like Nick Griffin was.. Daniel Pipes on Winston Churchill: