Saturday 11 July 2009

White Flight - the hidden pandemic

Image - London. Note the fact that Whites have fled most of inner city London and gone to the suburbs, whilst the only majority White areas in inner London are those areas for the rich - which is why they remain mainly white. The moment rich non-whites start moving into those wealthy white enclaves, then the rich whites will also leave.

White flight is how the White Middle Classes vote with their feet against multi-culturalism.

Whilst most white middle class people are hypocrites who follow the established politically correct social line about immigration and multi-culturalism and bleat along with their peers about the joys of diversity blah blah blah - in reality the white middle classes are embracing white flight and fleeing those areas that have become colonised.

White flight is an issue for schools as white children are pulled out of 'enriched' schools.

White flight is an issue for our cities as middle class whites pack up and leave cities like London and Birmingham as the colonists arrive and establish their colonies amidst us.

White flight is an issue for the nation as the most educated, intelligent, skilled white British people leave Britain and unskilled immigrants and colonists enter Britain.

At every level our country and society is in crisis, yet the pernicious effect of political correctness and the climate of fear it has engendered ensures that the issue is hidden and minimised.

Of course every now and then the issue is exposed and idiots like Trevor Phillips and The Guardian writers try and find a way to pin the blame on whitey for not wanting their children to live in a colonised area, go to colonised schools or wanting to live in a colonised country.

The articles below reveal some interesting facts ;'white%20flight'%20for%20more%20segregation%20in%20schools/

Note that the issue of white flight is not just a British one, it is also also an issue in America ;

Wherever a majority white population suffers from mass immigration, colonisation and the fascistic imposition of multi-culturalism and political correctness - they flee.

Of course this is a sign of two things - 1) how weak whites have become as a result of political correctness that they are no longer wiling to defy or resist the process due to fear of being called racist and 2) that in reality, contrary to what they say, whites despise multi-culturalism

This is of course what any group with intelligence would do - as all the research shows that the effects of multi-culturalism are pernicious to a society.

Robert Putnam in his book Bowling Alone made this clear, and he caanot be called a 'racist' seeing as he is a darling of the US liberal left.


Whilst the cowards in this country, and those terrorised into silence, mutter the mantra of multi-culturalism in public - with their private actions, such as emigrating, pulling their kids out of colonised schools and leaving colonised communities, they are revealing what they really think and feel.

Whilst the government and the media have panic attacks due to the 1 million votes for the BNP, the real issue of White Flight is ignored.

At the same time as those who have no choices in our society, such as the White working class who do not have the income to just move away, vote BNP as a way to protest what is happening to them in their communities - the White Middle class who do have economic options are voting with their feet and fleeing those areas that they live ion when they are colonised.

Even the hypocrites who bang on in their music and in the media about the joys of diversity, like Billy Bragg and Pete Doherty, have voted with their feet and fled it. Bragg lives in the whitest part of the country in rich Dorset and Doherty lives in Wiltshire in a rented country mansion - and only ventures forth into enriched areas in order to restock on the drugs he buys from the enrichers in those areas.

At every level our once homogenous White nation and communities have become divided, terrorised by political correctness, cowed into silence and abused - and so we see a rise in the vote for the BNP, white flight from colonised schools, white flight from their colonised communities and white flight from Britain itself.

The effects of the racial terrorism that is political correctness is such that we can see a schizophrenic pathology is arising amongst the White British people.

Whilst most seem to be in denial, or so in fear that they will not speak out, they express their real opinions on multi-culturalism via mechanism other than speaking out.

Voting demographic figures for the BNP shows us that White Working Class people who are forced to live amongst their devastated colonised communities, and who cannot move away vote, for the BNP as a way to protest what is happening to them and their communities.

The fact that Middle Class people have options of either moving to new White areas, moving to White nations with limited non-white immigration and moving their kids to new schools with majority white pupils is a sign of the pathology of the Middle Class.

The fact that most rich people already live in virtually 100 % white areas and send their kids to majority white British public schools means they can go on TV and tell us how wonderful diversity is and then return to their gated estates and re-enter a 100 % white environment.

Every social class can be seen to be opposing multi-culturalism - yet each does so in a manner unique to their own economic position and social class.

Multi-culturalism is the greatest curse ever inflicted upon our nation.

A tiny elite of less than 10,000 academics, media bosses, free market capitalists, proffessional politicians, leftist radicals and liberal idiots are responsible for this curse placed upon our country.

Their treason in allowing and supporting mass immigration is the greatest crime in our countries history.

