Monday 15 December 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen the 2008 Dickhead of the Year Award goes too .............

Simon of the Labournet website.

Here is Simons post on his blog.

Not only was he wrong, as all the BNP units had alternative venues prepared and the christmas parties went ahead, but he revealed just how well deserved the dickhead of the year was.

No BNP Xmas Parties in Sussex
Report by Simon
Published: 15/12/08

Dear all

Pleased to say that the fascist BNP were stopped from having any xmas parties in Sussex this week, at Hastings, Brighton and Crawley. Unite Against Fascism members from Kent and Brighton joined forces with Local campaigners including the Local MP Laura Moffat and several Labour Councillors to demonstrate against the BNP’s plans for a Xmas party in Crawley.



A round of applause for Simon - without doubt in the field of dickheadom this was an astonishing performance from a man who without doubt is one of the biggest dickheads this country has ever created.

The idea that stopping the BNP having their Christmas parties is 'fighting fascism' is the most disgusting abuse of the sacrifice of our ancestors struggle for freedom ever.

Whilst Weyman Bennet, a black communist, who dares to say that he speaks for Jews killed in the Holocaust, Simon of the UAF thinks that stopping the BNP having a xmas party is 'fighting fascism'.

My grandfathers fought fascism. They were torpedoed, their ships were sunk and their wives and children were bombed through the Blitz.

To say that stopping the BNP having a xmas party is somehow equivalent to the sacrifice of our ancestors in fighting fascism is the most disgusting, absurd, nonsensical load of bollocks that I have ever heard.

Simon you shoild be ashamed of yourself - you puffed, up , pompous little maggot.

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Anonymous said...

check this out lee. it's a facebook thread.Some people with there full names attached admit phoning up and harrasing our members.we could catch some reds.have a names/address/phone numbers are published openly not even in a text file.

ie if a red from stornoway admits he called up a old gran and and one of our members in stornoway got a prank phone call from some could be matched up by the police

Anonymous said...

Creatures such as Simon (of the Labournet website) are self-loathers. If there wasn't the BNP for them to hate, they would have to find someone else to hate - this is the nature of their condition.

They need to vent their inner hatred. And by attacking the BNP they get a momentary escape from their inner agony, as the exhilaration of being part of the pack takes hold. They need to operate as part of a group, a herd mentality...

Because the real problem is in them, an emotional disorder which means that their actions are constant attempts to fill the void at the centre of their ego. A narcissistic gratification which acts much like medication in that it provides a temporary respite, but the underlying illness remains and over time builds a tolerance, therefore requiring stronger dosage. And so the left (and organisations like the UAF, Searchlight) become like dealers feeding their crack whores.

Emotional disorders are particuarly common amongst the lunatic left, just take a look at the pictures and videos of them, and its fascinating to observe how many of them overtly display their anti-social predilection like it is some sort of high status - if only they knew!

Everyone knows lefties who are druggies and/or alcoholics, and they are so cliche and obviously not quite right then most people in their local tend to treat them with a sort of reserved distance, not wanting to cause the volatile lefty to kick off at any perceived insult to his incredibly fragile ego ... substance abuse is another key indicator of psychological illness.

And it is exactly the fact that they suffer en mass from such psychological illnesses that makes them particularly useful to the establishment, as they are very easy to manipulate and moreover there desire to be immersed in some sort of self righteous escapism is so easily offered by the establishment in the form of being anti-BNP.

The establishment needs unthinking fodder... so when the left asks how could ordinary Germans turn a blind eye to the Nazi regime... we have the answer because the left acts exactly like the people in Nazi Germany... they are the modern day Nazi's. Of course there are manifest contraditions in their logic here too, such as how they supposedly oppose totalitarianism and yet seek to prevent a legal organisation, the BNP, its right to free expression (in many cases they result to illegal means). But once it is clear that the lefties are not of sound mind suddenly it becomes obvious that to expect rational and reasonable views and logical discussion is impossible, and anyone who has learnt any form of counseling knows that it is illogical on the part of the counselor to expect reasonable comments from someone who is mentally ill. This is how we need to view the left, they are mentally ill.

Oh and by the way this prize dick head Simon is wrong, the Hastings and Eastbourne BNP Christmas Quiz went ahead and due to the initial cancellation had 120 members turn up not the expected 30 and raised £797.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how I forgot to mention it being as it was so apt for my previous post on this subject.

The town where I grew up has a notorious lefty, you know the camo-jacket, DM's, John Lennon glasses, opinion on everything, smug attitude, very weak ego and will quickly get aggressive at any perceived insult - I know they are ten a penny. However, I knew him quite well; when I was younger and naive I used to drink with him in our local and shared many conversations with him, he is 20 odd years my senior I would like to add.

However, he never worked (surprise!), but his reason for this is that as he contracted Hepatitis B when he was younger and taking drugs this made getting a job very difficult, perhaps some truth to that. But despite the damage being done to his liver by the Hepatitis he spends most of his days drinking.

And, as briefly outlined in my previous post, I have my theories on the lunatic left and their sick minds, in the very real sense they are mentally ill. However, as if to prove my theory, I receive news through the grape vine that this lefty has been formally diagnosed with "an incurable personality disorder"... now is that synchronicity or what?