Thursday 17 February 2011


" Two days ago, I learned that the "Green Arrow" was now "officially" proscribed by the British National Party."


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alanorei said...

I wonder if what would be an advantage is a GBA.

Great Britain Association.

Or it could be an AGBOD.

Association of Great Britain and the Old Dominions.

The idea would be a bit like Cromwell's Counties of the Eastern Assoication in the Civil War.

It would have a simple objective:

Ensure the integrity of the English-speaking peoples of the realm for future generations.

i.e. guard against the genocide of these peoples, inflicted by violence, mongrelisation, demoralisation, displacement or any other means.

Any group or individual could join, whether political or a-political, religious or a-religious if they could agree to work for the attainment of the above objective, either individually or collectively, independently or cooperatively, within the law i.e. without thuggery, deceit or intimidation.

The association would have one key activity:

Share valid information with other members to help achieve the group's stated objective.

The main problem would be how to guard against infiltra(i)tors, of any kind.

This would probably involve putting a signature to something legally binding, which state agents/UAF moles might be hesitant to do. That at least could be a start.

As a basis for belief, a signed declaration of loyalty to HM's Coronation Oath could be feasible. Regardless of the monarch's repeated infidelity to the Oath over the years, the Oath itself is a good statement of the heart of British - and Old Dominion - nationalism.

The advantage would be that in these uncertain days when British nationalism is experiencing some upheaval, the ordinary Brit who feels a bit overwhelmed by all the upheaval but loves his country nevertheless can at least feel he is a part of something.

Which might even grow up to be a force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...