Saturday 5 February 2011

Why Now Dave ?

You want to know why Dave has come out now and said that multi-culturalism has not worked ?

Its because the security services have just informed him that due to their policy of allowing London to become the base of the global jihad under the 'covenant of security' whereby the Middle East regimes run by the oil monarchies were allowed to dump their radical islamists in Britain using our asylum system, we now face a terrorist campaign that will span the next thirty years and could possibly lead into a civil war at some point.

Since the fall of the British Empire all the ex-British Empire oil producing nations in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, Yemen and others who were allies of Britain, have all been allowed to deport their home grown Islamist terrorists into the United Kingdom where they were all then given asylum by the British government.

Then M16 was able to infiltrate them and monitor them and use their agents to control and infiltrate the Islamist movements in those nations, thereby ensuring the royal families who run them continue to run them - and the oil and oil profits continues to flow to buy British weapons produced by British arms manufacturers.

In exchange for Arab oil, we became the dumping ground for their Islamist terrorists.

Those Islamist terrorists dumped in the UK were allowed by successive British governments to organise the global jihad from Britain, and in particular Londonistan, and British citizens of foreign descent were allowed to leave Britain and go to Afghanistan, Pakistan and other areas to train to become Islamist terrorists and undertake jihad.

The SAS trained the KLO in Kosovo.

The CIA set up and armed Al Qaeda.

This was the covenant of security, whereby the terrorists were allowed to act with total impunity and in return they did not attack Britain, restricting themselves to terrorism and murder elsewhere in the world.

Now that covenant has been broken.

A whole wave of radicalised Islamists terrorists is now about to undertake suicide bombings and terrorism in our country.

Thats the result of liberalism and multi-culturalism.

Terrorism, war, murder, bombings and beheadings.

That is why we must not just destroy the entire multi-cultural system - we must make such a task a matter of National Security.

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extant said...

You have the disciplin , looks and determintation of a pure Celt Mr barns. Tell em how it is mate, brilliant !!

You are only ethnicly English , you are a true Briton!

Ade said...

So wot u is saying like is we is fucked innit.

Well, if the British people can stop watching X Factor and start working together, when those stormtroopers from EU land arrive I think smoke will be a great equalizer, been watching the riots, in Egypt elswhere, those APC's and tanks would not be much use in towns if they couldn't see.
And visors sprayed with oil would be just as useless.
No guns necessary.
There's always a way to solve a problem.

Anonymous said...

it is obvious Lee, break em down with immigration and then unify them in their own manner, it is classic frankfurt school stuff.

they also have to deal now with the changing demographics to make sure no one group gain dominance and we all know what groups demographics are changing the fastest.

that is now a threat to them, so once the aliens had helped destroy any sense of ethnic and therefor british identity and were encouraged to do so, they had served their purpose and they were now getting so large that they had to be croken also and conform, not to any sense of Britishness which is about as valid as british jobs from brown but to now destroy their identity and create the brave new slave world of conformism and lack of identity.

I told you this a long long time ago, and here we are.

it was so bloody obvious i am amazed that you still make such trite posts along with your EDL shite.

franfurt school, tear them down and remould them as you want them.

job done and the so called nationalist are now doing their bidding with the edl and shite posts like this where you somehow think there is something good that can come of this! as you ask your question so ignorantly.

where the hell is the intellectuallisim of nationalism and the leaders, aall is see are daily maile reading morons marching as fast as possible into slavery with a smile on their face and that includes you Lee.