Tuesday 14 July 2009

England Weeps

Cloud wreathed England weeps with pain,
As the coffins are carried forth from the plane,
Solemn in their return, so heavy with loss,
Borne by all who are left to carry the cross,
Unbearable they pass as the flags are lowered,
And all heads bow low, like dying flowers,
The hearses move on, no words are spoken,
In the mourning streets of Wootton Basset.

Cruel fate stole them from this fatal earth,
And time will never heal its hollow curse,
As soldiers they left, yet returned as heroes,
Their deeds remaining as undying echoes,
Ordinary men, husbands, sons and brothers,
Who fought to the end, each for the other,
Together they fell, comrades struggling on,
As we remember them and their sacred bond.

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odin said...

Fuck this lying scum the LibLabCon trick!
& I don't swear!
As my old Nan used to say enough to make a Parson swear!

predicting the future with the BBC said...

They died so the NWO bankers could have a launch pad to destabilise Pakistan, install the NWO puppets and build forces surrounding Russia, this is the start of WW3, they are taking their positions before they make the final move.

Every chance the NWO media get they whip up unjustified and crass anti Pakistan and anti Russian feeling, paving the way for what is to come.

If you want to know what is about to happen, just look to the way the media start pumping out the propaganda and ask yourself if the propaganda is justified news or pure political bullshit.

Try it! wait for the `report` on the `threat`, or `concern`, doesnt matter what it is, Iran or even a smoking report, anything! at the time you scratch your head and say, `what was that all about, that was all bollocks`.

What that was all about was the NWO/EU putting out their press feeds to their whores in the media to grease your arse and desensitise you for the fucking you or some inocent country is about to get.

Try it, you will soon be able to predict future events, as they allways grease your arse with propaganda and bullshit before they fuck it to reduce the backlash.

Then they fuck you.

If need be they will go so far as to introduce new laws to shut you up!

Annoyed said...


Weird video just hosted by searchlight.Hmmm this isn;t right reading btw the lines l think there brain washing these kids.Also there getting council funding and free use of certain places can we look into this since we have lots of people on the council ? they did this in manchester free rooms wrongly

Anonymous said...

Lee I would be interested in your take on what happens when the Tories take over next year,

I also feel the BNP needs to target labour supporters and those that do not vote - INCLUDING the unemployed.

The middleclass Tory supporters will not vote BNP in large numbers because they will continue to move out of the lower class areas and not be effected, until they reach their gated communities.

So targeting the well off will not work.

On top of this the Tories will soon fall out of favour as they offer no solutions to anything, they just continue the problems and create new problems.

The BNP need to make sure that the Labour supporters do not bounce back to Labour.

So the BNP need to work with the working classes almost exclusively to replace Labour in total.

yes even the underclass, once their is enough power you can lift the underclass rather than demonise them.

Demonising the underclass wins no votes, it costs votes from a large number of people.

They are the underclass as they are the victims of a political system, get them on your side with carrots, not sticks, not insults.

The only people that are impressed with such negative talk are tory voters, so you will have wasted your time and lost votes from the most effected communities of all.

people say these communities do not vote or vote Labour, well persuede them to vote BNP, talk about opportunities and speak directly to them.

The BNP need all the support they can get at this late stage and to class yourself above these victims of the lib lab con system is insane and ignorant.

Nick like to use the `special brew drinkers` stereotype in his speaches, this wins over no one but the ignorant looking for a scapegoat, when they and we should all be looking at ourselfs, Nick hints at this but still goes for the crass cheap points.

We have to be everything the labour party supporters are looking for, forget the middle classes, they will just keep moving until they run out of spaces to move and it is far to late to do anything about it.

So when Nick is talking about projects for the NW and Yorkshire, make sure these directly impact in Labour areas and include the underclass as much as possible.

Forget PC etc, It is a waste of time and alienates as many people as it attracts, forget the middleclasses, it is a waste of time, they can afford to keep fleeing and voting Tory.

next scrap all authoritarian national socialist ideology from the BNP where possible.

The country is heading for authoritarianism by the bucket, the last thing people want is more of it.

Drop the conscription, the gun at home, workfair, it may even be worth dropping hanging, putting it on a back burner open to a referendum rather than a front runner.

Political parties linked by the press that state they would like to kill people is not the way forward.

Remember you have to gain power before you can do anything and excert any great influence, make sure you meet the popular demand and start to walk before you try to run.

people have moved on and want to move away from brutal authoritarian methods, such as beating people in the street.

corporate punishment.

They want tough punishments but not beating and when combined with our image it is a big turn off.

once the BNP gain power and influence then these issues can be reviewed if it is deemed they still hold some merit, but right now it seems the BNP are stuck in the 50s and along with what was good is much bad.

These issues must be adddressed before the general election as that is where you really need a breakthrough, a breakthrough in a general election will make the Euro elections look like nothing.

Get away from big state authoritarian control and more towards empowering the people and putting the people first.

Anonymous said...

This murderous Labour lot, with the blessing of the complicit Tory lot, have broken a nation's heart by dragging us into an unwinnable hell on earth. Well we all have a date with death from the moment we are conceived and the satanic likes of Brown and Blair will one day for certain, breathe their last, dying, foul breath. It may not necessarily be in the same brutal fashion that these forever young soldiers died but Brown and Blair will discover that the ultimate leveller in this life and the next that awaits them, is their own, long overdue death. And so it is written.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess working with the local working class community,strong links with things that they can do together,cultural/national events/traditions and local things that concern them ,may be a way forward something to build on

Anonymous said...

God Bless them