Thursday 30 July 2009

And so it begins - The Greatest Crash

The Great Crash begins in September 2009.

Much of the billions of bail out dollars issued by the Federal Reserve has been spent on propping up the dollar in foreign capital markets (by the money being loaned to foreign banks to buy US dollars ) and in simply covering future bad debts related to mortgages and collapsing consumer and business loan repayments.

The money has not been used to assist those with mortgage problems or to increase capital flow to business, primarily it has been used in ways that ensure the dollar remains a functional currency in the international markets and to minimise the US domestic inflation rates, regardless of how many businesses go broke and workers are thrown out of work.

Therefore as a result the Great Crash is about to hit when the dollar collapses on the international markets and a new run on the US banks begins when foreign nations stop buying the dollar and this causes a dollar devaluation that ruins both their existing capital asset base and any chance of dealing with future debt assets.

Hear how the process is being discovered here ;

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lormarie said...

What's the greatest crash?

lormarie said...

Oh I spoke to soon (before the article was posted).

odin said...

The truth will out as they say.
Bet it gets interesting.

Andraste said...

Check out Ron Paul's bill 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve, lots of videos on Youtube. The money used for the "bail-outs" has been stolen by the banking elite, this will prove to be one of the greatest scandals in US (if not the world history) history. The global elite (the NWO) are about to dump the dollar as the worlds reserve currency - this is why theu are currently engaged in looting anything from the US economy, and once they have stolen everything then the US will crash. We are witnessing the fall of the US empire. This is why Obama is steam-rollering [sic] through legislation before it's too late and the people wake up to the massive con.

Obama's approval rating has dropped the fastest amouont of any US president, every more than the previous abject failure of Jimmy Carter.

Also, notice how FEMA camps are being secretly prepared in remote US locations. The authorities are preparing for civil disorder and the breakdown of US society.

The US is about to fall, and it ain't gonna be pretty... in such dire times expect the US adminsitration to lash out wildly... this is why a strike on Iran is now back on the cards. Because this will serve as a distraction and rally the people around the failing US government.

Such orechestrated attacks are purposely done to shore up unpopular governments. Bush's popularity was plummenting then 911 happended and he got massive support. The NWO know this and they are planning something in order to boost Obama's popularity.

Obama is a liar and a con. He was born in Kenya, the US people are waking up to this. He lied about pulling troops out of Iraq. Obama is crap when not reading from a teleprompter, he is an actor, a soft face hiding the brutal totalitarian agenda of the NWO.

He was bought by Goldman Sachs... any coincidence that they have reported massive profits.