Saturday 11 July 2009

Stick your medals up your arse

Being given a medal in this country is a joke. Most people who get one dont deserve one, they are the PC scum who have ruined our nation and like all criminal regimes the criminals reward their accomplices with honours and medals and peerages.

Unless you have dedicated your life to charity and helping others or won a medal in war - then you should not get one of these joke medals for arse kissing politicians, liberals and leftist scum in the Establishment.

Stick your joke medals up your arse.

Fuck the Establishment.

The Cabinet Office, which oversees the honours process, has told Whitehall departments submitting nominations to ensure that their lists include more female and non-white candidates.

The instruction was disclosed in a letter seen by The Sunday Telegraph in which Hayley Harris, the Deputy Honours Secretary at the Department for Communities and Local Government, demanded that more than half of all local government candidates put forward for next year's Queen's Birthday Honours must be women.

In her letter, sent to John Ransford, the chief executive of the Local Government Association, Mrs Harris also made clear that there should be more candidates from two specific ethnic groups, "Black African" and "Chinese", which had allegedly been "under represented" in the past.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why can't these Mickey Mouse awards be awarded on merit rather than skin colour, this sounds an awful lot like racism to me. How patronising for ethincs to be used to fulfil quotas rather than be rewarded for whatever. Donna