Monday 30 June 2008

Lancaster Unity - The facts

There are few things more repugnant than racist extremists using 'anti-racism' as the basis of their extremism.

One such collection of poisonous hypocrites are the self professed Zionist extremist Jews on Lancaster Unity.

A few months ago in a rare example of honesty, the LU website stated that most of the people who control the site and post on the site are Jewish.

Them being Jewish is of itself irrelevant. They were only declaring and using the fact of their 'Jewishness' to divert attention from the true issue, which is the fact they are Zionists.

It is the fact that the people who control LU are Zionists is the most important issue.

The LU Zionists are part of the same type of extremist Jews who supported and worked with the Nazis during WW2, and who even offered to fight alongside the Nazis against the British in Palestine, even as the Death Camps were murdering millions of non-Zionist Jews in Europe.

The fact that Jews, and all racial groups, in the UK organise ethnocentric organisations to represent their interests in British society is an admirable thing.

All communities should organise to represent their collective ethno-communal interests.

But the problem begins when a tiny cabal of manipulative and deceitful Jewish extremists organise to represent the interests of Zionism and then use the camouflage of 'Anti-Racism' and 'pro-working class propaganda' in order to attack other racial groups who are also organising to represent their community interests.

This what LU does, its main role is to assist in the weakening and dismantling of the group cohesion of the White British Working Class in order to assist in the power building of the Zionist extremist network in the UK.

The people in LU are part of the lineage of Jewish Zionist extremists that supported the genocide of the Palestinians, that worked with the Nazis and that supported mass Islamist immigration into the UK over recent decades.

The entire actions of the Zionist cliques that have hijacked the British Jewish community over the last fifty years have been pernicious both to the mainstream British Jewish community and to British society.

This admission of the LU being run by Jews was not the whole truth though, as the fact is that most of the people who control the site and post on the site are in fact Zionists. Even this admission was an act of duplicity.

The majority of Jews in the UK are loyal to Britain and are integrated into British society.

The Zionists that control and post on Lancaster Unity are not.

They are neither loyal to Britain nor are they integrated into British society. They pretend to be part of Briish society only in order to undermine and usurp it.

Their primary loyality is to Israel and they seek to weaken British society, and usurp our political system for the benefit of Israel.

There may be a few deluded reds and liberals on the LU site that think the LU is a 'real' site to fight racism, but just as Lenin said these 'useful idiots' are just cover for the real agenda of LU.

Lancaster Unity is part of the Zionist power network in the UK. The LU is just another propaganda wing of the C18 of UK Zionism, the CST (Community Security Trust).

The CST is run by the convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson, and he has bankrolled Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party in the past. Even though the CST is run by a convicted fraudster, the Met Police still work with the CST para-military organisation. Last week the CST put 500 troops on British streets to patrol two parades to celebrate Israel ;

They call them volunteers, I call them a militia.

Note that the LU has never investigated or attacked the CST on its site. Even though the CST is a Zionist Para-Military Militia that is linked with the government and the police and run by a convicted criminal, the LU have never investigated this shadowy racist organisation or attacked its existence.

If two skinheads in the UK started wearing the same coloured bootlaces at the same time then the LU would see a grand conspiracy and the formation of a 'nazi army', but when a real racist para-military militia exists in the UK, the LU stays silent on it and its activities.

Why does LU stay silent on the CST - because LU is one of the propaganda wings of the CST and the Zionist power network in the UK.

Many on the left are now realising how duped they have been by these Zionist groups over the years.

Whilst the old alliance between the UAF and Searchlight was dismantled precisely because the UAF finally realised that Searchlight was a Zionist front group using anti-racism as its cover to promote Zionism in the UK, the Lancaster Unity site is run by a shaky coalition of Jewish extremists with a pro-Zionist agenda as the main unifying force between the various factions.

