Monday 6 July 2009

ACPO Terror Machine

The dearth of recent articles in the papers saying there is a 'neo-nazi threat' to the UK is nothing more than ACPO and New Labour bullshit peddled to the media in order to terrorise Muslims into becoming reliant on the police and to allow police intelligence units to target Nationalists.

There is no terrorism threat from the Far Right.

The Far Right in the UK is a threat only to its own existence and their own safety.

For instance, " One of them, Martyn Gilleard, was convicted last year of three terrorism offences and jailed for 16 years. The self-confessed fan of Nazi Germany had kept nail bombs under a bed at his home in Goole, east Yorkshire."

So this nutter kept nail bombs under his own bed.

Oh yes, real professionals eh.

Along with the jam jar collector, mummys boys and tennis ball terrorists ( the collection of insane schizophrenics 'white supremacist' terrorists arrested over recent years)we can see that a real threat exists, though primarily to the health of those involved in such 'terrorist 'activities' rather than anyone else in the community.

In fact if care in the community were no longer in operation, most of the 'terrorists' arrested over recnt years would have been locked up before they attempted to blow themselves, or others, up.

As for the capacity of 300 'right wing extremists' to work together !

To paraphrase the old Trostkyite joke 'If you get 5 right wing extremists in a room, 1 will be working for Searchlight, 1 will be an undercover police officer and the other three represent at least seven different organisations each of which hate each other more than they have ever hated any mutual enemies.'

The idea that there are 300 right wing terrorists in the UK, as peddled in the papers, is utter bullshit.

The IRA at the height of its terror campaign had only 150 active service operatives.

You would be lucky to see 150 people these days at a nationalist rock gig with free beer on offer.

Therefore we can assume the following ;

1) This is an attempt to get muslims terrified enough to trust the police and thereby give more intelligence about extremist Muslims in their own communities.

2) This is the start of a major False Flag operation by sections of the covert UK Shadow Government and forces from the Military-Industrial Block designed to destabilise the UK and al;low them to use the various emergency acts they have passed in order to pacify the population - ahead possibly of a total collapse of the economic system leading to mass civil unrest.

3) This is ACPO making up lies for the benefit of their political masters in the Labour Party, as ACPO is a private company of gangsters run by the Labour Party as its own politically correct police force.

4) This is an attempt to target, harass and intimidate Nationalists as the elite know that a total economic collapse is about to occur and they wish to cut back the support for Nationalism prior to the collapse occuring.

5) That the police and government are anticipating a major terrorist attack by the usual suspects and they want to muddy the waters by putting out the message ' Hey folks, theose nasty nazis we told you about may have done this' in order to divert public anger and attention away from those really responsible for the attacks.

Regardless of the scenarios above - we can anticipate that the system is preparing an offensive against Nationalists - and it is using the threat of these groups as a way to maximise its security powers.

Note the comments by this unnamed copper here " "There is an increased possibility of violence from the far right. There is a trend," said one senior source, adding that the ideology of the violent right was driven by "people who don't like immigration, people who don't like Islam. We're seeing a resurgence of anti-semitism as well."

So in other words this idiot copper and his superiors believe that people who dont like immigration, and Islam, equate to terrorists.

I seem to remember a similar report such as this total bollocks being drafted up by Obama and his team of witless lickspittles in the US a few months ago - saying that US army veterans would be a threat to national security in the US.

The fact is this copper is talking out of his overpaid fat arse - the idea that anyone who is against immigation or Islam is a terrorist is not only insulting, it shows that this copper is one of the biggest idiots I have ever read about in the paper.

This crap is embrassing.

It is embarrasing not just to the public, but it also embarrases Britain.

The idea that our cops who run the intelligence services are really this stupid, merely facilitates terrorism.

If the police waste resources on this nonsense that could be spent on fighting reall terrorism then that is bad enough, but publicising this total bollocks merely suggests to the potential Islamist terrorists that Britain, and the British police and intelligence services, really are that stupid.

Note also the big up for the Combat 18 of British Zionism, the CST ;

David Rich, of the CST, said: "The violent fringes of the far right have shown a desire and intention to carry out terrorist violence against minorities in the UK. The last five years has seen an increase in terrorist cases involving the far right, more than before David Copeland."

The ONLY terrorist group in the UK licensed to run its own affairs on British streets, is the CST - the para-military wing of British Zionism.

Yet the police work with them - and act as the enforcers of the Zionist extremists in the CST.

Then near the end we get this gem ;

Most of those convicted are believed not to have been part of a group. Opinion among those tracking the violent far right differs. Some believe neo-Nazi terrorists are acting outside networks, making it harder for them to be caught and investigated.

In other words - they are saying that the lack of arrests, prosecutions and the utter lack of evidence as per any of these 'threats' or the existence of any such 'terrorists' is merely direct evidence of how 'dangerous ' thopse terrorists truly are - they are oh soooo skilled and oh soooo deadly that they are able to hide, as if they do not even exist !

If there wasnt a conspiracy, then why are the terrorists hiding the very fact they exist ! Say the police.


Its the logic of Dr. Strangelove and nutters - not coppers and politicians.

