Tuesday 14 July 2009

The Peter Herbert File - Judge and Racist Black Supremacist Supporter

Peter Herbet the chair of the Soceity of Black Lawyers is a supporter of Loius Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam - a religion that calls white people ' devils, pigs and evil' and Judaism 'a gutter religion'.

Yet Peter Herbert, even though he has twice been reprimanded by the Bar Council, was appointed to be a judge hearing cases against white people. It appears that when it comes to non-whites a different standard applies as per your ability to get a promotion or be allowed to keep your job.

This is a man who supports an organisation that is racist against whites, yet he is allowed to hear cases against white people at the same time the hypocritical bastard is attacking the BNP for being 'racist'.

Yet again it appears that racism is okay, and racists tolerated, if they are not white and their racism is directed against whites.

Peter Herbert twice found guilty of breaking code of conduct for barristers yet allowed to keep his job as he is able to use his cabal of contacts to scream 'wacism' at the Bar Council until they back down ;


Outrage over 'travesty of justice' as barrister Peter Herbert is found guilty By Lester Holloway


SUPPORTERS OF barrister and part-time judge Peter Herbert reacted with fury today after a disciplinary hearing found him guilty of breaking the lawyers' code of conduct.

In a shock decision the Bar Council found Peter Herbert guilty of speaking in the 'first person' in a radio interview, using the words "I think" and "I believe" instead of "my client believes."

Peter Herbert called the decision a "travesty of justice" by a "kangaroo court", and plans to appeal. He has already lodged an employment tribunal claim against the Bar Council alleging race discrimination and victimisation, and is likely to sue the individual members of the disciplinary panel, Roger Bartlett, Timothy Lyons QC and Professor Roger Caplin.

Peter Herbert escaped having his license to practice law suspended but received a reprimand and was ordered to receive 'media training.' He has refused to undertake the training.

Peter Herbert claimed his style of advocacy had often involved speaking in the first person and that he was subjected to a hostile radio interview while in a state of distress over a family tragedy.

Peter Herbert was cleared of similar charges in 2001 following a public outcry at the Bar Council's previous attempt to discipline him. His supporters believe the real reason for the disciplinary actions is not the 'tense' he speaks in, but his willingness to challenge racism in the legal profession.

Peter also sought to use his influence to allow Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam to come into Britain ;


Louis Farrakhan.

Peter Herbert commented that in his view the proposed visit to England represented no public order danger. The Commissioner commented that this was a matter for the Home Secretary.


A black barrister involved in the Victoria Climbie inquiry was found guilty yesterday of breaching the Bar Council's code of conduct by expressing his own opinions to the media.

Peter Herbert was found guilty after his client, the social worker Carol Baptiste, was convicted of contempt of court and fined £500 for failing to give evidence into the public inquiry into Victoria's death. In a radio interview after the fallout from the inquiry into the death of the eight-year-old, Mr Herbert described the verdict as "institutional racism".

Lord Laming, who conducted the Climbie inquiry, complained to the Bar Council, claiming Mr Herbert's views were his own and therefore broke the barristers' code of conduct.

Peter Herbet represents Muslims charged with terrorism ;


Terrorist charges

Three Muslims, all former students in Manchester, who are charged with terrorist offences are likely to be acquitted in a trial at Manchester Crown Court. Faisal Moustafa, 32, is charged with conspiracy to cause an explosion, possession and control of an explosive substance and possessing a firearm. Shifhur Rehman, 23, and Iftikar Satter, 25, are both charged with conspiracy to cause an explosion and possession of an explosive substance. The black barrister and campaigner Peter Herbert is lead counsel for the defence (Q-News 16.02.96). [BMMS February 1996 Vol. IV, No. 2, p. 9]

Peter Herbet visits shoe bomber Richard Reid in prison - even though he is not a client of his ;


In December 2001 I received a call from the mother of Richard Reid, the failed shoe-bomber. Reid had been arrested after trying to blow a passenger jet out of the sky en route from Paris to the United States. He had attempted to detonate explosives hidden in the hollowed-out sole of his shoe. Mrs Reid needed help in dealing with the fallout from her son's attempt at mass murder: for her, a librarian from a small town in the West Country, this was an unusually dark and unfamiliar world.
She contacted me through the Society of Black Lawyers and asked for advice on how to handle the media; she also wondered if there was any way I could check up on her son and his welfare, as he was now incarcerated in the US as one of the country's most notorious prisoners. I contacted British officials in the US and by February 2002 it was agreed that I could visit Reid in jail.

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