Note that the LU site likes to post articles about the 'Nazis' from all over the world ranging from Chile to Canada, yet never posts a single critical article on Israel and its policies.

Last week a law passed through the Israeli Knesset called the Prevention of Infiltration act which criminalises asylum seekers and puts them in prison for four years and gives a 7 year sentence to asylum seekers from various Arab countires on a specific list.

Can you imagine how the hypcorites on LU would have howled if it had been Europeans in a European country passing such a law that criminalised asylum seekers and has a 'racist' policy of targeting specific Arab nations for extra imprisonment - but because it was Israel, a country which a member of the European Union by the way, the LU remained totally silent on the issue.

Whilst the LU attacks the Berlusconi government in Italy for its arrests and deportations of illegal immigrant criminals, it stays silent on another European Union country, this being Israel, who passes laws that target immigrants and which are probably the most fascist in the whole world and which are probably illegal under international law.

Why did LU stay silent - because the Jewish Zionist extremists that run the LU can never attack the country that sponsors them, Israel.

Note also that the LU remained totally silent on the new laws proposed by Harriet Harman that would have passed racist legislation that would have impacted upon the White British Working Class.

Why did LU stay silent - because the extremist Zionist Jews that run LU are going to be one of the main beneficiaries of this law and because their agenda is to assist in the systematic disempowerment both politically and socially of the indigenous British people and the promotion of all ethnic groups which assist this process.

Seeing as the Zionists that run LU are primarily Jewish Zionists and Middle Class, as they themselves boasted about on the site a few months ago, then why should they attack a law that attacks the White British Working Class.

Being attacked by LU is how one achieves validation.

Those so called 'nationalists' that post on LU and who pass information to LU are traitorous scum. The fact that the nationalist traitors and the Zionists on LU all attack the exact same nationalists, is evidence we are doing the right thing.

If the nationalist traitors and LU were not attacking those nationalists, then that is direct proof that they are agents of the enemy.

The enemy only attacks those it does not control.

The article below relates to the issue of LU and it collection of Zionist and Jewish extremists that masquerade as 'defenders of the working class'.

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Anonymous said...

Israel a member of the EU?
Are you sure Lee?

Apart from that, great article and I wonder of any of the LU toe rags will have the integrity and honesty to answer your salient observations.

Seems to me we have more than one enemy within.


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi mate,

Israel is regarded as a member of the EU within the terms of the EU-Israel Association Agreement which came into force on 1st June 2000.

Israel gets all the benefit of EU membership, but none of the crap.

Though it is not one of the 27 states of the formal EU, it is regarded as part of the EU in the context of the above treaty.

Israel is also part of the European Broadcasting Union, and this is why it participates in the Eurovision song contest.

Israeli youth are able to go on trips to the EU under the Euro-Med Youth Action Programme, Israeli filmakers get EU money from the Euro-Med Visual Programme.

Israel was the first country to be part of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Technical Development and in 2004 the European Commission signed a treaty to allow Israel access to the EU Galileo project for a global navigation system.

The EU is Israels largest trading partner - 33 % of its exports went to the EU and 40 % imports.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Lee, once again I visit your blog and become more informed. I had no idea about any of those agreements and projects you mentioned.

You know what puzzles me about this? Why Israel is part of the pro-arab(muslim), hamas/hizbollah funding, anti-semitic marxist EU?


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi mate,

because the EU is paying for Germanys blood / financial debt for the Holocaust.

Israel is part of the EU as the EU subsidises Israel.

The problem for Israel is that whilst they get the EU cash, the EU is becoming Eurabia.

When the EU becomes Eurabia proper in a few years when Peak Oil means the Arab states can demand our total subsevience or they will stop the oil, then Israel will be dumped by the EU.

Thats what happens when you take money to keep quiet whilst the EU opens its borders to Islam and becomes dependent upo Arab oil - in the short term you profit, in the long time you are screwed.

Anonymous said...

What utter dogshit barnes you freak show.