Sunday 20 February 2011

Prisoners of Fear

Excellent video from Gilad Atzmon ;

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Anonymous said...

What a lying, devious, treacherous piece of ordure.

"Israel is actually far worse than Nazi Germany, for unlike Nazi Germany, Israel is a democracy and that implies that Israeli citizens are complicit in Israeli atrocities."

Does he include Israel's Arab citizens including "Palestinians" who voted to remain Israeli citizens rather than endure the horrors HAMAS would inflict on thme?

Pig ignorance. And people who believe this shit have no understanding of the issue at all. The USSR spun narrative of "Palestine and Zionist occupation" isn't just about destroying Israel it is about de-stabilising the entire West. And it is working a treat thanks to the gullible. Then there is the eternal battle between sunni and shia to establish hegemony in the ME which is being played out right now.

The only people brutally oppressing the Arabs in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority are HAMAS and Fatah and their Iranian and Syrian and soon-to-be Egyptian sponsors. They're also ethnically cleansing Christians from their sacred town of Bethlehem.

But don't let the truth spoil a good jew-bashing, as if it ever does.



Extant said...


I have some close Jewish Ancestry, as many Welsh believe it or not. Do your homework about Jews in Wales, it is very interesting to say the least.

Although I have "some" Jewish Ancestry, I am not a Zionist, never will be and glad to say I don't support the utter filth that they really are.

To what they have committed in the name of greed and power is absolutely disgusting beyond comprehension. All the savages should be shipped back to the Desert, especially the serpent.

After seeing your continuous comments supporting guttter scum that have thrust this on our culture , country and people; it undeniably makes you a proper Traitor or and a complete ignoramus.

If you believe or have ever believed a proper Nationalist and Patriot supports Zionism, you are fkn deluded .

Anonymous said...


Well your reasoned and enlightened comment has shown me the light. Despite not answering a single point that I raised, you've managed to convince me that your incisive analysis of Zionism is 100% accurate.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been educated by a "true nationalist and patriot".



Extant said...

"cheers Chris",

That's the point, I do not need to answer any of your comments, ive seen enough to make me want to puke for a lifetime, let alone to give legitimacy to treachery !!

Anonymous said...

You can't answer them because I'd completely humiliate you. Again.

That's why you ensconce yourself in the gutter and resort to personal abuse. As lame as the zionist conspiracy and even more boring.

Try looking up the word "irony" and then re-read your comments. See if you get it. I'll not hold my breath though.

Did no-one ever explain to you that calling people nasty names doesn't make you look intelligent? It does speak volumes about you and your bankrupt conspiracy though.



extant said...

To be honest "Chris Cheers", I wasn't trying to be insulting, I was simply pointing out the facts.

It seems that you like to think yourself intelligent, just like the leftists do.

Don't tell me your a super duper intelligent man just like Komrade Gordon and Ed Milliband who can do a Rubik in 28 seconds, with his one hand.

I don't need to stroke my ego "chris cheers", I have it !

Do you see the connection..or do you think people see you as deluded or just an ordinary Nationalist who supports Israel !?
Just for you; if I were to express my true feelings toward Jews and the likes of the deluded (you and anal probed Morris) who support their Terrorist Sate, I may be arrested for open thought crimes, how's that ;o)

I have nothing to prove mate, nor have I any reason to pretend I'm clever.

How's this; Im real stupid, I have difficulty stringing a sentence together ,I slur my speech, I cant add either and dribble all the time, does that make you feel real superior "chris cheers"!!

Anonymous said...


Again you resort to personal insult and idiotic comparisons. Such comments reflect your intellect.

You have nothing at all other than empty rhetoric and abuse.

I'll not join you in the gutter and I'll leave you to carry being a "top nationalist".