Thursday 9 July 2009

MEP's and the Politicised Civil Service

The idea that any elected BNP representatives would want to socialise with the civil service leftist ponces appointed by the Labour party is about as far from reality as possible.

Having a dinner with the Kinnocks would be like dining with the Lenin family.

These civil servants are the people we are going to sack when we take power and dismantle the entire Servile State and the Quangocracy.

Its good to know the civil service are so willing to allow themselves to be politicised, therefore they cant whine when they are all sacked for being politicised can they !

The government is to single out Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, the British National party's two newly elected representatives in the European parliament, for special treatment, denying them some of the access and information afforded to all the other 70 UK MEPs.

Under new guidelines drafted in Whitehall and in the Foreign Office following the June elections to the European parliament, the two BNP leaders will be kept at arms' length from the kind of routine contacts and socialising that take place between British civil servants and MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg.

When the new parliament convenes next week in Strasbourg, Glenys Kinnock, the new Europe minister, is to host a reception for all British MEPs. Only Griffin and Brons have not been invited.

"Officials will not engage in any other contact with elected representatives of any nationality who represent extremist or racist views, unless specific permission has been granted to do so on a particular occasion from the FCO permanent under-secretary and the minister for Europe," said a government spokesperson.

Following the European elections, the civil service and government officials considered a range of options for dealing with the BNP, from an inclusive non-discriminatory approach to total quarantine, effectively ostracising them. David Miliband, the foreign secretary, is said to have signed off a decision that would bar the BNP people from government and embassy events in Brussels, while providing the extremists with some policy information.

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1 comment:

Andraste said...

Such actions merely confirm that the BNP are the only true alternative to the establishment, that being Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP who are but heads of the same serpent.