Saturday 25 July 2009

The Liberty Dollar

Another great video that unmasks the true face of the tyranny we live under is the film From Freedom To Fascism by Aaron Russo.

Video can be seen at above link.

The facts about the Federal Reserve Bank issuing counterfeit currency means that any debt owed by the government to the FRB is void as unlawful in contract law - both the dollars issued by the FBR are fake but also the debt is unlawful.

You can only legally pay for what legally exists - in other words the fact that the US government buys dollars from the FRB means, that as that currency has no true value, then the contract is void as unlawful.

At the same time the basis of income tax on labour is unlawful.

Therefore in one go, by scrapping the FRB and banning income tax paid to the Federal Government for work as opposed to corporate profits, and removing the tax exempt legal status of corporations either via write offs or creative accounting, means the individual is freed almost immediately from any debt.

If corporations were the main tax payers instead of individuals being the primary tax payers, at the same time as a new National Bank of America to replace the FRB were put in place to allow the American Republic ( a constitutional government )to be born then this would mean a Constitutional Revolution had begun.

A new dawn of liberty would arise over America.

No more the chains of slavery to usury upon our limbs and the limbs of our children.

No more the burden of national debt heaped upon the shoulders of future generations whose bright young lives are blighted by decisions taken decades before by corrupt bankers and politicians.

No more the Global Corporate Fascist dictatorship of the New World Order and their cabals of capitalists, bankers, industrialists, oil companies, media bosses and bought and paid for politicians.

No more slavery to the media.

No more terror from the para-military police force of the New World Order, the IRS.

The solution is simple ;

1) Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and set up the ' National Bank Of America ' which has the sole authority to issue currency. All previous contracts between the government and the FRB are void, therefore the debt owed by the government as a result of Obama's stimulus package ( a multi-trillion dollar welfare cheque to the Bankers) is unlawful and therefore any debt related to that money will not be paid and nor will any any such tender be legal anymore.

Individuals who have taken out personal loans with the banks who loaned them the money should repay those debts to the banks. At the same time the removal of income tax from labour would ensure they have enough money to repay those personal debats to the banks.

Whilst the old dollar can remain the currency of private banking transactions between banks and individuals, the banks would have to pay the government what it owed them in taxes based on the new currency.

Over a period of time the transition of wealth via the banks having to pay their taxes in the new currency would remove most of the old fake dollars printed by the FRB from the private banking system. Every year large chunks of private capital owned by the bankers would have to be transferred back to the people via the National Bank For America being paid its tax revenues owed to the government in its currency, the Liberty Dollars.

2) Issue that new currency The Liberty Dollar based on Gold and at the same time begin the transition to a new Energy Standard to run alongside a banking system based on the Gold Standard. Banking transactions will be based on tangible assets like gold reserves whilst a nations GDP rating and international credit worthiness rating must be pegged both on its wealth (based on tangible assets such as gold reserves ) but also its ability to produce its own internal energy demands.

The Energy Standard must be based on a nations financial stability and its economic integrity relate as much to its 'energy income' as its financial income.

A nation that produces 100 % of its own internal energy demands will be classified as more financially secure as a nation that relies 100 % on energy imports.

A nation that produces 100 % of its own energy requirements from sustainable renewable energy sources and is able to export that energy will have the highest economic rating of all.

The future economics of this planet will be based on the economics of energy supply and demand.

The export of energy supplies from nations is the basis of future economic prosperity.

Therefore the new currency to replace the fake FRB 'dollar' must be replaced by a new currency issued by the National Bank of America.

I suggest it be called ' The Liberty Dollar ' in that the dollar bill is re-designed and a whole new currency issued as cash.

3) Ban all income tax for anyones personal labour. The only taxation should be on corporate profits. If you are a rich business person that owns their own company then you will pay high taxes as you have a high income paid to you via the corporation you run. Corporations should not be able to avoid paying tax.

In one stroke the lives of millions would be transformed for the better.

The working man will have the profits of his own labour in his own pockets instead of in the pockets of the government and the bankers.

This would be the day of The Second American Revolution, its true day of national liberation from the tyranny of bankers, the government and the media.

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Don’t let Bernanke get away with his attempt to counter Ron Paul’s campaign to audit the Fed.

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