Saturday 6 December 2008

Blog Still Here

Image - Site host of NWN


This is not an automated message.

This is my blog. As you can see this blog still exists.

Unless you yourself are no longer in existence, and are suffering from an existential crisis concerning your actual corporeality, then this blog exists and you do not.

If you cannot see this blog this is either because you do not exist, and are imgining this whole experience, or else you have been retarded enough to visit the website of the Reds, Searchlight and Lancaster Unity which is called NWN.

If you are one of the retarded red idiots that run or post on NWN, then please note that this blog exists, though your IQ may not.

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Anonymous said...

That loser Tactics is obsessed with you Lee do you know the man i mean the one that looks up females skirts.

Anonymous said...

Utterly contemptable Reds, using their cheap little blo to pretend to be Nationalists.