Saturday 19 February 2011

Ian Kitchen Resigns - The Debacle Defined

I was sent a text message last night sttating that Ian Kitchen and his wife have resigned their roles as BNP officers and Adam Walker, another Griffinite stooge with more BNP titles to his name than the Queen, has replaced him as acting Yorkshire Organser for the BNP.

Yet again this whole sorry debacle is laid squarely at the feet of Nick Griffin.

Ian Kitchen was appointed into his position simply as Nick Griffin wanted to get rid of Chris Beverley.

Griffin didnt care about anything other than in his usual fit of pique, whilst having a tantrum, removing Chris Bev on the grounds that Chris Bev was not a brown nosing, brainless, lickspittle, sycophantic underling who worshipped the ground that Griffin walked on.

You see Griffin doesnt care about competence, he only cares about obdience.

Ian Kitchen is a nationalist, but due to his private life he could not and should not have been given a senior role in the party with a high public profile.

What any people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their own and no-ones elses business.

But when they film themselves indulging in sexual antics and then post that footage on the internet - then that demonstrates not just a total unsuitability for a public political role but also distinct lack of judgement as nationalist politicians.

The BNP, nor any other nationalist paty, are not the Lib Dems.

Whilst it may be acceptable for the Lib Dem ranks to be filled with pederasts, perverts, porn film stars and other degenerates - a nationalist party cannot have such people in senior positions, especially if they flaunt their degeneracy to the public via the internet.

Nick Griffin is the boss.

Nick Griffin made the decision to sack Chris Bev.

Nick Griffin made the decision to employ Ian Kitchen.

Therefore the buck stops with Nick Griffin.

The damage to the entire nationalist movement has now been done.

Nationalism is now seen by millions of people as a movement as degenerate as the rest of the political establishment.

Ian Kitchen and his wife can be congratulated for taking a senior role in nationalist politics, as this country is filled with gutless wimps who prefer to hide whilst our country is destroyed. They were used and abused by Griffin.

It is Nick Griffin who used Ian Kitchen and his wife for his own benefit who is the person to be blamed in this debacle not Ian Kitchen nor his wife.

It was Nick Griffin who chose to use them and appoint them to their positions in full knowledge of their lifestyle choices - and it is Nick Griffin who is primarily responsible for the torrents of abuse heaped on them by the media and the keyboard warriors who infest the internet.

Yet again Nick Griffin has revealed his utter incomptence and lack of critical judgement.

Even Griffins most ardent arse lickers like the Green Arrow, who helped Griffin rig the recent leadership election by threatening to publish the names and addresses of the people who supported Eddy Butler on the internet so the reds could target and attack them, has now been dumped like a soiled kleenex by Griffin.

Griffin always depsised the sycophantic rodent Paul Morris, but he used him when he needed an internet attack dog to attack his challengers for leadership, and then dumped Morris like a bag of dog turds in the bin when was of no more use to him.

The fact that Paul Morris is still licking Griffins hand like some pathetic lapdog seeking affection from its master, is a sign of just how pathetic the old fool Morris truly is.

Griffin cares only about two things - himself and money.

That is a direct result of him selling his soul to the evil, corrupt, perverted fake vicar Jim Dowson.

Griffin was groomed, seduced and corrupted by Jim Dowson.

Now Griffin is an empty husk of a man leading an empty husk of a party.

Griffin goes through the motions of being BNP leader day after day, but he knows, and do his followers, that it is just an pathetic act.

He is now an old whore - only after the money and the fading adulation of his dwindling band of followers.

The BNP is a pantomime filled with actors assuming their roles for money. It reminds me of the regimes we now see toppling all across the Middle East, led by a mad dictator whose 'loyal' officers are getting ready to flee after having filled their pockets with enough looted wealth to live on once the regime collapses.

The cult of Griffin is now almost finished, as the Messiah has been revealed in fact to be Charles Manson.

Griffin is a psychopath. He uses people and then disposes of them.

Ian Kitchen and his wife are not the guilty ones in this whole debacle, it is Griffin.

But the last of the cult members know this, but they will not change their beliefs - just like all cult members they would rather continue to believe that Charles Manson is Jesus than face the reality that they are worshipping a pathetic, hollow little man full of trite cliches that no longer have any meaning for him except as a way to keep his dwindling flock of sheep happy as they are fleeced of their money and hopes.

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Anonymous said...

And the latest begging email from griffin is a total piss take.Those that still stand and remain loyal to griffin are as much guilty as the politicians that have ruined this once great country or they too thick or stupid to realise the man is fake and a fraud:

Fellow Patriot,
Monday was Valentine's Day. It got me thinking about love, in different forms, and how we express it.
We love our family and our friends of course. The more religious amongst us love God. There are different types of love – all covered by just that one word.
You, like me, don't just love your friends and family. You love and care about your country.
Maybe this week you sent a card or a message of love.

The British National Party has a message for Britain. It's a message of hope. It's also a message of love.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary Lee.

100% spot on.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Lee.

100% correct on this.