Tuesday 14 July 2009

BNP Report - centre for social cohesion

The Centre for Social Cohesion have just released a report that can be downloaded here at Harrys Place about the 'BNP'. Of course its not about the BNP, nor is a 'report' as it is based on a mixture of bullshit, selective quotes and distortions - but hey folks its still fun to read.

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Those of you new to this blog will be pleased to know that it contains some of my own writings (with selective quotes taken out of context of course).

The writer of this report Edmund Standing, a guy named after a metaphor for an erect penis, who is also one of Harrys Place regulars - and it appears that people like the Social for Social Cohesion are prepared to pay for any old bollocks as long as it attacks the BNP.

Here is Edmunds blog at Jewcy.com ;


Jewcy is an online magazine and user community that also promotes Jewish theater and sells a Jewcy-branded range of apparel. The site was launched on November 15, 2006.[1] The Guardian has described Jewcy as "a cultural icon" and "at the forefront of a reinvention of Jewish identity by young US Jews."[2]

Jewcy has attracted controversy within the Jewish community for its irreverent Jewish "lifestyle products," including t-shirts that bear the slogan "Shalom, motherfucker." [3] The New York Times has described Jewcy as part of "the Jewish Hipster movement" [4].


So we can safely assume that Edmund is a Zionist, Jewish and also a Neo-Conservative stooge and also an apologist for the illegal Iraq War started by the international corporate fascist elite who serve the interest of the Banksters and the Zionists.

Therefore he is simply being paid to peddle bullshit that benefits himself and his Zionist, neo-con, Israeli buddies.

It is rather odd that a pro-Zionist / neo-conservative right wing aligned group like the Centre will hire a writer from a (pseudo)left wing website like Harrys Place whose focus is pro-Iraq War Leftism - unless the linkage between them is that Edmund Standing and Harrys Place are more a paid operatives of the pro-war Neo-Conseratives who are acting to ensure the pro-war effluent and agenda of the Neo-Conservatives is pumped into the left.

Therefore Harrys Place is a front group for the Neo-Conservatives that acts to support the pro-war agenda and ideology of neo-conservatism via organising the elements of the left that support the aims of the neo-conservatives such as the Iraq War.

So lets see who runs the Centre for Social Cohesion ;

Baroness Cox - Conservative peer in the House of Lords and whining liberal ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caroline_Cox,_Baroness_Cox

Ruth Dudley Edwards - Lefty academic ;

Note that Mrs. Edwards wrote a peice in The Guardian attacking the Ken Loach film 'The wind that shakes the Barley', without even seeing the film ! This was an unfortunate mistake on her part as most of Ken Loach's films are leftist self indulgent twaddle glorifying ( as only the self loathing rich middle class liberal and leftist can) the working class and socialism. Yet The Wind That Shakes The Barley is in fact a superb film and deserved every award it got. This is because it revealed the schism in the Republican movement that led to members of the IRA in power in Eire shooting other members of the IRA who had declared war on their own people.

Douglas Murray - Apologist for the Iraq War and professed Neo-Conservative scumbag and Zionist stooge. In 2005 he published a defence of neoconservatism, Neoconservatism: Why We Need It and undertook a related promotional tour of the United States. During the course of this tour he gave an interview to the New York Sun in which he outlined his "instinctive" support for Israel and was dubbed a "self-described neoconservative and Zionist" as well as "Britain's only neoconservative."[9]


Dr. John Marks - ex-scientist . Retired.



Melanie Phillips of The Spectator has described the Centre as "invaluable"[13] and the Telegraph's Damian Thompson describes Murray as the Centre's "brilliant young director" in his Daily Telegraph blog.

Therefore we can see that the centre is front group for a cabal of neo-con reactionary retards who are paid to follow the line of the present corporate media elite and the internationalist institutions that are usurping our national sovereignity.

The fact the centre employs such a shit researcher as Edmund Standing, whose only skill appears to be a talent for cutting and pasting selective quotes taken out of context from the internet, reveals just how desperate the Centre is and how easy it is to be called a 'researcher' these days.

It appears that the Centre funded the report in order to ensure its Pro-Zionist, Pro-Neo-conservative and anti-Islam bias were given a fig leaf of ambiguity by commissioning an anti-BNP report.

Yawn !

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Anonymous said...

The Von Brunn link to the BNP is a smear tactic. Von Brunn allegedly attended an American Friends of the BNP in the year 2000. A seperate organisation operating in the US to raise funds for the BNP. The BNP had no control over this fund raising organisation nor did could they possibly vet anyone who attended a fund raising event in a foreign country.
Von Brunn was allegedly seen at the event by a police informer!
The left are jumping over this frail link like a dog on a bone.