Yes, this is the insane , paranoid crap of those pumping out this bullshit.

Finally at the end comes the classic Gerry Gable quote - finally we are all able to breath a sigh of relief.

A Gerry Gable quote is a rock solid seal of assurance that you can always rely on.

" Thank fuck for that", everyone says, "We can all now breath a sigh of relief. The story came from Gerry Gable, therefore that means it is 100 % assured bullshit. Phew. That was a close one ".

Reading a quote from Gable on a media report about the far right is like having the article written on the basis of testimony given by the Tooth Fairy.

Gerry Gable is the biggest bullshit dispenser since the invention of the agricultural muck sprayer - and no-one sprays bullshit with as much efficiency as Gerry Gable.

Therefore we can see that the story emanates from the CST / ACPO cell in the Met Police and that they are frantically trying to hide and divert attention away from their owen dirty and legally dubious dealings.

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Seisal said...

Hi Lee,
Good to see you back and in fine form.

The acpo/zionist slugs seem unaware of their indelible trail.

Ted said...

The real terrorists -

a native speaker English said...

"The dearth of recent articles in the papers..."

Lee, go and find a dictionary and look up the word dearth.

What does it actually mean?

Not quite what you thought it did, eh?

Your facility with the English language is, quite frankly, shocking. What tinpot uni was that granted you that LL.B. (Hons) with language skills like that?

Anonymous said...

You echo the comments here, Lee.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this 'shock-horror! story' eminates in its entirety from Gerry Gable/Searchlight merely serves to confirm the fact that, (as Gerry's original and ONLY modus operandi was to halt the advance of the BNP by means which would have directly compromised the State) his abject failure deems him and his co-conspirators surplus to requirements.

sideshowbob said...

Its the same old crud that farts out of Fable Gable and Lampshade Bennet.

The public don't buy it anymore, in fact they openly laugh at it.
Soon it will be open mockery on the "antifascists".
Get the camcorders out!

Bad news for all you limp self-loathers and circus freaks eh ;-)

All that wasted hate and a prolapsed arsehole eh, Garside and co ..... ho-ho!

Fun times ahead!

Swingers Utd said...

Fecking twat Barnes doesnt understand what a "dearth" means.

Been smoking that wackybacky again you steaming pile of half-Irish traveller stock with sod all affection for England apart from the fact that its us poor workers that pay your benefits.

Be a decent member of society and sod off and die from your alleged cancer - save us a few pennies on our tax bill.

YOGI said...

"Your facility with the English language is, quite frankly, shocking. What tinpot uni was that granted you that LL.B. (Hons) with language skills like that?"

Thats ok then , now I understand.If your not Shakespeare, you cant have a political view.I will carry on with my serfdom.I bet i've still got more money than you though ,wanker.

Andraste said...

Swingers Utd said...

"Fecking twat Barnes doesnt understand what a "dearth" means."

I believe it was Goethe who was is believed to have had the largest vocabulary, 300,000 words, now, does this then mean that anyone of lesser standing should not then ever write or comment? If so then that puts all the self-loathing demented scum who peddle the shit and pass it off as journalism instantly out of work.

And as has been said numerous times before, it goes to show how pathetic your position is, when the best line of attack you have is to go on about grammar and spelling mistakes, etc. It does rather prove our point that you can debate us on the point.

"Be a decent member of society and sod off and die from your alleged cancer - save us a few pennies on our tax bill."

So you want to save so money from your tax bill? Ever thought about how much immigration is costing? Or was that just a line you thought was cool, but of course you don't really mind how much you are fleeced by the establishment do you?

You nob.

Philip said...

Apologies for the double post but had to put this in the right column.
We have the same "black" propaganda tactics over here in the US. I believe that this whole neo nazis hiding in the shadows and replacing Islamic supremacism has sprung from the ideology of Obama's victory and has it's roots in historical socialism, including Bill Clinton's reign of terror against conservative America.
Here in the US there have been 9 murders directly linked with far right groups including neo nazis since Obama's inauguration yet thousands are murdered each year by supramacist latin and black street gangs and Islamic extremists are on the rise in the US and you have a recipe for another 9/11. Clinton went after white America and ignored the islamists, Obama is heading straight down the same road.
The next wave of bombs will not come from the mythical neo nazi movement but from home grown Muslims.

Philip said...

Does Combat 18 still exist? Did they ever exist? Or can anyone who performs an act of right wing violence and clam to be in C18? As do the AlQeda walter mitty's running around the western world.
Did C18 stir up the anti Romanian riots?

I'm suprised that this article didn't use teh name C18 to scare the British into thinking that because of the rise of the BNP C18 operatives, numbering in their hundreds, are awaiting for the secret signal to launch a "devastating" all out attack on British democracy.

Would make a good Tom Clancy novel but as Lee stated, you'd be hard pressed to get 150 nationalists at a free beer festival.

"Commander Shaun Sawyer told a meeting of British Muslims concerned about the danger to their communities that police were responding to the growing threat."

When has Sawyer ever gone into a predominantly anglo British town to reassure community leaders that a 7/7 will never happen again under his watch? Why did Sawyer do this a day before the anniversary of 7/7 and claim that Muslims are the victims?