Wednesday 8 July 2009

China and the death of Multi-Culturalism

The race riots in China between the Han and the Uighur ethnic groups is proof once again that multi-culturalism can never work.

Lets look at history ;

The multi-cultural Roman Empire under both Dictatorships and the Republic failed to ensure peace even using the most violent tyranny in history.

The multi-cultural Egyptian Empire failed and descended into war and chaos.

The British Empire collapsed into racial, religious and ethnic conflict such as Partition in India.

The Soviet Union collapsed and the nation states under the Communist jackboot returned to nationalism in a frenzy of war and ethnic conflict.

The American multi-cultural society is the most violent on earth - the gang war between the Bloods and Crips has killed 5 times more people in Los Angeles alone than in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Then we have the crime rates of Black on White crime, and facts such as more people died in America from gun crime during the Vietnam War than American soldiers in Vietnam.

Now the Chinese model is breaking down.

Every model of multi-culturalism throughout history has failed - and they have all collapsed into race wars, civil wars and resurgent extreme nationalism.

From Dictatorship, Communism, Roman Imperial Fascism, Monarchy, Democracy and Tyranny - each of these political models have failed to ensure the viability and cohesion of any multi-cultural society.

Multi-culturalism is the seed bed of chaos and war.

The aim of multi--culturalism is simply for the elite to grow rich whilst the masses grow poorer.

The result of all multi-culturalism is simply the prelude to civil war.

Continuing down the path of multi-culturalism is either insanity or the deliberate attempt to start new wars for profit by the elites.

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Anonymous said...

In a nutshell

Red Squirrel said...

Well put Lee. I would like to see a world of Nation states, each celebrating their unique cultures. Perhaps then we could deserve to be called civilised.

Man Of The Woods said...

Spooky, have just been discussing this very subject with Red Squirrel.

My own belief for why multiculturalism, diversity, super-diversity (whatever it's being called this week) fails so spectacularly is simply because it's unnatural.

Cultures and races have evolved over countless millennia to be separate and distinct, each adapted to their own environment and each developing socially (or not) according to their own cultures and beliefs.

When two cultures are compatible it is possible and natural for them to live in peace, but if one culture (or race) threatens the well-being or existence of another either though demographics or the forcing of an alien culture on them then the natural result of this is conflict.

In a few hundred years time, it might be different. But each distinct group of people must first develop in their own homelands, both socially and economically and trade (if they choose to do so) with those who are their natural trading partners.

I personally believe that there is a great potential for all the human races and cultures if, and only if, each is allowed to develop in it's own place and at it's own pace.

On council waiting list said...

God or mother nature made different races and segregated them in different parts of the world.
Then comes along our crazy rulers who force us to live against Gods/natures rules.
Only Anarchy will prevail