Sunday 12 July 2009

Charlie Brooker - You have been watching review

Image - Charlie Brooker and Parker from Thunderbirds. Related or just strange quirk of fate that they resemble one another so much ?

Review of Charlie Brookers 'You have been watching '.


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Andraste said...


Lee, you remember what happened last time you pissed on that Charlie Brooker ants nest?! I wonder if we are in for a repeat and the Brooker slaves will come flooding out. Hope so, it was fun!

Andraste said...

Lee, surely it's Brooker Twitter time again?! Could do with a good laugh!

Defender of Liberty said...

Yeah - I wonder if Charlies Army will return with their socks on their heads and their metrosexual hatred,

that would be fun.

Anonymous said...

who is he ?


Anonymous said...

"There's muck round every arse. But if the media's rotten and the government's rotten and the police are rotten and the city's rotten and the church is rotten - if life as we know it really is fundamentally rotten - what the hell is there left to believe in?"

The British National Party?

Anonymous said...

Is this an 'in' joke?

Please share.

I'll loaf your ma said...

Hey there! I found a great article allowing female members of the BNP vocalise their opinions on a wide range of pressing issues, and demonstrate just how well versed they are. You can read it here. Then you can shove your balls up your hole so that when you shit, you are shitting on your own balls, you fascist scumbag.