There will come a day when our society collapses as a result of multi-culturalism, and on that great day those guilty of that crime will feast on a banquet of conseqences.

Sooner or later a Tipping Point will be reached - when the White Working Class will rise up and the Middle Class who cannot flee the country realise that they cannot run and hide forever and the rich in those white enclaves in cities like London realise that they also cannot stem the tide anymore.

The present days of hypocrisy, cant, political correctness, the terrorism of the word 'racist' and white flight in all its forms are signs of growing and dangerous social pathology - and sooner or later those 'safety valve' options such as fleeing areas, fleeing the country and moving schools will no longer be an option for people.

That Tipping Point is growing closer every day as more and more immigrants flood into our nation.

Truly the politically correct elite in their delusional state are creating the conditions for a future civil war.

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Andraste said...

The town I was born in and lived in until fairly recently used to be a nice town, you could sit in the park in the town centre and walk through any part of the town at night without fear.

However, in the space of a few years a vast tide of immigrants arrived and totally decimated the town. The local newspaper which initially was reporting the crimes and actions of the immigrants had a d-notice slapped on it and the editor was sacked and replaced by a the typical leftist maniac.

Parts of the town where the immigrants were (are) concentrated became battle grounds between different immigrant groups, they would fight using crickets bats, chains, metal bars, etc, I know I watched from a near by pub one night as the police closed off the road. Such occurrences being quite common and never reported.

I don't live their any more but my family do and they regularly inform me of the current state of things - the town is totally depressed, the indigenous people are depressed, and like every other area that is "enriched" there is no community spirit. When I go back there it's a completely different place... no soul, just an desolate town.

And yet the indigenous people are taking it... the will moan about it in private of course. The pressure exerted by the establishment upon the indigenous people in order to prevent them speaking out about such situations is immense and it is increasingly daily. And as you say Lee a tipping point will soon be reached, because the pressure cannot be absorbed forever. And yet the establishment will continue to bully, intimidate, coerce, and victimise anyone who so much as whispers any comment about it. This is state oppression 101 - this is a totalitarian society. And all the lefties who act blindly as the labotomised attack dogs of the establishment are the shit on the jackboot of the establishment.

Anonymous said...

Time to resist and tell it as it is

Speak one mind
they cant arrest everyone for telling the truth

Iris said...





Was right!

alanorei said...

A seemingly mundane pair of scripture verses, Genesis 10:10, 11, spells out the problem centuries in advance.

"And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah"

The king here is Nimrod, the half-breed son of Cush, verse 6, descendant of Ham, verse 1, the youngest son of Noah and progenitor of the black race.

Asshur, verse 22, was descended from Shem, Noah's second son and progenitor of the Oriental race. At this time, around 2300-2000 BC, Shem's descendants were ruddy complexioned and light-skinned, or white, like King David, 1 Samuel 16:12 or, historically, his son, Solomon, Song of Solomon 5:10, 1000 years later.

Genesis 10:10 refers to what was then a Hamitic (black) ghetto, including modern Iraq (Erech). The reason Asshur and the white folks moved out of the area (to found Nineveh) is the same as the reason for voluntary apartheid today.

The victims got tired of being mugged, raped and murdered by the local 'enrichers.'

These Biblical facts take some study to appreciate but they are there in the scripture. Our leaders, regrettably, are almost uniformly cloned robot Bible scoffers and the nation pays the penalty as a result.

Anonymous said...

Please sir , visit any university , any good university and ask to see the students for medicine , dentistry ,optometry , pharmacy , law , maths , engineering - Indians and Chinese in huge numbers , oh and they are British also , born here , they are skilled and will be skilled , i thought like you before in ignorance , at univeristy i made many great asian friends , educated and wealthy. Good day sir.

Anonymous said...

I have lived and worked around the world (Canada, USA, Australia middle east etc.) and have found wherever you get Jamaicans and Indians you have issues. With one it is violence, the other excludes non Indians and work to introduce a reverse discrimination. Both nationalities inevitably turn neighbourhoods into slums, increase welfare spending, lower the attainment of schools, burden the healthcare system and are frankly not wanted. Multiculturalism is a fog they hide behind, the whites are afraid of the racist label and in the case of Jamaicans physically afraid. These people, now with the large number of Africans moving to the UK have ruined the place. We need larger prisons, stiffer penalties and hanging. Bliar, Thatcher and most politicians run away to other countries (USA) mostly, asap, they wouldnt stay. Does anyone think that the loud mouth Kinnock will return to the UK.