Thursday 5 February 2009

Government Media BBC Tries to Break Strikes

A very interesting article in the Guardian about how the BBC were telling lies on the news last night when they said that a deal had been reached with the unions over the ending of the strikes.

When the BBC seeks to engineer society and change peoples perceptions in order to influence behaviour - then that is brainwashing and propaganda and not the actions of a legitimate and impartial organisation.

The BBC is the mouthpeice of political correctness and is in the pocket of the government - who pays the piper calls the tune.

A union representing workers at the Lindsey oil refinery currently on strike over the employment of foreign staff, has rejected a deal proposed in talks with the owner, Total.

Officials from Unite told demonstrators at the north Lincolnshire site that there was no truth to rumours that a deal had been struck last night under which half the jobs would go to British workers.

They described such talk as "lies and rumours" designed to get the protesters back to work.

"This news is as big a surprise to us as it is to yourselves," Phil Whitehurst, of Unite, told the crowd. "When we left the meeting yesterday, the deal that you heard on the television this morning was not in place whatsoever."

Keith Gibson, another union official, told protesters they had rejected an Acas deal put forward last night.

At the same time as the BBC is lieing to the public, the Times editor Mary Riddel in an article here tells us how xenophobic we are to for not enjoying having polish nannies, a latvian driver and cheap builders for her mansion in Lincolnshire as she does.

With her usual middle class drive by sneer and smear, the stuck up tart tells us of her journey by plane in first class from Switzerland and her trip to Harrods and then lectures us how we are all 'xenophobic' for wanting to put the interests of British workers before her having cheap domestic staff from foreign nations.


The issue of the BBC trying to smear the strikers as racist is also covered in another article here in The Guardian ;

Why is the BBC obsessed with making working-class people seem racist?

Watching BBC news bulletins yesterday, it was very easy to believe claims that the current spate of wildcat strikes is inherently motivated by xenophobia. Constant emphasis was placed on objections to "foreign workers" per se, rather than fear of workers' wages being undercut, which would seem to be the real issue.

The 10 o'clock bulletin gave us a good example. A voiceover by the BBC's political editor, Nick Robinson, (about 12 mins in) told us: "Beneath the anger, ministers fear, lies straightforward xenophobia." Cut to woolly-hatted worker telling BBC reporter: "These Portugese and Eyeties – we can't work alongside of them." There we are: northern white bloke refusing to work with foreigners. Case closed.

Except, watch Paul Mason's report on Newsnight, featuring the same interview (about 4:30 in):

These Portugese and eyeties – we can't work alongside of them: we're segregated from them. They're coming in in full companies.

Even taking into account the dodginess of the use of "Eyetie" to refer to an Italian person, one has to admit that it would be very difficult to portray the second, full quote as racist or xenophobic. It's a statement addressing basic workplace issues – British workers literally cannot work alongside foreign workers, as they are separated. There really is no excuse for editing and presenting a quote in such a misrepresentative manner, unless one is setting out to prove something – namely, that working-class people are racists.

The BBC does have form on this, unfortunately: last year's White season was almost exclusively concerned with portraying white working-class people as paranoid and racist. This despite the fact – and this really needs to be repeated until it's firmly implanted in every bien pensant liberal's head – that white working-class people are the most likely to have friends of other races and religions, and are most likely to marry and have children with people of other races and religions. Not the behaviour of a resentful army of racists.

The apex of the White season's utter weirdness was a Newsnight interview with the BNP's Nick Griffin, author of Who Are The Mindbenders, a 1997 pamphlet detailing how "the Jews" control the BBC and other media. Griffin was interviewed on his own, and then we were taken in to a panel discussion featuring, among others, Bob Crow and Nick Ferrari (both of whom had obviously refused to share a platform with Griffin, hence the solo interview). Hardly natural bedfellows, Crow and Ferrari took turns lambasting the BBC for its portrayal of working-class people. It was an encouraging sight.

But even after this spectacular dressing down, the practice persists. Why? Is it because of a skewed identity politics at play in BBC newsrooms and commissioning meetings? Or is it because the BBC, like much of the media, is increasingly dominated by middle-class scions who don't actually know many working-class people, and thus breezily project any prejudice or other trait they wish on to them? Either way, it's a sordid state of affairs, and – as shown by the devious editing of last night's 10 o'clock news, a dangerous one, too.

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Anonymous said...

Marxist Mary gets a right hammering from the comment's section of her article. Very refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Good points made in your article Lee.

When will 'Brain-washed Britain' finally wake up from its somatic condition and begin the National Revolution to crate a National Renewal?

We are still waiting...

When will the masses in Briatin finally realise that the media pulls the strings and is no longer an independent gatherer and distribution of news, but an ideological arm of the British Left-liberal State?

The reason why the white working class are now demonised by the BBC and the State is because the bien pensant and Guardianstas have realised that the white working class have lost any potential of a leftist revolutionary cause. They are no longer regarded as the shock troops of socialism, and are are seen as having lost their Marxist credentials - ever since the failure of the MIner's Strike.

They have now ben abadoned and are disregarded and neglected by the so-called 'Labour Party' and 'Labour Government'.

This has become more so as the white working class are increasingly seen as patriotic, sometimes xenophobic, and increasingly regarded as BNP or other nationalist voters.

Anonymous said...


It's because the white working class are the lab rats upon whom the multicultuiral experiment is being condcuted on.

I'm royally fucked off with hearing the opinions of 40-50k a year journos spewing out their vomit against people whose communities and way of life have been smashed for the last 40 odd years of lib/lab/con treason.

Let's bring in foreign journos to piss on their parade and start writing the same bullshit for half the money and see how these parasites like it. Twat is too nice a word for them.

Keep on at 'em Lee the lot is starting to crumble.



Anonymous said...

A Russian journo has offered to replace the twatty journo Riddell for half of her pay in the comments under her bilge. I've posted this comment to the Tellywag:

There you are Telegraph management. You have an offer to replace this toffee-nosed sneering snob who looks down on people who want to work for a living with someone who is willing, just like these Italian and other migrant workers in Britain, to work for half her going rate.

You've printed this article so therefore you must support her views. If what she writes is fit for our working class people then its also fit for her. You never know, the rest of Fleet Street might follow your example. Then we can get an honest opinion from these replaced hacks founded in reality and not in their Ivory Towers away from the multicultural nightmare they've helped to create.

Let's see now if Telegraph management and this snooty writer are prepared to live by the words they write and publish.

£1 to a pinch of shit they haven't got the bollocks to either publish my comment or stand by their words.