Tuesday 11 October 2011

BNP Panorama Show and The Evil Trioka

There is truly nothing sadder than the remaining zombies left in the BNP.

Though they call the public 'lemmings' for believing everything they are told by the BBC and MSM, at the same time the Griffinite Lemmings believe everything they are told by the BNP and Griffin.

If the British people are lemmings for believing what the BBC tells them - then what are BNP members for believing everything the BNP and Griffin tell them ?

Anyone who isnt a window licking BNP moron knows by now that Griffin is as bent as a nine bob note and that the BNP is a shoddy, corrupt cult of amateurs whose best talent and most experienced people have been purged or walked from the party - leaving only a cabal of halfwits and lickspittles whose ever more desperate attempts to evade reality shame the name of British Nationalism and undermine the cause of British Nationalism.

As for the show I impressed by Mark Collett, he really appears to have grown up and after his experiences of recent years become a humbler person.

Lets hope that at some point he rejoins the movement and puts his many talents to good use in the nationalist movement.

Hopefully not as a disciple of the old style idiot nationalists like Eddy Butler, a Griffin clone, whose attitude, ideas and methodology and operating style are mirrors of Griffin himself.

Griffin and Butler are what I call Old Style Nationalists - arrogant autocrats with no concern for their party members or the ideology of nationalism - they are egotists motivated by self interest and hate for those who they feel have slighted them and whose arrogance allows them to evade all embrace of political realities - such as regarding party money, accounts and income as irrelevances to be used as they wish rather than as the law dictates.

Jim Dowson was hilarious, he reminded me of a character from Paul Kayes Phoenix Nights TV show - the jock con man / 1950's spiv - pound signs flashing in his eyes as he 'milked the cows' of the party donors.

All he did was change the labels on his rattling tins from 'Anti-Abortion Charity' to 'BNP'.

Brilliant - the man is beyond being satirised.

The fact that people take him seriously proves that there will always be people who will send fifty grand by electronic transfer to General Ombongo of the Nigerbanvu Government in order to get fifty million pounds and a goat back from the lost safety deposit box of the former President Mr. Ommiwalosewoo.

The real tragedy though was the last image of Dave Hannam.

Dave was a true nationalist and patriot.

We may have had our differences, but you always knew Dave was a British Nationalist.

The attacks on Dave by Griffin and Butler - the Gruesome Twosome - were disgusting.

The fact that the window licking BNP retards didnt walk away after reading the attacks on Dave by Griffin, and the cabal of halfwits and idiots around Butler didnt stagger off either after his vile abuse of Dave Hannam, shows us that neither of them are worth a toss.

Those sick attacks on a dead man revealed the moral rot in these pitiful husks of so called 'men' Griffin and Butler - they are worthless, venal, vile little egotist arseholes.

The allegations are clear - the BNP is insolvent and under investigation by the EU and the Met Police and the DPP.

Sooner or later the BNP is finished.

Griffin, Dowson and Butler killed it.

Dowson corrupted Griffin.

Griffin decided to put the money he could make before the party and his principles.

Butler then tore the BNP apart to benefit the English Democrats, a party for which Steve Uuncles admitted Butler had been working for at least two years before he left the BNP.

That sort of treason is unforgivable.

Those three idiots destroyed the best political hope we had at the time for saving Britain.

The fact that around all three of the evil troika of Griffin, Butler and Dowson are cabals of foot licking fools proves that the true problem of British Nationalism is that instead of it being a movement of free thinkers and leaders it is instead a cult of personality based on lemmings prostrating themselves before corrupt halfwits.

Who is responsible for the problems of the British Nationalist movement - in the end its the followers of the fools who pose as saviours but whose real agenda is self enrichment and evil egotism.

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Anonymous said...

There's still alot you don't know about Butler Lee. You wouldn't believe it.
His son was a member of a gang who brought terror to some families where the BNP had Cllrs.
When his son was arrested for the second time for burglary i couldn't believe it didn't make the papers.
Butler's son James drove his car recklessly around Debden estate without any Driving License or Insurance. After one accident he eventually drove it into a ditch.
This was all going on after the party put out anti crime leaflets.
There is much more to be told. You could do a Freedom of Information act enquiry to check out his sons arrests.
Some families were asking BNP cllrs to help them, and they knew the son of the then BNP National Organiser was the main trouble maker, crazy.

Anonymous said...

The bnp is finished with Griffin at the helm. How anyone thinks any different is utterly devoid of reality. Too many really good, quality people have departed, but they are waiting for Griffin to go. Griifin in his selfish way is destroying the only chance that Britain has. He will go down in history as the man who aided our destruction.

Anonymous said...

Nice one :O)
Omg, brought tears to my eyes, especially "lickspittles" lolololol, pmsl