Monday 13 July 2009

Stormfront Exposed

For a few years now I have been saying that the security and integrity of sites such as Stormfront have been comprimised, and that many of the various extremists that post on it and other sites, are working for various governments, red groups and police organisations.

Here the Canadian government appointed Human Rights body, the simpering equivalent of the Equality Commission in the UK, are proved to have been posting on sites such as Stormfront in order to incite racism in Canada so that the existence of such racism in Canada then justifies their existence.

If the Canadians are doing it - how many other governments are doing it too ?

The fact that many sincere nationalists of many countries post on sites like Stormfront and exchange their private details with people they have never met, have no idea of their real identity and no records of their past activities means sites like Stormfront are primarily tools that benefit the enemies of nationalism.

Ever wondered why sites like Stormfront are never taken down from the internet ? Its because they are doing the work of the enemies of nationalism for them.

Note also that members of the Canadian Jewish Congress were also joining neo-nazi groups - with one member of the Canadian Jewish Congress actually RUNNING one group - in order for the neo-nazi 'threat' to exist in Canada the only way such a group could operate, because its own members were so stupid and inept, was for a member of the Jewish Congress to become the de facto leader of the nazi group and run it for the nazis !

Link here -

This is the reality of 'the threat from far right extremism' - that it is a Falsde Flag manufactured threat used by governments and people in organisations like 'human rights bodies' in order to justify their own existence.

The proof is now here ;

The mother of all lies

But all of this pales in comparison to the mother of all lies told by Lynch, that:

Nor did commission investigators post hateful messages on the Internet.

She sort of sneaks that in there, doesn't she? Almost tries to blend it in with her other lies about false exonerations.

That's the biggest, most damning lie of all.

It's the lie that will, in the end, cost Lynch her job.

Because the Canadian public -- and even this risk-averse minority Conservative government -- cannot tolerate the truth about Lynch's activities: her staff are members of neo-Nazi organizations, and conduct themselves as if they are Nazis, including by writing hundreds, if not thousands, of bigoted comments on the Internet.

And that truth is starting to come out.

This March, the truth came out with a trumpet blast: the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal -- the rubber-stamp kangaroo court that has given the CHRC a 100% conviction rate -- issued a rare and damning opinion of Lynch's staff's Nazi memberships. The Tribunal said that the conduct of Richard Warman -- the former CHRC investigator who has since been the complainant in all but two censorship prosecutions by the CHRC, and whose expenses are paid for by the CHRC to this day -- were "disappointing", "disturbing" and inexcusable.

What conduct was that? Publishing bigoted hate speech online -- precisely what Lynch denies.

Here's the Tribunal, at paragraph 63:

I do not see any acceptable reason for Mr. Warman to have participated on the Stormfront or Vanguard sites, since there appears to be ample easily obtained messages on these sites available without his involvement. Moreover, it is possible that his activity in this regard, could have precipitated further hate messages in response. His explanation for including other hate messages in his postings by mistake seems very weak to me.

Warman was a CHRC investigator, and he is the CHRC's essential partner in their ongoing prosecutions. Without Warman, there would have been only two censorship prosecutions in the past decade.

Now, pathological liars like Lynch look for technicalities, hairs to split, any mental reservation by which they can pretend the lies they tell are the truth. Lynch, for example, might think, "well, Warman is the center of our censorship prosecutions, and we pay his expenses, and he still has a hand in CHRC investigations even though he no longer works here, but he isn't technically a CHRC investigator, so his Nazi activities aren't on our head."

She could say that.

But it wouldn't save her from being a damned liar.

Because Warman's Nazi antics started before he left the CHRC in July of 2004. He was on staff while he spread his hate.

Warman's serial bigotry

Here is a list of a some comments made by Warman on Nazi websites like Vanguard and Stormfront. You can see the dates, and click through to .pdfs of the posts themselves. You can even go online on those websites, to this day, and read Warman's bigotry. Warman admits to authoring each and every one of those bigoted remarks, except the one bigoted comment about Sen. Cools, which he denies. (Here's my reply to that denial).

Some of Warman's comments are just mindless chatter. But some of them are the very definition of bigotry, from praise for Nazi leaders ("I still say Arcand is our man!") to call for anti-black policing ("exactly when will white cops understand that they should stand by THEIR race?!") to trashing Jewish youth groups ("if people spent the time building fellow WNs [White Nationalists] up rather than tearing them down we'd be dangerous. Unless your goal is to tear people down in which case go join Hillel or something.")

Each of the above (and more) comments were published by Warman when he was a CHRC employee. Of course, he's published so many more since then, under so many fake names, he admits he can't even remember all of his Nazi aliases. Note: he says he can't even remember all of his aliases, let alone all the Nazi posts he makes under those aliases.

Dean Steacy is a Nazi member too

It's not just Warman, of course. Many other CHRC staff to this day maintain membership in neo-Nazi organizations. According to sworn testimony by the CHRC, up to eight CHRC staff have access to these Nazi memberships. As Dean Steacy, CHRC censor, admitted under oath last year, it was Lord of the Flies over there -- there were no rules whatsoever on the use of Nazi memberships. See page 5827 of the transcript:

Ms. Kulaszka: Are there any guidelines for investigators about what kind of posts they can make using aliases?

Mr. Steacy: No.

Pretty straightforward. No wonder Lynch tried to have that hearing closed to the media.

Steacy declares his white pride

So what did Steacy himself do using his neo-Nazi membership? (Again, stop and think how insane it is that government employees at something called a human rights commission are joining neo-Nazi groups as part of their job. I guess even Nazis need stimulus programs.)

Here's a little exchange between Steacy, using his "Jadewarr" membership in neo-Nazi groups, and something called B.C. White Pride. Steacy:

praises their white supremacism;

offers to distribute white supremacist literature;

offers to send over copies of his own white supremacist literature; and

says the white supremacist literature he received was "great".

Let's take for granted -- God, I hope so -- that Steacy didn't actually put up any of those white supremacist posters. He was still communicating support and encouragement to those who were doing so.

But the real point of Steacy's foolishness of course, was the entrapment -- something that is illegal at real police forces.

Oh -- and that Jadewarr account was the one that Steacy, Warman and Giacomo Vigna used to hack Nelly Hechme's Internet account.

Jennifer Lynch is a damned liar.

Jennifer Lynch is a liar.

She lies about many things -- more all the time.

Politics tolerates a lot of lies.

But her lie denying her staff's bigoted comments on Nazi websites?

That's the lie that is going to get her fired.

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Anonymous said...

Nazis here, there and everywhere but not a Commie murdering fiend ever to be seen or heard of.

Demjanjuk charged in Germany over WWII killings

I suppose its a case of he who controls the present (i.e. NWO/EUSSR/etc.) also control the past, so the whole world knows only too well about the Holocaust (I'm certain it happened but I wasn't there so it's just a case of I believe) but very little if anything about atrocities equally as bad if not far worse - Communist China? Communist Russia?

And he who controls the past, controls the future - that is, if the sheep people keep voting for it.

Anonymous said...

Do you not think we are riddled in your ranks? How do you think we get information? Oy Vey!