Saturday 5 February 2011

Oh Do Shut Up Dave

David Cameron is full of shit.

In order to actually end the dynamic of multi-culturalism, then we as a society need to ;

1) Withdraw from the EU as the politically correct liberal bent judges in Britain use the EU laws and Human Rights laws to impose multi-culturalism on our society.

2) Scrap the Equality Act and all race Relations Acts

3) Close down the Equality Commission

4) Scrap the Public Order Act 1986 that criminalises free speech on the issue of race and multi-culturalism

5) sack all the liberal judges

6) sack all the people in politically correct jobs, such as Diversity Officers

7) Remove all the street signs in foreign languages throughout Britain

8) deport all the colonists

He aint gonna do one of them things, so he is full of shit.

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1 comment:

BGD said...

How do you avoid judicial activism (progressive legal interpretations of more conservative legislation)? Just sack them when their interpretation diverges from the government of the day or the publics? Have an oversight body or senior judges publicly elected; nominations from the government of the day? Taser their genitalia?