Friday 31 July 2009

Gary McKinnon and the US Shadow Government

There is a secret.

It is classified at the highest level of US security classifications, above even that of the atomic bomb during the era of the Cold War.

For something that is not meant to exist, the fact the secret was classified higher than even the atomic bomb should make people wonder why a 'joke' was taken so seriously by the military and US government.

If the secret wasnt real, then why try so hard to hide it ?

The entire US military was re-organised in 1947 under the National Security Act so as to ensure this secret was not revealed to the world.

Eisenhower warned the world of the growing power of the military-industrial block, and the trillions of dollars that have poured into the US black budgets since 1947 have created an alternative shadow government.

That government is accountable to no president nor to the people.

Gary McKinnon almost cracked the shield of steel around the secret that the Shadow Government was set up to keep secret.

McKinnon revealed two important facts ;

1)NASA is storing hidden files that contain images of extra-terrestrial space craft

2) That NASA also has an off earth space fleet

The question is therefore - this level of technology is decades above what the world currently has. The energy systems of such craft could solve the worlds energy problems.

Where did it come from ?

The information that McKinnon discovered did not reveal whether those craft were alien space craft or re-engineered alien technology or advanced human designed and built craft. It may be that the technology he saw, and the UFO's we see in our sky, are advanced human designed and built air craft using energy systems unlike anything currently in use.

If the US has these energy propulsion systems then this means the global energy crisis is solved, and that the US is hiding this technology from the rest of the world in order to keep its technical and military superiority.

This means the US is the enemy of the whole planet, as this level of technology couild save humanity and the planet from the looming energy crisis.

If McKinnon is right and what he saw on the files he downloaded were alien craft then it means the greatest secret in human history is being hidden by the US military for their own military advantage and to keep the present political and economic elites in a power - as the history of humanity is based on energy.

Who controls the energy supply of the world, controls the world.

If the technology is alien then we have a right to know - if the technology is human then we demand the US shares it with the rest of the world and we end the reliance on fossil fuels, end the oil wars like Iraq and build a better world based on human being taking care of their own populations numbers and using the planet in a sustainable manner.

McKinnon is being extradited as a signal to others who may also want to reveal the secrets they know about the secret.

There are those, little people with little minds, that mock the great men and women who have witnessed advanced craft that are beyond anything that man is capable of building.

Some of their testimony, from astronauts to ex-presidents, can be seen here ;

Gary McKinnon is a sacrificial lamb, in that his prosecution and imprisonment will be used to terrify others into never again attempting to unlock the secret.

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