Friday 27 May 2011

Aid and Dependency

Whilst Cameron talks about getting people off benefits in the UK, he wants tkeep Africans on benefits.

Benefit cuts for British people - billions in benefits for Africa.

Mandela aide: Lavish handouts are making Africa the 'spoilt child of the planet'
By Jason Groves

Last updated at 11:34 PM on 27th May 2011

Comments (0) Add to My Stories Share Lavish aid to Africa is turning the continent into a ‘spoilt child’, according to the head of a charity backed by Nelson Mandela.

Mike Kendrick, founder of the respected Mineseeker Foundation, warned that aid often increased the hardship faced by the world’s poorest people.

In a devastating verdict, he told the Daily Mail last night: ‘I sometimes use the analogy of a spoilt child. We have all seen rich parents give their child everything they need, without earning it.
Well connected: Nelson Mandela, left, supporter of Mike Kendrick, right, whose charity Mineseeker Foundation, warns Africa is turning into a 'spoilt child'
‘Africa is a spoilt child of the planet. It is not their fault. It is ours.

‘It is completely pointless and totally detrimental to spend endless billions on projects that are well intentioned but badly thought out and poorly implemented.

‘The current government is apparently determined to repeat the mistakes of the former one.’

Mr Kendrick decided to speak out as David Cameron defended of his controversial pledge to increase spending on international aid by 34 per cent while cutting budgets at home.

He is now seeking a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss his experiences of the impact of aid on developing countries.

The Mineseeker Foundation was established ten years ago with the backing of Sir Richard Branson to help the victims of landmines in former conflict zones, including many parts of Africa.

Mr Kendrick said he had witnessed the failure of international aid at first hand and his views were ‘shared’ by Mr Mandela.

Generous support: Richard Branson helped set up The Mineseeker Foundation in 2001 to support victims of landlines
He said that as well as making people dependent on handouts, aid money often undercut local businesses and initiatives.

‘International financial aid, unless specifically targeted toward practical and ongoing projects, is of little use and should be stopped immediately to prevent yet more suffering,’ he added.

‘We need to change lives permanently, not just whilst funds last, and develop sustainable sturdy economies that will transform lives on a long-term basis.
‘The problem is that aid, when badly directed, actually kills people and this is a matter of fact – not opinion. In the past few decades the West has provided several trillion dollars in aid, yet the average African is now twice as poor as he was before all that started.’

Mr Kendrick said that even well-meaning initiatives, such as Gordon Brown’s project to supply £100million of mosquito nets to Africa, could have damaging unintended consequences.

‘I doubt he realised that in doing so he was committing many hundreds of people into a poverty trap that would possibly reduce them to starvation.

‘Making and repairing mosquito nets is one of the few remaining cottage industries in Africa and by dumping millions of dollars worth of nets in various areas it simply shut all of those local businesses down.’

Mr Kendrick is pioneering a series of ‘aid-free zones’ in Mozambique to attract investors to directly support local businesses. The first project, to create a major coconut plantation, could eventually sustain 50,000 people and is being set up without a penny of aid.

Mr Kendrick said similar projects could transform Africa in the long term, while aid would never be more than a quick fix.

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Anonymous said...

what the prestitutes and the politiscums ignore that that the corporates are the biggest beneficiary of benefits in the whole world.

the people pay taxes to the goverment, the goverment gives aid to certain countries, the certain countries are told to buy arms and what not from the corporates with the money donated by the people.

that is corporate welfare.

you wont hear the prestitutes discuss it any time soon.

Adrian Peirson said...

British people need educating on the techniques being used to demoralise and subvert the National Psyche, here is a perfect example of

A Perfect Example of Anti British Psychological Warfare

I'm not suggesting that we should all live in LaLa land and wear rose tinted spectacles, but our media ought to be 90% positive, uplifting and inspiring, with 10% reporting the negative aspects of life etc.

A good example is with Celebrities, although many are subversive etc, take any celebrity like, let's say Michael Caine or practically any other, you will usually find they appear in newspapers as part of something political, backing a Party or saying something ouut of turn.
Yet most celebrities are exceptionally generous with their wealth with regards to giving their money and time to charity work.
IE you will see them on the Front page for saying something out of tuen but hardly ever because they have given 1/2 million or so to some charity.
I know most Nationalists know this but the General public do not know how they are manipulated.
Exposing this to the public not only exposes the media for what it is but also would have the effect of innoculating the public from these tools and methodologies, which would benefit Nationalists at election time.