Monday 21 February 2011


What a bunch of pathetic lefty mugs that signed this poncing lying bastards petition to stay in the country.


A teenager who posed as a homeless orphan facing death if he was deported from Britain was today exposed as a fraud.

Schoolboy Ahmer Rana persuaded thousands of people including his MP to support his bid to stay in Britain.

More than 4,000 people in a quiet country town signed a Facebook petition asking the Home Office not to deport him when he turned 18.

His heartbreaking story that his parents had been killed in Pakistan won huge public sympathy.

But today it was revealed that Rana had lied to everyone - including his own foster parents and schoolmates at Queen Elizabeth High School in Carmarthen, Wales.

The faker admitted that his real name is Daniyal Shahzad, he is 19 not 18 and that his parents are alive and well.

Daniyal yesterday admitted he wanted to stay in Britain to send cash home to his mother, father, brothers and sisters.

His lies were exposed by the UK Border Agency said a judge found 'inconsistencies' in his case.

Daniyal confessed: 'I would like to say sorry to my friends in school who have supported me. I have let everyone down.' He has has been living in Wales since 2008, when he moved in with foster parents John and Lesley Hillard in Nantycaws, Carmarthen.

Daniyal pretended his birthday was on Christmas Day - and that he would be forced to leave in December when turned 18.

Two days before Christmas his supporters travelled to London to present a petition to the Home Office calling for him not to be deported to Pakistan.

The petition was handed over UK Immigration Minister Damian Green.

But Daniyal admitted that the story began with 'one small lie to the Home Office and snowballed out of control.' He said: 'The true reason I came here was to earn money to send back to my family.

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Extant said...

Meanwhile, rape in Wales Capital has sored over 500% in just 5 years !!??

Also, there are now gang rapes being reported in Swansea on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, thanks for posting this Lee. Gave me a good laugh on a dull monday!

The gullibility of liberals is astonishing. Will they learn from it? I doubt it!

Actually, come to think of it, the word "gullible" has been removed from the Oxford English dictionary. Best call them "naieve" instead.



Extant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Extant said...

There is absolutely no doubt that "cheers Chris" is has been unfortunate enough to be subjected to the BNP brainwashing school . For he sees himself as a prodigy of liberal Nationalism, for in reality does not and has never existed, especially not in the BNP; for that real Nationalist's will hold no doubt ..

He is naive enough to believe that a Lion is welcome in his own backyard , the Lion should be supported in our environment as his own and that the beautiful beast, as he undeniably is, is not there to hurt him or his children.

Again, as a liberal "he wont bite me first".

As ardent Nationalists go, don't hate him fellow Goyims, he will learn, even if it is the hard way.

Personally I would hunt down the vicious predator, where ever he would be lurking as I have children in my back yard, naughty ones too, before he would ever even know I'm on my way, I would serve the same poisoness dish first !! ;o)